Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 5

Blue on Blue

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2013 on CBS

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  • Mission Failure.

    What I really hate about this episode was the military. Cowards didn't care about the people trapped in there when they decided to destroy it with a MOAB. A mission that was a complete failure by the way. It was like a scene from Independence Day when they tried to nuke that alien space ship. So coodles to those dumb ass cowards running the government and the millitary. I still would like to see what happens next and how it pans out in the end.
  • Poorly researched

    "MOAB" stands for Mother of All Bombs, a class of bunker buster bombs weighing 10-20,000 lbs. They're much too heavy to launch by a missile and have to be dropped by a heavy bomber or cargo plane. Being non-nuclear, there was no way the whole population was in danger with the dome being about 10 miles in diameter. The military could have just warned them to assemble on the opposite side of the dome they planned to hit. It was easily predictable the bomb wouldn't work since that would be the end of the series. And I'm still waiting for someone to bring out a backhoe to see how deep the dome went. With food and water running low, that should be high priority.
  • Thank god!

    Usually governments in series are slow to unleash their big weapons, both metaphorical and literal, yet UtD has covered it in only one episode.

    The removal of the obnoxious priest is certainly a plus for me to continue watching :P
  • Yikes!!

    Painful!! Irrational. Disjointed. It's still better than "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", the worst show on tv.
  • Tedious

    Once you go for the MOAB, there's really nothing more impressive you can throw at a storyline and keep it believable. Nukes don't work. They've now got a barrier wasteland around Chester's Mill that will prevent any action from outside the dome. Inside, the emotions and reactions were probably the most real they've ever been in the show, but still frustrating beyond all else. Angie finally gets free only to fall into Junior's arms at the first sign of trouble. Where do we go from here, aliens? Different worlds? Garden of Eden? None seem particularly appetizing or pull-off-able with how the series has been running.
  • Very interesting.

    This was an interesting episode for me - and we finally got some more scenes of the outside world and a glimpse of what was going on out there. The episode started out with those under the dome given the chance to say hello to their loved ones outside, without realising that they should probably be saying goodbye instead.

    The events of the episode were really suspenseful, particularly with Angie and those who were above ground.

    Show is going strong and I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to next week!
  • It's Judgement Day in Chester's Mill

    Sigh. Another day, another utterly not-at-all-suspenseful drama in little ol' Chester's Mill. I mean, did anyone really think the Dome was going to be destroyed, and its citizens along with it? We're not even half a season in! If you want to mess with our emotions like that, show, at least give us a plausible threat. And for God's sake, let poor Angie get to a bathroom. Unless that is the cliffhanger you've designed to keep us coming back for more each week?

    Hmmm. You know what? I think it's actually working on me

  • Kill 'Em All? Perhaps, But You No Longer Have To Waste Time Either Way Watching!

    Since I'm not savvy enough to get what they title is saying I'll get to what the show didn't say: anything remotely intelligent. That's right a start to finish bomb, before the government actually bombed the Chester's Mill dome.

    Undoing a mess and making a much sillier mess is what, apparently, "Blue on Blue' aimed for, and succeeded. We've got a supposedly "artistic" metaphor for the wacky way the dome creates a mysterious magnetic field with a mlange of confused butterflies flocking to one particular spot. With the right reverend's hearing aid intercepting military code, "MOAB" it took little for Dodee (or whoever the radio chick is) to pair up with Barbee and deduce the "mother of all bombs" was to be hurled at the dome at exactly 1:15. Compelling? You bet, since the expected extinction of all residents was to likely follow.

    If that brilliant logic wasn't involving enough the show tried hard to inject some meaningful humanity in aimpromptu busing in of family members outside the dome. Heart wrenching to be sure. You can write signs like on that Dylan video so your significant others can do the same and have joy. And don't get close to the dome on either side as it's dangerous, no wait do get close. What? Who writes this stuff? Not Stephen King of course because liberties are taken at every turn, and much for the worse.

    To hammer home that already mentioned humanity let's have Norrie realize, by some miracle apparently, a man on the other side is the dad she never had. Add to that Julia's instantaneous forgiveness of Barbee (they end up holding hands later) and have her sister-in-law deliver a letter from her husband clarifying he's gone no matter if he is alive, dead, or just fortunate he no longer has to be in a complete mess of a show! We're not finished. Jim goes from thinking he might have to kill Junior's love interest to letting her out so she can die free. Touching! Since she's free she might as well rekindle her past relationship with whack-job. Are you crying yet? Barbee has a revelation his old job sucks and with great love he gives Phil his hocked grandfather's watch back. And Phil, the tortured artist he is, prepares an "over-the-top" end of time playlist that includes everyone's two favorite artists: Bethoven and Skeeter Davis. This is pure genius at work on every level.

    As if by means of profound telepathy the writer's must have sensed we viewer's were still on the fence. We were wondering "does this show suck"? They surely answered it emphatically, "WHY YES, THE SHOW MOST CERTAINLY DOES"!!!