Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 10

Let the Games Begin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Joe, Norrie, and Angie sleep in the barn with the mini-Dome, their hands tied together so that none of them unwittingly sleepwalks under the Dome's influence. They check the mini-Dome and see a caterpillar inside of it, floating in mid-air. The caterpillar has black-and-yellow stripes and Joe figures that it is related to the "monarch will be crowned" phrase that the Dome told Julia. Angie is reluctant to trust Julia, but Joe suggests that Julia could be the fourth person they need to open the mini-Dome. The three of them touch the mini-Dome again and confirm that it still needs a fourth hand, and Norrie suggests that they look for other people who have had similar seizures. They cover up the mini-Dome with a blanket and leave... and Dodee sneaks in.

Julia comes downstairs and discovers that Barbie has left her note saying "Back later."

Barbie meets with Big Jim at the councilman's house and proposes that they try to find a way to eliminate Maxine Seagraves. Neither one of them want to tell the other what Maxine has on them, and Barbie says that they should eliminate her "insurance policy." Big Jim informs his ally that Maxine owns a realty company in Chester's Mill, Osiris Corporation, and she may have used one of the properties as her base of operation. The files at the Town Clerk's office will list all of her properties. When they get there, they discover that Maxine has sold all of the properties she's purchased except one, a house on Bird Island. Maxine comes in and tells Big Jim to start collecting luxury items for her so she can live in while Barbie comes with her.

Dodee uncovers the mini-Dome and takes photos of it, and then hesitantly touches it. It blasts her back and the three teenagers hear the electrical discharge. When they come to investigate, they find Dodee unconscious, her hands burned. They take her to the clinic and when Dodee wakes up, she tells them that she doesn't remember anything since she stepped outside the radio station that morning. They suggest that she touched the station generator and injured herself, and give Nurse Adams the same story. As Nurse Adams leaves with Dodee, Angie asks her if anyone else in Chester's Mill has had seizures. Adams tells her that no one has since Angie's tenth-grade dance. Angie realizes who she means and runs off.

Julia goes to the police station and finds Linda going through Duke's papers. The new sheriff explains that Andrea told both her and Duke about the propane delivery trucks, and how Duke ignored Andrea. Linda then shows Julia footage of the mystery woman paying Duke off at the propane warehouse, and figures that Lester and Duke were in it together. They try to work out where Duke would have left some clue to what he was up to, and Linda remembers that he never went anywhere without his Stetson. They find a key in the hatband and Julia recognizes it as a safe-deposit box for the Bank of Chester's Mill because she has a similar key.

Big Jim takes a boat out to Bird Island to investigate Maxine's unsold house.

Junior is patrolling the streets in his police car when he spots a guy in a hoodie. The man panics and runs, and Junior easily captures him. When Junior finds a canister of salt on him, the man tells him that the people at the cement factory will take it as barter in return for admission.

As Maxine takes Barbie to the cement factory, she advises him not to trust Big Jim. He points out that he doesn't trust her and Maxine assures him that she's never lied to him. Maxine's bodyguard Otto comes over to escort her in past the line of people waiting to go in. She tells Barbie that the townspeople are bored with no TV or Internet, so she's providing them with her own entertainment. Inside Barbie discovers that Maxine has set up a casino and fight arena.

Big Jim docks at the island and finds a large house in good condition. An older woman is on the porch, pruning the flowers, and she cheerfully greets Big Jim. She recognizes him from his used car commercials and introduces herself as Agatha. Agatha explains that she's the caretaker for the owner, Oliver Luckland, and he's on the other side of Bird Island checking on his boats. The councilman claims that he's checking on all of the outlying residences, and says that he'll wait for Oliver to come back.

Maxine explains that a lot of the townspeople in Chester's Mill owe her money because of their gambling habits. She's forced them to help her set up her casino and accepts goods as barter. Maxine plans to use all of the supplies to live a well as she can trapped under the Dome.

Joe and Norrie catch up to Angie and ask her who she thinks the fourth person is. She finally tells them that Junior had a seizure at the tenth-grade dance. Angie mentions that the thing with Junior weirds her out after what he did to her, and Joe follows up on her comment. He finally gets her to explain that Junior locked her in his family's fallout shelter because he thought the Dome was making her sick. Joe is ready to kill Junior, but Norrie points out that they need Junior alive so they can unlock the mini-Dome. Angie says that she has more evidence proving Junior is the fourth person and leads them to the Rennie house.

Linda and Julia go to the bank, which is in chaos after everyone took the money and left even though it's now useless. Julia comments about how money ruined her relationship and that she suspected there was something wrong with Peter. When they can't find the key to the safe deposit vault, Linda breaks open the door with a fire extinguisher.

Junior takes a canister of salt to the cement factory and tries to buy his way in. One of Maxine's guards, Duncan, refuses to let Junior in because he's a copy. When Junior tries to bully his way past, Duncan knocks him down and takes the salt.

Maxine explains that she needs Barbie because he has a reputation as a bad-ass after all he's done for Chester's Mill. She marks him up on the bet board as the main event, but Barbie refuses to fight. The drug lord reminds Barbie that she can still tell Julia that he killed the reporter's husband and Barbie caves. When he notices his opponent, Maxine points out that the man, Victor Rawlins, is one of the people that she sent Barbie to collect her money from. Now he's looking for payback and blames Barbie for what happened.

As Agatha makes tea, Big Jim looks through the desks for any sign of Maxine's connection to the house. The woman calls out, explaining that Oliver hired her to take care of the property while he's out checking his properties. Big Jim finds a photo of a young Agatha... with a teenage Maxine. Agatha comes in with a shotgun and tells him that Maxine is her daughter. She fires a warning shot and tells him to drop his gun, and assures the councilman that she taught Maxine everything she knows.

Maxine announces the main event and tells Barbie that there are no rules. She tells him not to disappoint her and then Victor sucker-punches Barbie to the floor. After a moment, Barbie rallies and knocks Victor down.

Agatha tells Big Jim that they'll wait until Maxine returns, although it may be a day or two. He points out that she might doze off and Agatha assures him that if she does then she'll shoot him first. The woman realizes that Big Jim doesn't remember her and tells him that they were in the same high school class until she was forced to drop out. He remembers one girl, Claire, and Agatha explains that was her until she changed her name because she had a illegitimate child. Everyone treated her as a pariah and she was forced to support herself as a prostitute. Agatha tells Big Jim that neither she nor Maxine will forget the real Chester's Mill that they experienced, and says that she knows all about the propane and how Barbie killed Peter. Big Jim is interested to hear about Barbie's crime but doesn't give away his ignorance. However, when Agatha says that Junior is just as insane as his mother, Big Jim takes offense and advances on her. She aims the gun at him but Big Jim asks if she has ever killed anyone. She admits that she hasn't and Big Jim tells her that he has. He yanks away the gun and tells her that now he'll deal with her and Maxine.

Angie takes Joe and Norrie to the art workshop at the Rennie house and shows them Pauline's painting of Junior beneath the pink stars. Even though Joe still wants to kill the man that attacked his sister, Norrie tells him that they need Junior, figuring it's what the Dome wants. Junior comes in, angry that Angie showed Joe and Norrie. Joe tries to attack him without success and Junior grabs him, and Angie says that Junior needs to release Joe and listen to them. He reluctantly does so and Angie tells him to come to the barn with them so they can show him something amazing.

Barbie finally takes Victor down, but insults him into getting back up. When Victor grapples with him, Barbie tells his opponent to hit him as hard as he can. Victor does and Barbie goes down. As the crowd boos, Maxine comes over to Barbie and whispers that she knew he'd threw the fight so she wouldn't win. Anticipating that, Maxine bet against him and won big.

Linda and Julia open Duke's safe deposit box and find the toy sheriff's badge that Linda gave him when he received his pacemaker. There's also a letter from Duke, confessing that he made a deal with Maxine to help her manufacture drugs in Chester's Mill in return for her refusing to sell them in the town. Duke lost his daughter to drugs 19 years ago and wanted to make it up to her. With the help of Big Jim and Lester, Duke bought propane claiming it was "emergency reserves." When Linda wonders why he did it, Julia tells her that it was because the sheriff loved her. She wonders if Peter did the same thing for her and opens her husband's safe deposit box with the key. Inside she finds a life insurance policy for $1 million and a letter. After she reads the letter, she tells Linda that she needs to talk to Barbie.

Big Jim ties Agatha's hands in front of her and takes her back in the boat. She wonders what he plans to do next and Big Jim figures that he'll work things. Angry she gets up but falls backward out of the boat into the water. Agatha calls for help, unable to swim with her hands tied, but Big Jim just drives away.

Maxine takes Barbie to her office in the cement factory and tells him that they make a good team. She tries to kiss him but Barbie asks what happens if she doesn't get what she wants. Maxine tells him that he'll burn the town down if it comes to that. Barbie shoves her away and starts to walk out, and Maxine warns him that she'll reveal her secret. He turns, grabs her, and tells her that they're finished.

That night, Big Jim comes home and finds Linda waiting for him. She tells him that he's under arrest, but Big Jim insists that after all he's done for the town, he deserves to wait until morning. Linda reluctantly tells him to come by the next day, but warns him that if he doesn't then she'll come for him with her handcuffs ready.

When Barbie returns to Julia's house, he finds her sitting up waiting for him. She comments on the bruises and cuts on his face and Barbie tells her that he needs to tell her something. Julia says that she know Peter drew a gun on him at the cabin and shows him her husband's gun case. The gun is gone but all of the bullets are there. Julia admits that she didn't want to believe it, but now she knows that Peter arranged for his own death so that she would receive the life insurance money. Suicide would have invalidated the policy so he tricked Barbie into killing him. Barbie and Julia both say they're sorry and Julia tells him that there can't be anymore lies in their future. When Barbie wonders if she wants a future with him, Julia admits that she doesn't know.

Angie and the others take Junior to the McAlister barn and show him the mini-Dome. Joe notes that the caterpillar has woven a chrysalis for itself. The trio touch the mini-Dome and the fourth handprint appears in the empty spot, and Junior places his hand there. The egg starts flickering and projections of pink stars form in the barn. They start forming into constellations but none of them know what it means.