Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 7

Imperfect Circles

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Norrie goes into Joe's bedroom to wake him up and asks him to come to the Dome with her so they can figure out their connection to it. The teenagers want to persuade it to go away, and Joe says that he will as soon as she steps out so he can get dressed.

Barbie and Julia wake up in bed together and they start to kiss. There's a knock at the front door but Julia says that they'll go away and continues. When the knocking continues, Julia goes down to answer it. It's her neighbor Harriet, who wants to get some yogurt from her because the stores are cleaned out and it's the only thing he can keep down since she's six week's due. Julia invites her in and Harriet talks about how she's worried about her husband, Greg, who was on duty when the Dome came down. Barbie comes down, clearly having dressed, and looks nervously at Harriet. He starts to leave and Julia asks him if he's running away, and Barbie says that he figures that the rioting isn't over and Linda will need him as a deputy.

Big Jim drags Junior to the front door of their house when he finds his son approaching Angie. As Angie looks on, Junior insists that the Dome is making Angie sick, but Big Jim orders him out and promises to make him sorry if he goes near Angie again. After Big Jim slams the door in his son's face, Angie warns him that Junior is seriously crazy. Big Jim assures her that his son won't be a problem for her and suggests that she stay. However, she refuses to remain a virtual prisoner just because he's worried she'll tell people about Junior's behavior. Angie says that she's going to say goodbye to Rose and then find Joe, and Big Jim tells her that Linda had to leave Rose's body at the diner after their mortician, Lester, died and no one could handle the bodies. He gives Angie the keys and explains that he bought the place after Rose went into debt trying to keep it open. Realizing that they were more than friends, Angie looks sympathetic and Big Jim asks her to say goodbye to Rose for both of them.

As Harriet walks back to her house, she sees Greg on the other side of the nearby Dome. He walks over, calling to her, and Harriet goes to him. He reaches to the Dome wall and Harriet touches the other side, and gets a shock. Her water breaks as "Greg" disappears, and Julia hears her friend screaming in pain. Harriet insists that the Dome did something to her... and her baby.

When Junior arrives at the police station, Linda tells him that he's the only deputy who bothered to come in. Barbie arrives and Linda says that they need to find Clint and Waylon Dundee, the two men who killed Rose. She tells Junior to go on patrol while her and Barbie look for the brothers, but Junior suggests that the can talk them down because they're high school friends. Barbie agrees, much to Junior's surprise, and Linda and Junior get their guns.

Juliet gets Harriet into her house and realizes that she's about ready to deliver, and drives her to the clinic.

When Angie goes to the diner, she hesitantly enters the kitchen where Rose's body is still lying in a pool of blood. Ben comes in, startling her, and tells her that he's seen Joe and he's doing fine... and has a new girlfriend. He notices Rose's body and Angie asks him to help her with it.

At the Densmore farm, Ollie is giving out water to anyone who wants it. Big Jim arrives and tries to put a good face on things, saying he's there to bury the hatchet. When he points out that he's paying for the water with propane, Ollie asks if he's sure he still has his propane. Big Jim wonders what he means but Ollie just smiles and walks away.

Joe and Norrie go to the Dome and she kisses him while he leans up against it. Nothing happens and he suggests that they should try to find the center to communicate with it. Norrie agrees and they kiss one more time before leaving.

Big Jim drives to the storage locker where he has the propane, and discovers a friend of Ollie's, Boomer, is guarding it. Boomer threatens the councilman and Big Jim realizes that they have his propane. He tries to shove past Boomer but the younger man easily shoves him away. Furious, Big Jim drives off.

As Barbie patrols the town, he spots Clint and Waylon stealing gas from a gas station. They see him and run off, and Barbie goes after them.

As Junior and Linda drive around, Junior wonders what they'll do with the brothers when they find them. Linda says that for now they'll worry about locking them up and deal with trial and punishment later. She mentions that they attempted to rape Angie, and an angry Junior promises that they won't get escape.

As Julia drives Harriet to the clinic, they discover that someone has set up a barricade across the main street. The Dundees come over and order them to stay in the car at gunpoint. As they siphon gas out of Julia's SUV, Barbie arrives and attacks them. The ex-soldier has the upper hand but is distracted when Harriet screams in pain. He goes to the woman while the Dundees drive off, and then calls Linda with the news. Barbie tells Julia that the clinic is closed and she suggests that they see Alice, the only other doctor in town.

After getting Barbie's message, Junior suggests that Waylon and Clint went to the salvage yard where they played as children. He says that he plans to kick their butts but Linda tells him that they're not vigilantes and they're going to handle it like law officers.

Joe uses the map he and Ben made of the Dome to head for the center. Norrie worries about the Dome and the fact that her mother Alice doesn't have insulin. Joe admits that it's bad, but points out that they're in the middle of something that has never before happened in the history of mankind. He also points out that they would never have met if it wasn't for the Dome. Truman starts barking and then runs away, ignoring Joe. Joe figures that they need to continue even if the dog won't go with them.

After Angie and Ben bury Rose behind the diner, Angie admits that she was too busy thinking of herself to really appreciate her employer. Big Jim comes in, still bloody from Boomer's attack, and pours himself a drink. When Angie wonders what happened, Big Jim only says that there are people making trouble for themselves. After making sure Angie hasn't said anything about Junior to Ben, the councilman tells Angie to clean up the blood and walks out.

Alice is still weak because of the insulin shortage and Carolyn looks after her. She brings her wife a cup of tea but Alice insists that she doesn't want to be treated like an invalid. They dance and Carolyn apologizes for bringing her to Chester's Mill. However, Alice reminds her that they both agreed to take Norrie to the camp and that no one is to blame. Julia and Barbie bring Harriet inside and explain what's happening, and Alice tells Harriet that she's going to have the first baby born inside the Dome.

As they walk into the forest, Norrie and Joe notice that the hair on their arms is standing up. They find a mound of what appears to be leaves, and when they touch it they get a shock. When the two teenagers brush aside the leaves, they discover a hemisphere covered in dirt. Washing it off reveals a miniature Dome... and inside it is a small egg-like black object.

Harriet goes into labor and Julia tries to reassure her, but the woman insists that people in Chester's Mill will keep acting worse. Barbie steps in, pointing out that they helped her and that good things still happen, and tells her to focus. He takes Harriet's hand and Alice tells her to push.

After hearing from Boomer, Ollie visits Big Jim in his office. Big Jim is still drinking from the bottle he took from the diner, and doesn't say anything as Ollie tells him that he's going to toe the line from now on. After Ollie leaves, Big Jim takes another drink.

Waylon and Clint go to the salvage yard and Waylon figures that now is their time. They hear someone moving around outside, but when they split up, Junior gets the drop on Clint. Linda jumps Waylon and ends up shooting him, while Clint runs away when Junior is distracted by the fight. Junior runs after Clint and finally catches up to him when Clint trips. Clint demands that Junior lock him up, but Junior guns him down. She runs up and finds Clint dead, and Junior tells her that he got him.

Joe and Norrie both try to give orders to the egg to get it to respond. When it doesn't react, Joe suggests that they both touch the miniature Dome at the same time. An image of Alice appears at the edge of the clearing. Surprised, Norrie jerks her hands away from the Dome and "Alice" disappears. Realizing something is wrong, Norrie runs off while Joe follows her after covering the miniature Dome over again.

As she delivers the baby, Alice passes out and Barbie moves in to help.

As Boomer loads some of Big Jim's propane tanks into his truck, he hears something moving. before he can react, Big Jim shoots at him with a rifle. One of the bullets hits a propane tank, igniting it and blowing up. Big Jim watches in satisfaction and takes a drink from his bottle of scotch.

Struggling to stay conscious, Alice goes back to Harriet and realizes that the cord is tangled around the baby's neck. She tells Barbie and Julia how to cut it. Once they do, she tells Harriet to make one last push. Harriet delivers a baby girl and they give it to the happy mother. She thanks them all for their help and Alice asks to hold it. As she does, Harriet tells Alice that she's going to name the girl after her. As they give the baby back, Alice collapses, clutching at her heart.

Once Angie and Ben finish cleaning up the diner, Angie tells Ben that it's the first time that she's worked there where she didn't feel pissed off. Junior comes in to talk to Angie, but Ben refuses to leave. Despite that, Junior apologizes for trying to make Angie love him. Angie accepts his apology and tells him to get out, but before he goes Junior tells her that the Dundee will never bother her again.

Carolyn takes Alice upstairs to the bedroom while Julia tells Barbie that he was amazing. Norrie and Joe come in and Norrie runs up to her mother. Carolyn tells her that Alice had a heart attack in her weakened condition and they go in to see her.

Joe waits outside on the porch. Ben and Angie walk up and Joe runs to hug his sister. Angie assures him that she's okay.

Norrie tells Alice that the Dome warned her that Alice was dying, and Alice tells her about how the Dome forced Harriet into giving birth prematurely. She figures that there's a new Alice and the Dome brought Norrie there so that she could go. Alice tells Norrie that she's glad she was able to see her one last time and tells Norrie and Carolyn to take care of each other. Norrie insists that Alice isn't going anywhere, but her mother tells her to be brave. When she dies, Norrie and Carolyn hold each other, crying. Norrie breaks away from her mother and runs out into the field. Joe goes after her as Norrie falls to the ground at the edge of the Dome. Sobbing, she touches it and begs it to bring her mother back.

Carolyn sits next to Alice's body and strokes her hair.

Barbie and Julia hold each other.

Carolyn kisses her love and holds her tight.

The townspeople see the flames at the storage facility and arrive to check it out. Big Jim arrives and glances over at Andrea, shaking his head.

Norrie yells at the dome, asking what it wants.

At the center of the Dome, the black egg glows with a pink light.