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  • This show brought us college life from almost every point imaginable. From the geeky virgin (Steven), to the lothario (Lloyd) and even the parents (Hal).

    Undeclared was/is probably the best look at college life that I've seen on TV yet. Anyone who has attended university will be able to see themselves in at least one character of this short lived much loved series. Maybe that's why this show failed, it was aimed at a bit of a niche market. I'm sure that there were those who never attend a post secondary institute who loved this show but for the most part the show was aimed at those who had gone through the pain of university. The having to start new friendships, the first time with roomates, pressures to join the right groups. These are all things we experience in life but in college your bombarded with these events so quickly that it leaves you questioning yourself and your motives. This show captured all of that and still made you laugh out loud. Maybe it was because I was in college when this show debuted on the Fox network or maybe it was because I identified completely with Ron but this show showed me/us that we weren't alone in are travels down the educationary highway.

    Judd Apatow was a genius and it's a little sad that he's only being acknowledged now. I wonder if the 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Anchorman and Superbad had come out first and then Undeclared would the show still be on the air? I think so. But like many great shows that were cancelled too soon, hello Sportsnight, I can always relive those moments on DVD.
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