Under the Dome

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AIRED ON 9/22/2014

Season 2 : Episode 13

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Steven Spielberg and Stephen King are partnering to create a series based on King's book of the same name. The plot is set in a Maine town that is suddenly overtaken by a force field preventing the locals from reaching the outside world.

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Fan Reviews (137)

  • I love the show looking forward to more

    Y People thinking the writers should make all characters out of the dome it only 13 episode in season 1 and in that season, the story it 2 weeks come on I like see wat the dome can do' one minute it hot it cold n weird, freaky I like it... If season 3 they not out of the dome than u all may complain But it really great show I tell so much of my friends about it n now they all hooked on it n I'm looking forward to seeing seasonmoreless
  • A brilliant show gone so wrong

    While Season 1 of Under the Dome was new, fresh and had mystery and amazing characters, I haven't been able to even finish the last 2 episodes of Season 2, I just deleted them off my DVR.

    Wow, talk about a turn towards to terrible stories and absolute awful writing and acting! This show went from my new favorite last season to being completely unwatchable on so many levels in Season 2. I couldn't sit through Julia "talking" to the dome for one second longer, or listen to another character lecture about how the dome chose them for a purpose, are these people really that dumb? Is the dome now a deity with consciousness and decision making abilities? Don't they realize it's an artificial thing that is obviously created and being sustained by an outside force? Did CBS fire all the writers and let 5 year olds develop the plots? That would explain Juniors Mom and her terrible finger paintings!

    Yeah, I'm done, not even finishing Season 2.moreless
  • The story is now finally moving forward by "coming out of the dome"

    In season 1 they were trying hard to make it like "Lost" and that never worked but Season 2 has been pretty good although the writers have still not abandoned their attempts of making it like Lost but at least now they are moving the story forward. Casting was never a problem for the show. They did get the best talents and newcomers of Season 2 are also just as good. The only problem of the show was it's story which like the show seemed to be trapped "under a dome" and was not moving forward. The writers are still not using the characters effectively. Junior, Melanie, Barbie's Father and Sam are interesting characters who are not being given more screen time and Rebecca and Phil are being unnecessary timemoreless
  • Rename This Show

    It should be called "Under The Dumb" because that is what this show is DUMB! Horrible writing and acting aside it's just DUMB. The characters are typical King garbage. The abuser, the helpless waif, the kids with a weird power, the crazy preacher and the sheriff that is discovering themselves. Every story of his is the same formula and so is this show. I couldn't even make it through the typical "it's been 3 episodes we need to have a plague

    More garbage for the mindless.moreless
  • Stupidist thing that WAS on TV

    Finally, last episode and no reason for this crap to come back.

    How DID that poor man get crushed in his car while the walls were creeping in ever so slowly that dreadful 6

    I liked how one reviewer on the net said "its like the writers get together on monday morning to see who can come up with the stupidest idea for the week"

    Remember when big jim was over her body (after she was stabbed) and he yelled WHY?

    I yelled KAHN and my family laughed. Cause that was more clever than this series has become.

    Follow Heroes & Revolution and just don't come back.

  • WHY, GOD, WHY?

    CBS Renews Under the Dome and Extant, Cancels Reckless

    Go home, CBS. You're drunk.


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