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the hunt for the red door begins
3 days ago
Under the Dome "Awakening" Review: DOMESPIRACY
This week, Barbie met a hacker and learned that his dad knows more about the Dome than he's letting on (duh).
under the dumb
Aug 12, 2014
Under the Dome "Going Home" Review: Dome Break!
Barbie went spelunking in the tunnels under the school and found quite a few surprises.
Aug 06, 2014
Under The Dome: 24 Important Questions
Under the Dome was the summer hit-series of 2013, gaining the most viewers in 21 years. This years the ratings are not as good as last year, but they still are solid and CBS, the mother company of our own, will make a healthy profit. We only wish they would put some of that money in our site to help staff. We are now deep into the second season and the mystery has deepened, the characters have evolved, some have even died (but we do not know if it’s forever) and some even have returned from the dead. isn't it wonderful?.

Chester’s Mill and The Dome have given us so many questions over the last one and a halve season that we need to get some answers by now. Or at least, I want to know some answers and would like to get them with ...Read more
Plus: holes inside of holes
Aug 05, 2014
Under the Dome "In the Dark" Review: Smell That? Yep, Ben's Back! (PHOTO RECAP)
Our favorite character returned in the best way possible as Chester's Mill battled a deadly dust storm.
the dome is pleased
Aug 02, 2014
News Briefs: America's Got Talent and Under the Dome Are the Summer's Most-Watched Shows
Plus: Arrow casts Felicity's mom, Doctor Who gets a live post-show, and John Stamos will sing a song (or three) for Galavant.
new bffs
Aug 01, 2014
The 11 Best New TV Characters of the Summer (and Late Spring)
Our new favorite TV friends include a demon-possessed wackjob, and exiled Mennonite, a fraud of a science teacher, a bunch of programming nerds, and more.
ruff stuff
Jul 30, 2014
News Briefs: The CW Will Air the World Dog Awards, an Award Show for Dogs
Plus: Claire Holt is headed to NBC, TV Land orders a Jim Gaffigan comedy, and Kyra Sedgwick is headed to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Shumway 2014
Jul 29, 2014
Under the Dome "Reconciliation" Review: Oh Sh*t, Julia's in Charge Now (PHOTO RECAP)
This episode gave us the biggest deus ex machina ever when the Chester's Mill food supply started dwindling.
are you still alive?
Jul 27, 2014
Comic-Con 2014: The Complete List of Sunday's TV Panels, Including Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, and More
Here's a look at what's happening on the final day of this year's event.
It better not be rebecca!
Jul 24, 2014
Under the Dome Isn't Done Killing People: Who Will Die Next? Who SHOULD Die Next?
Showrunner Neal Baer used the show's Comic-Con panel to tease the rest of Season 2.
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