Season 1 Episode 12

Truth or Dare

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 29, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

After Lizzie and Rachel decide to borrow video tapes from the guys shirtless, Lloyd concludes that the girls now think of them as their "brothers". They then question Ron about his love life and he says he is working on it and takes them to hide out behind a tree while they spy on a campus tour guide named Kelly. Lizzie approaches her and the guys learn that the two of them are friends and Lloyd yells out Lizzie's name and Ron runs away.

Lloyd decides that the only way for them to fix their "brother" problem with Lizzie and Rachel is to play a game of truth or dare. So they devise a plan involving a script to change their minds about them.

Meanwhile, Steven meets Perry, who lives in the dorm storage closet after all the rooms where taken upon his campus arrival. Steven thinks he's cool and admires his video collection. Ron decides to write the script to set up the playing of truth or dare. Steven makes some altercations involving Perry into the story. The guys also tell Lizzie to invite Kelly for the game. Ron declines at first saying he thinks that talking to Kelly in person will ruin their "relationship."

Steven and Lizzie are doing laundry and Lizzie discovers she must put her pants in the washer and she takes them off. This makes Steven very nervous and he tries to avoid her. As the girls arrive at Steven and Lloyd's room the script starts to play out. Lloyd and Marshall spend their time with Rachel, whom they have affection for, Steven with Lizzie and Ron with Kelly. The script plays out although very rocky and the game of truth or dare comes about after Lloyd whispers a secret in Ron's ear which everyone is eager to know. Well at least Lizzie and Rachel are. They start to play the game and Marshall's renting of fourteen pornography tapes comes about. Marshall then pressures Lloyd into a dare involving him getting dressed in a London cloth and spanking his butt with a paddle singing "London Bridge is Falling Down." Someone dares Lloyd and Marshall to measure their manhood off-screen and it is revealed that Marshall's measures in at six and Lloyd's at six and one half. Marshall decides that he must go measure again. Perry is later asked about his sex life and he reveals that he is a virgin. When he discovers Steven has, he is intrigued and wants to know about it. Steven says that it was unexpected and he was going through hard times. He is obviously talking about Lizzie but she is the only one who knows who he talking about. Lizzie is then asked to share a sexual experience of hers and reveals an incident where she and Eric were at a ski lift and she gave him a "you know what." This makes Steven jealous and Lizzie follows after him. Perry talks about not having been kissed since he was in the fifth grade. Kelly decides to dare Rachel to make out with Perry for five minutes. This makes Marshall and Lloyd very mad as Kelly declares that Ron is going to walk her home.

Steven and Lizzie argue and he has no right to be jealous about Eric when he obviously has no affections for her anymore. She says she has been prancing around in her underwear, trying to get his attention. They argue some more and finally Steven gets up the courage and kisses her. Ron is walking Kelly to her dorm when she dares him to stand completely still. He does so and they make out as well. Perry later reveals to Marshall and Lloyd that he was lying to Rachel about not having kissed someone since fifth grade so he could get some.