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... CBS's Under the Dome is a bigger summer hit than sunburn! The series premiere of the supernatural drama drew in a hefty 13.14 million viewers, which isn't supposed to happen during the summer. In fact, CBS says it was the most-watched summer drama premiere on any network since 1992 and its best-rated summer premiere of any genre since 2005. It might not slow down, either. The first episode was up against the clinching Stanley Cup game, and positive reviews and a lack of future competition (well, except for NBC's poorly scheduled Siberia) mean that it could keep most of its audience. I liked it, and said so in this review. [CBS via press release]


... USA Network has ordered two more episodes of Psych for Season 8, increasing the total from the original order of eight to... *grabs calculator, abacus, horse that can count by stomping its hoof* 10 episodes. The network previously asked for five additional scripts, but has decided to move forward with just a pair of them. But it sounds like USA is letting fans choose the story of one of those two episodes in a fun way. Starting Wednesday, June 26, fans can vote online from one of three storylines to go from page to screen. The winning arc will be announced at this year's Comic-Con, where Psych will also preview its two-hour "Psych: The Musical" episode. There, that's enough Psych news to keep you Psych-Os happy for about 45 seconds. [USA via press release]

... Starz has made its series pickup of Outlander official with a press release, confirming 16 episodes for 2014. The series, from Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore, follows a time-traveling World War Deuce nurse who zaps back to 1743 Scotland and falls for a handsome Scottish Highlands warrior. News of the series pickup actually broke a few weeks ago, so this is probably something you already knew but of course I'm only telling you this at the end of the blurb. You can pick up the 30 seconds I owe you at the front desk of in the offices in San Francisco. Ask for Jen. [Starz via press release]

... HGTV has renewed Renovation Raiders for a second season. People who I have zero TV taste in common with will be so happy! [Broadcasting & Cable]

... Oprah's OWN network has doubled its order for Tyler Perry's The Haves and Have Nots, boosting the first-season episode count from 16 to 32. It's essentially Downton Abbey with black people instead of British people, according to one picture I looked at. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Actress Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy, Private Practice) has boarded Damon Lindelof's HBO pilot The Leftovers. The series, an adaptation of Tom Perrotta's book, follows the people left behind after the Rapture swoops all the righteous away. She'll play the wife of Justin Theroux's lead character. [TV Guide]

... Rumor alert: Storage Wars "star" Barry Weiss has given up on his dream of hunting for treasure in piles in trash for (televised) fun. The original cast member of A&E's (totally fake) reality series reportedly just wanted to travel more and has already filmed his farewell. [Radar Online]


... An Albuquerque beer brewery is drawing on some local inspiration for its next brew. Marble Brewing will release "Heisenberg's Dark," an India Black Ale inspired by the alter ego of Breaking Bad's Walter White. Hopefully it will be followed by "I'm the One Who Doublebocks," the malt liquor/energy drink hybrid "Blue Ice," and a real Schraderbrau. [Marble Brewery's Instagram

... Since 2011, 146 babies in the United States have been named "Khaleesi," presumably because it's the fake-language Dothraki word for "queen" on HBO's Game of Thrones. In other news, a frighteningly small number of babies have been named Tormund Giantsbane, because parents don't want their kids to grow up to be awesome. [Sun]


... I'm adding this new occasional category to News Briefs for whenever I come across an article that's a good read. There will also be a test, so don't skim it. Also also, do not stop coming to in favor of the site I link to, otherwise our readership will plummet and I won't be able to afford braces for my cat. Today's article is all about television revenue! I know, exciting, right? Basically, Vulture explains how CBS's Under the Dome just about broke even before the series ever aired, and how the model for networks is changing because of plummeting ratings. It's dry and business-y, but it's pretty fascinating. [Vulture]

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