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Earlier this week, I attended an Under the Dome press event with executive producer Neal Baer and series stars Dean Norris and Rachelle Lefevre. As a result, I've screened the first new footage of Season 2, which premieres at the end of June, and I hope I'm not giving too much away here, but Under the Dome is whack. My good buddy Tim is far braver than I am, and he reviewed every episode of the first season last summer. I've read every single one of his writeups, and I still don't have any idea what's going on in Chester's Mill. But here's what I can tell you about Season 2, based on what I've seen and what Baer, Norris, and Lefevre said during their panel. 

1. A major character dies within the first few minutes of the premiere

We've actually known this was coming for awhile now, but having seen the footage myself and knowing who kicks the bucket dome, I can tell you that knowing something's coming doesn't make it any less shocking. According to executive producer Neal Baer, a second major character will also bite the dust fairly early in Season 2. However: "That doesn't mean you won't necessarily see them again," he teased, "because anything is possible under the dome."

2. Communication with the outside world is a thing now

EggDome has been broken, so to speak, which means there's a possibility for new characters to arrive in Season 2. One of them will be played by The Young and the Restless's Max Ehrich whose new character Hunter is introduced in Episode 3, but only digitally, which I guess means he's texting with someone on the inside now that there's a crack in the fishbowl a way to communicate. "There's a break in the dome ... where internet messages can get through," explained Baer. "In Episode 3, Norrie and Joe start to get messages from this young man and we will actually meet him in Episode 8."

3. First the internet gets through the Dome, then whole people? 

"Maybe someone might possibly get out and maybe someone might possibly get in," Baer hinted. This makes it sound like Under the Dome's writers have come up with a workaround for the fact that this tiny town is supposed to be completely encapsulated by a giant dome, yet they still want to introduce new characters, regardless of whether it's plausible those characters were in Chester's Mill when the dome dropped (Natalie Zea's Max, anyone?). In addition to Ehrich's new character Hunter, we'll be meeting Big Jim's brother-in-law Sam (CSI: NY's Eddie Cahill), a teacher named Rebecca (Misfits' Karla Chrome), and Barbie's father Don (Person of Interest's Brett Cullen).

4. The Dome has wants and needs just like everyone else!

During Season 2's opening scene, there's a loud ringing sound that'll pierce your eardrums while most of the townspeople fall to the ground unconscious. One character says, "I think the Dome's trying to tell us something!" And then another character (who's probably channeling the show's audience) responds, "That's nonsense!" 

5. Big Jim's heart grows three sizes (maybe)

When asked whether Big Jim will stop being such a dick in Season 2 (my words, not those of the very professional reporter who asked the question), Norris said, "[He has a] come-to-God—or come-to-Dome—moment where he believes maybe his purpose in life should be that he shouldn't be so nasty." Baer elaborated a bit by saying, "It's the season of transformation. This is the year where we will find out what they're truly made of."

6. The dome is newly magnetic and a bell flies out of a church! 

As you can see in the first-look photo at the top of this page, the dome has developed a taste for metal. Also, as you can see in the photo directly above, Oscar the Grouch is now homeless!

Under the Dome premieres Monday, June 30 at 10pm on CBS. What do you think is in store for Season 2?

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