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  • Everything that seems so promising in the first two episodes is completely sucked out by the third, leaving Undeclared just another by-the-numbers lifeless sitcom.

    Sorry, diehard fans- but I feel a lot of you are in denial. After viewing 6 episodes I can take no more. Undeclared is unworthy and Fox was right to cancel it. The first two episodes are smart, witty, and full of very entertaining moments. By the third episode you can tell that fox executives got their hands on another show with great potential and turned it into a routine mediocre sitcom. One of the shows biggest mistakes was removing the floor RA early in the shows run. This character offered slap stick humor on the side, which if they had left him on, could have become much more developed and possibly become one of the best character’s on the show. Another major mistake came in the decision to keep the Liz character’s boyfriend as a constant threat for a lot longer. Their telephone conversations were downright hilarious. Where the show really fails is where is in not properly portraying an accurate depiction of the college experience. The characters really are not a bunch of lame-o's, so why don't they go to parties? What kind of dumbass's would have Adam Sandler visit and not throw a raging floor party kegger? Whatever. Show disappoints. Judd Apatow should stick with film.
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