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Sep 16, 2014
Domey Can You Hear Me? - The Under the Dome 1-scene Photo Recap
Under the Dome 1-scene Photo Recap
Feb 10, 2014
New Regular Characters Arriving
There's a new teacher in Chester's Mill
Sep 03, 2013
Chester's Mill needs to hold an election for sheriff!!
Linda is inept and just plain stupid. She has been dealing with Barbie helping out since like the first episode and after one horrible story from Big Jim, she reverses her opinion on him instantly!!! Lets see, Barbie calls Linda after Julia is shot, why do that if he shot her? You jump to a conclusion that he shot Max and her goon because Big Jim says so? Ever heard of GSR tests? She shoots at a locked warehouse full of propane, granted she didnt know there was propane in there at the time but why not use a lock cutter? Every episode she does something even stupider than the last. She has no detective skills to tell if people are lying, that story Big Jim told at the beginning of Speak of the Devil was worse than Walt's gas story on Breaking Bad.
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Aug 14, 2013
Siberia vs. Under the Dome
Yes, I'm going to do it. I'm going to toss down the gauntlet between these two Monday 10/9 central shows which have a vaguely similar theme: people trapped in an isolated situation and forced to fight for their lives while dealing with the breakdown of societal institutions.
Up front I'll admit it: I like Siberia better. I've seen six of that, and eight of UtD. I think we can all come with an informed opinion by now. If anything, I went into the two shows with a more open-mind toward UtD. NBC has a horrible track record for "event" programming: Persons Unknown and The Event, anyone? And I'm not a fan of competitive reality shows.
On the other hand, I'm a Stephen King fan. That said, Under the Dome is my least favorite of all his novels, because it was the only one ...Read more
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Steven Spielberg and Stephen King are partnering to create a series based on King's book of the same name. The plot is set in a Maine town that is suddenly overtaken by a force field preventing the locals from reaching the outside world.