Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 12

Exigent Circumstances

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the barn, the egg beneath the mini-Dome continues to glow.

Julia lies in a clinic bed, unconscious.

The townspeople scour the woods for Barbie.

The next day, Big Jim and Linda gather the townspeople at the diner and remind everyone that Barbie is wanted for multiple murders as well as the shooting of Julia Shumway. When some of them suggest that they perform a house-to-house-sweep, Big Jim initially objects, saying that people still have rights. However, he soon gives in, declaring a state of emergency. When Linda objects, Big Jim tells her that it's the people that want it, not her. He then speaks to his fellow citizens, telling them that Barbie's crimes don't signify the end of Chester's Mill, but the beginning. He promises plenty of jobs for everyone, maintaining the towns, and promises that they will all survive by working together. Carolyn, who is in the crowd, looks at him suspiciously and then walks away.

At the radio station, Dodee continues to monitor the military radio bands and listens as they confirm that they spotted Barbie on visitor's day. They also know about the egg, saying that thermal imagery shows that it has been moved. Dodee checks her phone and realizes that she took a photo of the egg, and remembers that it burned her at the McAlister barn. Meanwhile, the military discuss finding Barbie because he's the only one with the expertise they need.

At the barn, Joe, Norrie, and Angie study the mini-Dome and wonder why the egg is still glowing when the dome gave them its message. Angie figures that it's mad that they haven't killed Big Jim, and Joe insists that Barbie must be the monarch that Julia said would be crowned. He figures that once the caterpillar inside the mini-Dome hatches, everything will change. Carolyn barges in and insists on seeing the egg. They explain how it is sealed inside of the mini-Dome and Norrie explains that it sent her home so she could say goodbye to Alice. Carolyn tells her daughter that she'll back her and the others, and says that the townspeople are searching houses so they have to move it. Angie suggests that they take it to Joe's friend Ben Drake while she deals with Big Jim.

At the diner, Linda empha that the volunteers are supposed to arrest Barbie, not kill him. Phil comes over and volunteers to help Linda with the search, while Junior approaches his father. He warns Big Jim that someone is going to kill him, but avoids explaining the visions from the Dome. Big Jim doesn't believe his son and tells Junior that Barbie shot Julia, and tells him to stand watch over Julia. Junior agrees and Big Jim tells him to call him on the radio if Julia wakes up. As Junior leaves, Dodee comes running in and tells Big Jim what she heard on the radio.

As Angie leaves the barn, Barbie grabs her and drags her off to the side. Once she knows who he is, Barbie releases her and he tells Angie that Big Jim is the one who killed Maxine and the others. Angie assures him that she believes him given what she knows about Big Jim, and Barbie says that they need to get Julia out of the clinic before Big Jim decides to silence the only witness against him. He wants Angie to use the clinic key card she has as a candy striper to get them in through the back door of the clinic.

Junior goes to the clinic and Nurse Adams warns him that she can't vouch for Julia's condition. Outside, Barbie and Angie lurk in the bushes and try to figure a way past the guards that Big Jim has posted. Barbie figures that they'll get Julia out, hotwire an ambulance, and drive away with her. Angie points out that Big Jim will have warned the guards that Barbie is coming to get Julia, but Barbie admits that they don't have any other options. As they share a cigarette, Barbie asks Angie if she's in or out.

Dodee leads Big Jim to the radio station to hear the military broadcasts, and the radio engineer explains that they mention an egg. She shows Big Jim the photo she took and they listen as the army says that they've used thermal imaging to confirm that someone has moved the egg. The officers have confirmed through visual surveillance that Big Jim is in charge of Chester's Mill, but they know that he killed Lester. Big Jim pulls the leads on the radio but too late to keep Dodee from hearing the broadcast.

After the townspeople search Ben's house, Joe and Norrie approach him. They ask if he'll store the mini-Dome there and he agrees.

Barbie and Angie enter the clinic through the back door and go to Julia's room. When they see Junior standing guard, Barbie prepares to shoot him. Angie stops him, grabs a candy striper's uniform, and tells Barbie that she'll distract Junior.

Big Jim insists that he killed Lester because the preacher was a liability, and insists that was the only killing he committed. Dodee doesn't buy it and figures that Barbie didn't kill Maxine and the others. Big Jim insists that they're outsiders and all got what was coming to them, and that he's only protecting Chester's Mill, including Dodee.

Dodee seemingly accepts his story and tells Big Jim that the egg is at the McAlister barn. She figures that it's generating the Dome and that if they get it then they can escape. When Dodee offers to get it, Big Jim draws his gun and says that he can't let the Dome come down. Crying, Dodee tells Big Jim that he's a sick bastard and everyone will know it someday. Big Jim kills her and then shoots up the radio equipment. As he leaves, he sets the radio station on fire. He then goes back to city hall and radios Linda about the fire. Phil asks about Dodee and Big Jim claims that he doesn't know what happened to her. As Linda drives to the radio station with Phil, he figures that Barbie set the fire because they've been broadcasting reports about the murders.

Ben, Norrie, and Joe take the mini-Dome up to Ben's room. Joe says that they're heading home to make sure that Angie doesn't do something stupid.

At the clinic, Angie approaches Junior in her candy striper's uniform and claims that she volunteered to work there. When Junior says that he ran away because he didn't want to see his father hurt, Angie reminds him that he used to think Big Jim was a fraud. She hints that Big Jim wants to kill Julia, but Junior refuses to hear it. Angie then switches tracks and says that she needs someone to talk to, and Junior is the only one who understands what she's going through. Junior is interested and Angie suggests that they talk somewhere more private. Once he goes with her, Barbie wheels in a gurney and moves Julia out.

Phil and Linda arrive at the radio station as the volunteers put out the fire. They've found Dodee's body and Phil figures that Barbie killed her. Linda promises the DJ that Barbie won't get away with it.

Angie tells Junior that she doesn't know how much more she can take with everything that's going on. Junior promises to take care of her always and they kiss. However, he tastes cigarette smoke on her lips and remembers that the last time he saw her smoking, she was with Barbie. He runs back to Julia's room and discovers that she's gone.

Big Jim takes some men to the McAlister barn and Carolyn confronts them. She refuses to let them in, insisting that they have no legal rate, but Big Jim cites exigent circumstances. He has his men drag her away just as Joe and Norrie run up and attack the intruders. Big Jim's men easily subdue them and Big Jim opens the barn, only to discover that the mini-Dome is gone. He tells Joe that knows about the egg and asks where it is. Joe and Norrie refuse to tell him and Big Jim has his men take Joe and Norrie to jail.

Junior chases Angie outside to the back of the clinic and Barbie leaves off loading Julia into the ambulance. He tackles Junior and knocks him out, grabs his police radio, and runs back to the ambulance. After telling the unconscious Julia that he loves her, Barbie leaves the radio with Angie and tells her to drive off. He'll stay behind, figuring that Big Jim will stop searching for Julia once he has him. As Angie drives off, Linda and Phil drive up and Linda orders Barbie to surrender. He does and Phil kicks him in the face, while Linda calls to tell Big Jim what has happened. Big Jim assures her that they'll get Angie and Julia as well.

At the jail, Norrie removes a knife from her boot and tells Joe in the next cell that they should have killed Big Jim when they had the chance. Joe wonders why the Dome would want Big Jim dead, and Norrie figures that Big Jim will kill Barbie once he captures him, destroying the "monarch." Big Jim comes in and tells Joe that that he'll stop the search for Angie and let them go if they tell him where he can find the egg. Norrie laughs at him, saying he's a loser trying to scare kids, and Big Jim goes into her cell. She tells him that she doesn't scare easily, and Big Jim explains that they can do it the easy way or the hard way. Norrie pulls out her knife and tries to stab Big Jim, who slams her against the wall and walks out.

Angie pulls over to listen to Linda on the radio as she coordinates the search for the ambulance. Realizing that they're closing in, Angie drives off.

Linda brings Barbie in and chains him to the wall on Big Jim's orders. He insists that he would never hurt Julia, and Linda asks him about Peter. Barbie refuses to answer and Linda walks out.

When Big Jim goes to see Linda, Carolyn is waiting in the officer. She warns that she won't leave until Norrie is released, and Big Jim tells her that she has a long wait. Linda tells Big Jim that they've got nothing on Julia and Angie, but he's more interested in knowing if Julia woke up. When Linda says that she doesn't know, Big Jim says that they'll let Barbie sweat for a while.

As Ben works on his skateboard, the mini-Dome emits a loud squealing noise. Covering his ears, he covers it with blankets to try and smother the noise.

Big Jim's men take Norrie and Joe out of their cells and haul them away. The councilman then tells Barbie that he's going to confess to the murders. If Barbie refuses, he'll charge Angie as an accessory and frame Joe and Norrie for Dodee's murder. If Julia comes out of her coma then Big Jim will accuse her of hiring Barbie to kill Peter so she could get the insurance money. Barbie finally gives in and agrees, but asks Big Jim how he knows he can trust him. Big Jim tells him that he can't and walks out.

Satisfied they have a deal, Big Jim releases Joe and Norrie into Carolyn's custody. As they leave, Big Jim tells Linda to tail the teenagers. When she wonders why, Big Jim tells her that they may know a way to remove the Dome. Once she leaves, Big Jim tells Junior to find Angie and Julia and bring them back. Junior wonders why Julia is so important and Big Jim says that they're all conspiring against him. His son figure he's lying and warns him that doing so is dangerous, and Big Jim tells Junior that Barbie confessed to the murders and is going to do so again to the townspeople. Satisfied for the moment, Junior starts to leave but Big Jim asks him if Julia said anything at the hospital.

Carolyn drives Joe and Norrie to Ben's house and they find him sitting outside. Linda watches them from down the street as Ben tells them that the mini-Dome is going crazy and takes them inside.

Angie takes Julia back to the clinic and hides her in a storage room. When Julia wakes up, she tells Angie that the shooter was a female stranger. Angie tells her what has been happening and Julia tells her that Barbie didn't shoot her despite Big Jim's claims.

The townspeople gather at the city hall and Big Jim brings Barbie out. He tells them that the rules still apply and there must be justice and punishment when they're broken.

Ben takes the others up to his room and shows them the egg, which is glowing red and squealing.

Junior goes to the same spot on the Dome where he saw the vision of his dying father and puts his hands on the Dome.

Angie wonders what will happen to Barbie, and Julia tells her that Big Jim will kill him.

Big Jim asks Barbie how he pleads.

Linda follows the teenagers up to Ben's room, comes in, and demands to know what the egg is. It stops squealing and the cocoon inside the mini-Dome twitches, ready to hatch.

When Barbie doesn't say anything, Big Jim repeats his question. Barbie hesitates and then says that he's not guilty.

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