Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 12

Exigent Circumstances

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2013 on CBS

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  • More stupidity.

    Still trying to work out how this show got renewed...
  • Logic?

    I am trying to like the show, but what I find seriously annoying is the weak writing. In most episodes, there are significant logical flaws in the drama.

    In this episode, Big Jim tells everyone that Barbie shot Julia, so obviously he doesn't want her to tell the truth when she wakes up.

    This of course means that Barbie can be saved by Julia telling everyone that he wasn't the shooter... so why-oh-why doesn't she do that when she wakes up? She is hiding with Angie, and they have a friggin police radio with them, with "Sheriff" Linda (and probably more people) listening!

    Instead they decide to sneak through the countryside, radio in hand, in constant danger of being caught by Big Jim's henchmen. BS like this makes me truly angry while watching.
  • A criminal? Worse. A politician.

    Barbie: You want to know a secret? You may think that you're some kind of god to these people. I think we both know what you really are.

    Big Jim: What's that? A criminal?

    Barbie: Worse. A politician.

    Now is that great anti-authoritarian writing or what?
  • Would you not have Yelled "Not Guilty - I saw Big Jim Kill those two people" if you were Barbie?

    It was not believable at all. If YOU were Barbie and had all the townspeople in front of you, would you not have Yelled "Not Guilty - I saw Big Jim Kill those two people" instead of just "not guilty"? Would you not have told the deputy this when she first saw you with the gun to Big Jim's head? Would you not have told her at SOME point along the way, and anyone else who came in shouting distance?

    This show has too many incidences in which people have a chance to speak up and nail that sick old man and no one does - Bad Writers. Scared Writers. Afraid they can't make the show interesting without keeping that creep and all that fake intrigue in it. Or maybe they are just too lazy to do the research to make it a real show without all the bogus intrigue. How sad they are. Hope they are not being paid much.

    I keep hanging in there hoping the show will start meeting it's initial potential, but if the writers aren't replaced, I suspect it never will be anything but a shoot-em-up, clliff-hanging teaser. Lord, but I HATE those.
  • Very intense!

    This was a great episode and a very interesting penultimate episode as we near the business end of the first season.

    I loved the little alliance between Barbie and Angie and I think the character of Angie has room to develop into something really awesome!

    Meanwhile there were very good scenes all over the place with the likes of Joe and everything that went down at the barn and the jail... not to mention the radio station!

    Absolutely LOVED the ending! Cannot wait for the finale next week! Keep it up!
  • Final nail in the coffin

    Last episode I watch of this garbage show
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