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EDIT: Hey all y'all, yous guys! I wrote this post after the first episode aired. I hear they have revealed that it's some sort of sphere or something, now. That's great news. I still don't know why nobody tried digging under it in the 1st episode, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is whether or not there were good-looking humans trapped together inside this dome-ball-cube-thing. Mission accomplished.

I just finished the pilot, and not two seconds after the dome landed I was like, "ooh...I wonder what's going to happen when they try to dig under it?". 40+ minutes later and people are still ramming vehicles, air planes and maxillary bones into this giant contact lens.

People are getting all freaky at the local Romano's Macaroni Grill, speculating about what's causing this phenomenon. Some dude has locked the love of his life deep under the earth while the local DJ's compare space noise to Bjork. Some brilliant, young freshman is searching the recesses of this foreign canopy for an "off switch"....but nobody...not the locals, not the Army...nobody even thought to try digging under the darn thing?!

I know. I know. It's a pilot. Yes, I'll watch the next episode tonight tomorrow night (thank you CBS/Amazon).


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AIRED ON 9/10/2015

Season 3 : Episode 13

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