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Steven Spielberg and Stephen King are partnering to create a series based on King's book of the same name. The plot is set in a Maine town that is suddenly overtaken by a force field preventing the locals from reaching the outside world.

Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel

Dale "Barbie" Barbara

Rachelle LeFevre

Rachelle LeFevre

Julia Shumway

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Alex Koch

Junior Rennie

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Sam Verdreaux

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Colin Ford

Joe McAlister

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Mackenzie Lintz

Norrie Calvert-Hill

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Fan Reviews (171)

  • Make it so..

    This show has been a classic example of an interesting premise, a decent enough story to hook you and then you spend several seasons asking why you are still watching this crap and knowing it is just so you can see what happens in the end..

    Glad it is over and I hope it has an ending.
  • Under Inspired

    After a thrilling first season it was all down hill. Failing to cash in on endless possibilities the show chose to try and literally cash in by dragging us along on a crazy ride which made no sense, got really confusing, back flipped, introduced characters to kill them off and fluctuated in production values, especially in relation to basic logistics.

    This show actually could have brought ten successful seasons if the show runner had any clue in creating inter personal drama. An isolated group with some sort of mystical dome and limited resources - wow, they stories you could write - Under The Dome failed to create an identity and direction beyond season 1. the result was a tragically love-able wreck.

  • No End Game!

    This was just another example of a show that should have been just one short 8 episode season like they do in England and other places. You get a wacky story idea and have a precise start and end point and stick to the story. But when a show strikes up any kind of interest they decide to do filler episodes with hostage's and dramatic rescue's with actors chewing the scenery instead of working on the main story line. How many times have we seen this over and over IE: Prison Break, Lost, 4400, Flash Forward, The Event, Alcatraz and loads of others that had a great story but no resolution to the main story. God how I hated what they did to Falling Skies which could have been fun with just a few episodes to kick some alien asses but hung around way too long after the writers ran out of ideas about what to do next, just like Revolution. Just give us a story with a well defined objective and then move on to something else.moreless
  • Started strong but faded

    A typical case of trying to stretch something past its breaking point. OUATIW and Astronauts Wives Club had the right idea. Just do a 1 season "mini-series". I really hope that Wayward Pines doesn't go the UTD route.
  • Dome-tacular but poorly written

    I have always liked this type of TV series: a group of people, where we can generally find evil people, is trapped by a strange circumstance that isolates the group from the rest of the world.

    When UTD began to promote, it caught me.

    The first season was great, an interesting plot that, despite showing some poor scripts respect to other series, opened many questions and encouraged to continue watching the show to find out the origin of the dome.

    Talking about the second season, it was worse compared to the first season. Despite bringing new things like the exit of the dome and the return to it, the scripts were still bad and many episodes were based on crisis-of-the-week.

    I continued watching UTD because, after all, I liked the idea that the dome kept them trapped, and also knowing it was possible to correct some things.

    I have found the third season as an improvement. Many people say it's still bad, and I can't contradict that, because the scripts are a bit stupid, but adding Marg and Kylie, new stories, and the elimination of the crisis-of-the-week have made the season better.

    Now I'm excited to see the dome coming down.


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    Many problems faced the residents of Chester's Mill, including old people and sweaty necks!


    NOOOOOO! CBS Cancels Under the Dome

    At last, we can continue on with our lives.

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