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... Someone at The Wrap did a lot of math (thanks, dude!) and compiled a list of the most-watched and least-watched shows of the summer. Topping the list is the Tuesday installment of America's Got Talent, followed by the Wednesday installment of America's Got Talent. And THEN we've got Under the Dome in the #3 spot, so in a few years when Tim is photo-recapping Under the Dumb Season 5, he'll be able to look back at this edition of News Briefs and know why that is. Which shows came in last? The CW's (now canceled) Backpackers and Seed, because duh. [The Wrap]


... As some famous person once said, "Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and Chris Hardwick hosting live after-shows." And in the case of Doctor Who, super Whovian Hardwick will host both a live pre-show and a live after-show! Hardwick-helmed specials will bookend the Season 8 premiere on August 23, with the host welcoming guests like Mark Gatiss to discuss the show and debut behind-the-scenes footage. Man, what did we do before Hardwick? Talk to each other? BO-RING! [BBC America via press release]

... Production on Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory was slated to begin on Wednesday, but the cast was without contracts so they did what the rest of us do when we play hooky: They got drunk and went to Disneyland (possibly inaccurate). Warner Bros. has now tentatively scheduled production to begin next Wednesday, August 6, a.k.a. the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. NEVER FORGET. [Deadline]

... Hey creepy old men! Modern Family's Sarah Hyland has been tapped to co-host the 2014 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, August 10 alongside teenage werewolf Tyler Posey. Also, if your age still has the word "teen" in it, remember to vote in all your favorite categories, like Choice Twit, which I've just been informed has nothing to do with being a stupid/foolish person despite the fact Justin Bieber is nominated. HEYO.

... Ellen Pompeo is stretching her surgical arms a bit to include the role of executive producer. The Grey's Anatomy star is developing Rachel Carey's 2013 novel Debt for ABC Family. Described as a satire of the 2008 recession, the story follows a woman named Lillian who works as an SAT tutor to pay off her college loans. [THR]


... We've still got a month and a half left until Sleepy Hollow returns to grace us with its magical presence, but you don't need to wait that long to watch Ichabod rant against the banking system, which is all we really want out of this show anyway. Here's a first look at the Season 2 premiere, "Hellfire":


... Who wants to watch the first episode of IFC's Garfunkel and Oates before the show's official series premiere next week? Cool, because here it is:


... HOLY JOHN STAMOS! The actor, best known for starring in my dreams and also Full House, has signed on to guest-star in Galavant, ABC's new fairy-tale musical series. He'll play a charming knight who also happens to be Galavant's longtime rival. Right now he's only slated to appear in one episode, but that could change depending on the Beach Boys' touring schedule when I release him from the cage in my basement what happens as the show goes progresses. [ABC News]

... Arrow has cast Felicity's mom and she'll be played by NYPD Blue alum Charlotte Ross, which is probably actually 100 percent perfect casting. Good work, casting directors! Congrats on doing your job. [TV Guide]

... Betsy Brandt will reprise her role as Hank's wife! Er, I mean ex-wife on, um, Parenthood. In 2012, the actress made an appearance as Sandy, the former spouse of Ray Romano's gruff photographer Hank. Now that Sarah and Hank are doing the dirty hanky-panky on the reg, it looks like we'll also be seeing a bit more of Hank's ex-wife for some reason. She'll appear on a recurring basis starting with the Season 6 premiere on September 25. [TV Line]

... Peter MacNicol, who most people will remember from his days on Ally McBeal but who will forever be my Ghostbusters II spirit animal, has joined the cast of CSI: Cyber as a series regular. He'll play Assistant Director Stavros Sifter, the supervisor of Patricia Arquette's Avery Ryan. [TV Guide]

...Attention Homies a.k.a. fans of Homeland (I just made that up, but it works pretty well, don't you think?), three actors have joined the cast, including Mad Men's Duck Phillips! Mark Moses will play expat Dennis, a professor who's teaching political science at a university in Islamabad. Nimrat Kaur and Art Malik have joined the cast as an operative of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence and a retired Pakistani general friend of Saul's, respectively. [THR]

... Speaking of Mad Men cast members guest-starring on other shows, Rich Sommer is returning to Elementary! Yeah, that's all I have to say about that. I just don't get inspired by Harry Crane, sorry. [TV Guide]

... It's always sunny in Mindy Lahiri's life! Or at least it will be, once Rob McElhenney shows up on The Mindy Project as Lou, the sleazy cousin of Ike Barinholtz's Morgan Tookers. He'll appear in the Season 3 premiere, when Loui is hired to fix the office's computers. [E! Online]


... We chose our 11 favorite new characters of the late spring and summer, including ladies and gents from Fargo and Penny Dreadful. Who would you add?

... A Dexter alum is moving to Gotham to play a Big Bad. 

... Juliette might be pregnant when Nashville returns, in order to accommodate Hayden Panettiere's real-life reproductive success.

... NBC sked Undateable on a second date!

... Something called a Sharknado ate New York and Price was there to photo-recap it!

... ABC has released some official photos of Frozen's Elsa and Kristoff on Once Upon a Time

... It's time to place your bets on who will live and who will die in the last few episodes of True Blood!

... Who ordered the zombies? Here's the first teaser for Syfy's Z Nation. Who wanted to see Nick Jonas and Matt Lauria MMA fighting? Here's the trailer for DirecTV's Kingdom. And who wanted to hear Will Arnett and Aaron Paul pretend to be a horse and his BFF? Here's the latest trailer for Netflix's BoJack Horseman.

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