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  • It's not quite Freaks and Geeks, but it's funny, heartbreaking well written and well casted, and achingly real. Unsurprisingly, it was canceled after one season.

    Undeclared was created and produced by Judd Appatow, now known as the movie comedy superstar behind The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, SuperBad and others. However, after Undeclared was canceled after 17 episodes, it was just another show that went down the drain for Appatow. Two previous critically acclaimed shows he worked on, The Ben Stiller Show and Freaks and Geeks were also cancelled after a single season. Undeclared isn't quite as good as Freaks and Geeks, but it's close. Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up) plays Steven Karp, a high school nerd, who after a sudden growth spurt wants to start all over in college, but his increasingly needy father Hal, who recently divorced his wife (the perfectly cast Loudon Wainwright III) may interfere. Meanwhile, he meets Ron (Seth Rogen, as in Freaks & Geeks, he's funny, but decidedly funnier in movies), quirky Marshall, and British smooth talker Lloyd. He soon falls for Lizzie, although her crazy stalker boyfriend (the stellar Jason Segel, another F&G alum) may pose a problem. Unlike most sitcoms, the show is realistic, in story and dialogue. The main reason it's lesser than F&G, is that its characters, while memorable, aren't the amazing cast that was on F&G. Still, it's a perfect college counterpart for what may be the best high school show ever. Undeclared is funny, touching and real. It's gone now but it will not be forgotten. DVD set is great.