Under One Roof (2002)

UPN (ended 2002)


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Under One Roof (2002)

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The five families are all dropped off at various areas on the Figian Island. Each family is at an equal distance from their new house. Handed a Global Positioning Unit, each family must race to their new home. There's Mike Skofield, leader of the Skofield clan. With bleached blonde hair and a personality like no other father, Mike says he's not cocky: He's just confident! His kids (Brittany and Matt) don't seem to be bothered by their father's...confidence, and his wife, Holly, is loving it all. Then there's the Hatfeileds. Michelle Hatmaker, the mother, tells the cameras her husband died a year ago and it has been hard for both her and her sons. Mark Anderson, a family friend, is participating in this competition with them. Mark says his relationship with Michelle is not a romantic one, but they are just very good friends. The Distels (Mike, Lyn, Melissa, and David) are then introduced. Lyn admits she had a hard time getting her kids to come on this trip, and she actually had to pay her son, David, to join them. It only took a puppy to get her daughter to come. Mike Distel tells the cameras that for his family, this game will be FFF, or, Forced Family Fun. They ended up being the first family to leave the Island. The Paganis family are introduced as they make their way toward their new house, not knowing just what to expect. They ended up getting their youngest family member to walk across hot coals which becomes a great achievement. The McRaes arrive and aren't too friendly when they greet the other families, so they keep their distance, which is not too pleasing for other house members. Epecially when they disagree with the Skofields, which results in their team flag being taped to a tree.moreless

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