Under One Roof

Wednesday 8:00 PM on MyNetwork TV Premiered Apr 16, 2008 In Season


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  • The worst show - bar none - in the history of sit-coms.

    I wathced last night's "Under One Roof", mynet's new sit-com at 8:30. It's the WORST show in the history of sit-coms. Not only is it not funny (Flava Flav plays...wait for it... Cali Cal), but it's about the most stereotypical show when it comes to races. You have an Asian housekeeper who not only dresses like those tai chi group members, but she speaks "bloken" (aka broken) English and karate chops.

    You have the new Mexican gardener who not only speaks like a middle-schooler would imitate hispanics, but drinks tequila on the job.

    The old gardener who was fired (and also Mexican) hides his whole family in the mansion. When his family (all 100 of them) runs out of the house, there're people with sombrero's, live chickens, etc.

    Honestly, I'm surprised in this day and age that this show would be allowed to air, let alone on a "network" channel. UNfortunately, you HAVE to check this show out once. It's kind of like when you eat something so absolutely disgusting; you make your friends taste it so they know just how horrible it actually is. Or it's like how you have to climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty (back when you could go to the crown) just to realize it was a complete waste of time. And therein lies the essence of "Under One Roof."
  • No excuse for making this horrible show.

    So what do you get when you put an unfunny, annoying guy from VH1 and some other guy we've never heard of, together? You get a horrible sitcom, that's what you get.

    I have never been a fan of Flava Flav, he is just using his reality show fame and is milking it for all its worth, it also doesn't help I find reality shows bland and horrible television.

    The premise is a rip-off of a good sitcom, (Fresh Prince, anyone?) except it's not funny and doesn't have a memorable cast. You change the channel and you'll forget who was on the show, because they are just horrible actors.

    This show is the African-American version of another TV abomination called "The Bill Engvall Show". They are both stomach-churning sitcoms that will hardly evoke a yelp of laughter per season, and both main actors are using their previous fame to squeeze out the remainder of money that can be made from it.

    Simply put, don't watch this show, unless you want to further lose faith in humanity. This show gets a 1.3/10 from me.

    The show is a complete waste of time. I find it interesting, though, that the show's promoters seem to be hard at work here on TV.com. All you have to do is Google the Net and read the reviews and TV fan comments to quickly learn that this show is really, really, REALLY bad. Yet, for some reason, here on TV.com it has received rave reviews! Yes, the network's shills are hard at work, plastering favorable comments all over this piece of trash.

    Unless you're in a gang or spent time in prison, there is NO WAY combining prison sex jokes, a serial killer, a murder plot, and the most unsavory (not to mention unbelievable) assembly of characters ever conceived, could be considered funny. This show just had to be some sort of grade school class project, because there is no way adults could have written it. I've seen some really crappy shows, but this one wins (or loses) hands down! The stereotypes are very insulting and every African-American on the show should be ashamed! This is a real blow to race relations. It's tough enough being African-American without having to fight this crap!!! Take the show off the air NOW!!!