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Another silly question about communication

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    [1]Jul 9, 2013
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    Another silly question that no one has asked either here or at another forum:

    The characters keep talking about trying to communicate with the outside world. Why has no one on either side of the dome just held up hand-printed signs asking, "How are you?" Or more importantly, signs that say something like, "John Smith wants to tell his family that he is fine"?

    Or is that too simple and obvious?

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    [2]Jul 10, 2013
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    The only thing I would say is stopping them is the army watching the perimeter. In the first episode, Julia was trying to get their attention, and they wouldn't give it to them. Barbie told her they were probably given orders to ignore them. The army is probably stopping anyone on the outside from getting close enough to the dome to be able to communicate in that fashion.
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    [3]Jul 13, 2013
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    First, you're assuming the military will ignore/block all communications from the outside, including stopping non-military types from trying. Not much you can do about that.

    But, what about the science involved? Can air get through? Don't know yet. Can radio waves get through? Apparently not, since cell phone signals and broadcast radio stations cannot. But, light can obviously get through! (Which is strange. Light energy and radio-wave energy are almost identical in signal form.....must be a really smart dome!)

    So, first thought....if light can get through, so can a laser; after all, a laser is just super-powerful light. Should be useful for something, somehow.

    Second thought...even a non-super-powerful light can carry communications. You can get all the parts you need at your local Radio Shack, fer cripes sake! So, to make it work (while hiding it from the military):

    1. Someone on the outside needs to make a lightbeam communicator (check out Google for instructions)

    2. Someone on the outside needs to get the instructions to someone on the inside (hold up a big sign already)

    3. Both parties need parts; the outside guy from Radio Shack, the inside guy from the local radio station.

    4. When done, feed the signal from some public broadcast station (outside the dome), through the lightbeam communicator, into the dome, connected to the local broadcast transmitter (inside the dome), so everyone inside can at least hear what's happening outside.

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    [4]Aug 1, 2013
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    If I get trapped in a dome, I want to be with you

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