Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 5

Blue on Blue

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Early in the morning of the fifth day, and Joe and Norrie leave Joe's house to check on the dome. As they approach it, Joe suggests that the reason they're having seizures when they touch is that the Dome is sending them both transmissions. When they touch, it causes feedback. When they get to the Dome, they discover that a large stretch is covered in monarch butterflies. Joe points out that monarch butterflies aren't in season, and Norrie wonders if the Dome sent them.

Big Jim goes back to the fallout shelter to check on Angie. She wonders why he hasn't called the police and Big Jim tells her that he will once she tells him what happened. Angie explains that Junior abducted her after the Dome went up and that he's insane, and Big Jim says that he has to think about it. He hears a car honking and goes upstairs, closing the door on Angie's screams. Lester is upstairs and tells Big Jim that he received a one-word message from God: "Moab." Big Jim has never heard of it and Lester tells him that it was an evil city in the Bible. Unimpressed, the councilman goes into his house. Lester puts in his hearing aid and then raises his arms to the sky to God, while the voice "Moab" echoes in his head.

Barbie is sleeping in his car and wakes up as Norrie and Joe talk about the Dome. He gets out and they show him the butterflies. When the insects fly off, they reveal soldiers on the other side of the Dome. The soldiers wave to them for the first time since the Dome appeared, and then go to an arriving bus. As civilians get off, Barbie wonders why the Army is letting people approach the Dome for the first time, and Norrie tells him that it's clear the military is giving them a visitor's day.

At the radio station, Julia broadcasts the news that the military has arranged for visitors to meet with them at 10 a.m. that day on the Sixth Street Bridge.

Big Jim sits at home and looks at a photo of Junior in his high school football uniform. Junior comes in, wearing his new deputy uniform, and tells Big Jim that the Army is bringing in visitors. His father tells him to recruit deputies for crowd control and suggests Junior's former football teammate, Carter. When Junior hesitates, Big Jim orders him to get going.

Joe and Norrie go the bridge as the Army gathers the visitors on the other side of the Dome. Norrie doesn't see the point since no one she knows will be there and her mothers' friends won't fly out from LA. Meanwhile, Linda asks Barbie to put up police line tape so that no one will get close to the dome and risk injury from exploding electronics. As Barbie goes to work, Linda's boyfriend Dusty arrives outside. They greet each other and kiss against their sides of the Dome.

At the radio station, Phil and Julia tune in the equipment and hear the military talking about "painting zones" at 1315. While they try to work out what it means, Julia wonders if Peter will come by. Phil hesitates, aware of what happened to her husband, and Julia tells him that Barbie told her the truth about how Peter and Phil were gamblers. As they talk, they hear CBS reporter Jeff Glor on the radio, broadcasting about the event to the world.

Rusty and Linda talk back on tablets and Rusty shows her a People magazine cover about them. Meanwhile, Joe wonders where Angie is, figuring that she would be there. Norrie sees a man holding up a sign with her name on it and goes over. The man, Michael, writes out that he's her father and shows Norrie photos of her as a baby. As Norrie tells Joe that her parents said that she was the result of an anonymous donor, Michael shows her photos of him and Alice together.

Lester comes out on the bridge and starts saying that they're all sinners, yelling about Moab. Big Jim leads him away and tells him to get away from the crowd. However, Lester that he has confessed his sins to God and that they can only stay God's wrath if Big Jim confesses as well. The reverend accuses Big Jim of letting drug dealers manufacture their drugs in Chester's Mill, but Big Jim insists that he never let them sell to anyone in town. Lester warns his co-conspirator that the townspeople will turn on him when they found out what he's done, and tells Big Jim to confess within a day or he'll do it for him.

Phil spots his sister in the visitors' crowd and goes to her, while Julia searches for Peter. She notices Linda looking nervous and the new sheriff admits that she couldn't bring herself to tell Rusty that his brother Freddy is dead. Linda says that she doesn't know how to tell him the truth, but Julia tells her that she does.

Alice and Carolyn arrive and see Michael, and the couple runs up to Norrie. Furious, she reminds them that they said her birth records were sealed. Alice yells at Michael, saying that he has no right to be there and he only came to take advantage of the free publicity. Norrie tells both of her parents that she hates them and runs off, and Joe goes after her.

Julia asks Barbie if he's seen Peter, and he admits that he hasn't. She assures Barbie that she doesn't blame him for Peter's bad decisions, and asks him to keep looking for her husband. Julia sees her sister-in-law Mary standing outside the Dome and goes to her. Mary holds up a letter for Julia to read. Once she does, Julia mouths a thank you and tells Barbie that the letter is from Peter, apologizing for leaving and saying that his wife deserves better.

Dodee communicates with her mother via sign languages. Meanwhile, Andrea Grinnell sees her son outside the Dome, a son she hasn't seen for ten years, and tries to go to him. Barbie holds her back and Junior comes over, telling Barbie to leave Andrea alone. Barbie notices Junior's new uniform but doesn't push the issue.

Linda goes back to the barrier to find Rusty, and he asks her where his brother Freddy can be found. She finally admits that Freddy isn't okay and breaks into tears, apologizing for getting him killed.

As Joe and Norrie walk away, Norrie explains that her father Michael is a creep. Ben runs up to them and explains that since he didn't have anyone outside the Dome, he's been talking to random strangers. The Chinese believe that the Dome is an experimental weapon and threatened to go to war with the United States.

As the soldiers move the civilians back on the bus, Barbie confirms that Dodee can read lips and then takes her over to the Dome. A young soldier notices them and Barbie holds up a coin with a unit insignia on it. The soldier salutes him and Barbie asks him what's happening. Dodee translates as the soldier tells them that they've been ordered to pull back because something big is going to happen. Once they leave, they've been told that they won't be coming back. The Army sent the orders the previous night at the same time that the butterflies arrived. The soldier leaves with his company and Dodee tells Barbie that butterflies navigate via magnetic fields. Barbie realizes that the government will view the Dome as a threat if it starts interfering with anything outside of it. He's also worked out that the MOAB that Lester is talking about stands for Mother of All Bombs," and that the reverend heard it on his hearing aid." The MOAB is the largest non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal and Barbie tells Dodee that it's powerful enough to destroy the Dome... and everyone in it.

Julia approaches Linda and asks her about Rusty, and Linda tells her that Rusty let without saying goodbye. Meanwhile, Dodee and Barbie come over and tell Big Jim and the two women what they've discovered. Julia figures that the Army transmission she heard on Dodee's equipment refer to 1315: 1:15 military time. With less than three hours left, Julia suggests that the townspeople all take shelter in the cement factory tunnels beneath Chester's Mill.

At the diner, Joe goes to see if Rose has found Angie. Julia goes on the air and broadcasts an emergency alert, telling everyone to go the cement factory.

Big Jim goes into the fallout shelter and lets Angie go. He apologies for what Junior did and says that his son was a good boy once. When Angie wonders why Big Jim is letting her go, he tells her that they're all going to die anyway so she might as well die a free woman. Relieved, Angie runs out before Big Jim changes his mind.

Julia goes home to get her belongings, including a bottle of alcohol. She sees a photo of herself and Peter on the mantle, turns it face down, and leaves.

At the cement factory, the townspeople assemble and Julia asks Barbie how he got the information. He tells her that the soldier thought he was a hero because his unit, the Jackrabbits, rescued a member of another company in Iraq who was captured by insurgents. What no one knew is that Barbie's unit wiped out the rest of her company in a case of friendly fire. Barbie figures that it's poetic justice that he die in friendly fire and walks away.

Junior goes back to the fallout shelter and Big Jim is waiting for him. Junior tries to come up with a lie but Big Jim tells him that he knows that he abducted Angie. He asks what his son was thinking but Angie runs off rather than face his father's anger. Big Jim calls after him, saying that it doesn't matter what he did because the town needs them at the factory. However, Junior ignores him and drives off.

At the radio station, there are thirteen minutes remaining and Phil sets a final record to play. When Dodee wonders if they'll survive, Phil points out that they're facing a weapon of mass destruction.

Angie runs home and calls for her brother. She searches the house for him but comes up short when she discovers that Junior is in her room, waiting for her with his gun out. Junior trains the gun on her and says that they're not finished.

Big Jim goes to the tunnels and waits for Junior. Linda comes in with the last few arrivals and wonders where Junior is, and Big Jim tells her that his son is tying up some loose ends. Carter and the other new deputies are getting pushy with the townspeople and Linda tells Big Jim to keep them under control. She turns to go and Big Jim wonders what she's doing, and Linda tells him that she has a few loose ends of her own.

In the tunnels, Phil hooks up some stereos and plays Beethoven for the townspeople to calm them down. Barbie comes over and gives Phil the watch that the DJ gave to pay off his gambling debt. Phil says that he lost it fair and square, but Barbie says that he might be getting out of enforcing work and wishes Phil luck.

Junior picks up a snow globe that he gave to Angie when they were in the fourth grade, and turns on the radio so she can hear Julia's taped message. He apologizes and says that all he wanted to do was help her break away from the Dome's influence. Angie sits down on the bed next to him and gently kisses him on the forehead, and he lies down in her lap.

Julia is drinking when Barbie comes over, and she explains that an editor gave it to her when she wrote her first byline. She pours a drink for Barbie and wonders where her husband is now. However, she says that for the first time, she's glad to be a part of Chester's Mill since the Dome came down. Barbie starts to tell her the truth about Peter's death, but Carolyn and Alice interrupt, asking for help finding their daughter. Carter and his men refuse to let the two women go back outside, but Julia leads Barbie out via the tunnel she and Junior used to escape the tunnels.

Joe and Norrie search the town for Angie. With four minutes left, Joe tells Norrie to go back to her family. She tells him that she's with her friend and she's where she wants to be, and they continue looking for Angie.

As they count down from three minutes, Dodee comes over to Phil as she switches records. She invites him to dance with her and he accepts.

Linda drives to the radio station and climbs up on the radio tower. She goes to the railing where she and Rusty carved their initials and then waits for the explosion.

Angie and Junior sit together and wait.

Phil and Dodee jokingly tell each other that they hate the other. In another corner, Big Jim and Rose briefly touch hands.

Julia leads Barbie out of the tunnels and they drive through town looking for Norrie.

Realizing that it's too late, Joe takes Norrie to the town square. They sit in the gazebo and Norrie wonders what they're going to do. As the bombs drop, Joe leans forward and kisses her.

The ground shakes and after a few minutes, the vibrations subside. Big Jim tells everyone in the shelter to stay put while he goes up to investigate.

Joe and Norrie realize that they're alive. Norrie points out that this time they didn't have seizures when they touched.

Big Jim calls Linda on the radio and tells her that everyone is okay. She looks around her, astonished that she's still alive.

Barbie and Julia drive to the dome and discover that it's still standing. However, the ground outside is wiped clean for miles.

Big Jim drives to another part of the Dome, takes off his wristwatch so it won't be harmed by the magnetic fields, and goes over to touch the invisible barrier. Lester arrives and says that God saved them from MOAB, and that he's there because God told him to come there. The reverend claims that God saved Chester's Mill because he repented, and now Big Jim must do the same. When Lester says that the dome has only one master, Big Jim agrees... and slams Lester's head against the Dome. His hearing aid shorts out, burning a hole in Lester's head, and he falls dead to the ground. Big Jim looks at the blood drip down the barrier, then turns and walks away.