Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 10

Let the Games Begin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2013 on CBS

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  • Big Jim and Max's mom

    I love how when Max's mom insults Junior, when Big Jim stands to retaliate she tells him to sit down, then you hear a shotgun click... she is holding a mini 14 not a shotgun
  • Nothing exciting

    Just a so so episode this week, nothing exciting, lots of the unbelievable, nothing interesting, nothing new, plenty of story dragging and yawning (from me), too much of silly children taking it upon themselves to keep secrets they have no right to keep.
  • A step back.

    I've been enjoying the show a lot but I felt this episode was a big step backwards. The storyline developed a lot but most of it was uninteresting and a little random. You have to hate Big Jim after those scenes at the end, not to mention this Max woman who is not the most exciting type of villain, although that could change.

    I don't know - something was definitely off. Not the best episode - I hope it recovers next week.
  • Can't wait to see the Mill

    Seriously... this episode was called "Let the games begin" haha.... Oh this show is gold, how is it that this sci-fi drama is funnier than bio-dome or any movie/show/comedy about a dome? It's like a live performance of the Simpsons movie only funnier. Oh and after the show I get to come over here and relive it with the most hilarious reviews, Jackpot! Haha.

    Poor Natalie Zea got sucked into the Dome's vortex, wherever this Dome is or how big it is (must be about the size of Westeros). In tears watching Big Jim have time present it's solution to him, I don't know if BJ had his own boat or commandeered it under his own authority but I could watch a whole show where he just "Miami Vices" his way around a bay in aspeedboat getting in adventures.

    I hope they get some more talented guest stars pop up in different unexplored domed areas of . Perhaps Moon Bloodgood, Eric Roberts or if they could hire some show killer jinx's like Michael Madsen or Chi McBride.
  • Truly Awful

    Just when you think it can't get any worse, the writers manage to surpass themselves with an episode so trite, unimaginative and awful that I have to confess that this may have been the worst episode of TV I have ever seen. And I include in that assertion ALL of the drivel we have been subjected to since the 1970's.

    On the strength of this is episode alone, this series deserves to be killed off - sod any kind of conclusion to the laughable story thus far. To call this "entertainment" denigrates the meaning of the word.
  • Fight Club, The Fourth Hand and Other Non-Surprises

    Well, badass drug boss Max (Natalie Zea) from last episode sure didn't waste any time. One minute she's all "I'm gonna turn this town into a Wild West pleasure dome of black market decadence" and the next thing you know, thought has become deed, and the old cement factory (the unlikely site of so much action throughout this show's short tenure) has become her own personal Thunderdome.

    Her reasoning is that since the whole town has been without TV or internet for can you even believe this? NINE FREAKING DAYS, the citizenry is completely bored and in need of a little underground fight club gambling action. Forget that most everyone seems to have a generator, and such things as DVDs, and hell, Xboxes, exist. Forget about, oh, you know: books! It's been over a week; just how much ho-hum tedium of life under a mysterious magical Dome, with the only entertainment being almost daily town-wide crises, can these people be expected to take?

    So Barbie ends up taking a dive in Chester's Mill's version of BLOODSPORT and Junior is -- no WAY! This is an AMAZING twist! -- the fourth hand the mini-dome has been waiting for so patiently. And yet, despite the fact that nothing terribly unexpected happened with them, somehow Junior and the Prophecy Seizure Club managed to be way more interesting than underground Fight Club. It's odd.

    You know, it's like this show has two teams of writers, one for the spooky ooky "What's Up with the Dome Kids?" stuff, and another for the "Small Town People are Really, Really Dumb" stuff. Need some intriguing nay, even somewhat compelling scenes in which a bunch of teens discover they are the mystical Dome's chosen few? Call up Team A! Need a bunch of scenes in which random hick extras chant in satisfaction as their neighbors beat the hell out of each other for the price of some salt? Call up Team B! Then we'll mix in a little of Team C's "Sheriff Linda on the Case!" and some of Team D's "Julia and Barbie's Increasingly Unlikely Romance" nonsense, and voila! A typical UNDER THE DOME episode.

    I liked last week a lot, because stuff was happening everywhere and yet it was all heading towards the same place: a new calculating evil was set alongside the kids' sweet innocence, in a battle for true control over Chester's Mill, and its inhabitants. This week, the kids' scenes carried on with their riveting perplexity, but boss lady Max just became this whiny harridan who wants her espresso so badly she unwisely gives her biggest enemy even more motive, and opportunity, to do her harm. I had such hopes for her!

    And then there's Julia! Look, I like to think of myself as a pretty understanding person. And sure, it seems like her husband decided to commit Suicide by Barbie in order to get her a good life insurance payout, having gotten them in such a deep financial hole. But, come on! You just learned your new boyfriend (of five days) has been lying to you for as long as he's known you (nine days) about your dead husband, WHOM HE KILLED. I feel like that's worthy of maybe taking a little break, and not immediately being all "in the future, no more Barbie was even more taken aback than I was at that. "Great," you can almost hear him thinking. "There goes my 'Get out of Julia Free'

    But the biggest weirdness of this episode? Max's mom (Mare Winningham, the lesser-known St Elmo's alum; love you, Wendy!) was once named Claire, and then, to hide her single-mother shame, she changed it to AGATHA? Look, I liked her, I liked that she held Big Jim at gunpoint, and it was actually pretty shocking and cool when he subsequently left her to drown, but come on now, show, seriously. You have thrown some unbelievable nonsense at us this past ten weeks, but anyone voluntarily calling themselves Agatha is really just too much to swallow.

  • Putting it in cement would be good

    Like some others series I still watch because I hope it will get better the next week. And then I'm disappointed again and again. But I still won't stop watching. For some reason this weeks riddle I would like to be solved it what the pink stars are. I do hope they are the constellations the aliens will be invading from.

    The acting of our youngsters is getting worse every week, the outside discussion Angie, Norrie and Joe had being the loelight. Also, why wait twenty minutes of Dodee's unconsciousness to bring her to the hospital (and how did they do that, maybe it was twenty minutes because they had to carry her?). But, looking at Julia now and then makes up for some of the bad moments.

  • More from my Pilot review....


    Major Flaws in the Science...


    By Whitecatonmylap, Moments ago

    Following on from Bearcatjb (June 26th) who made some salient points as to the Dome's properties.

    We learn that the Dome is semi-permeable to air and water, but even the Army cannot bust it's way through. It would seem to be a sphere rather than a Dome, half above ground , half below, bearing out Bearcatjb's musings.

    But explain this. In the Pilot ,the aircraft crashes into the Dome yet the debris FALLS INSIDE ! Surely the wreckage should have slid down the outside of the dome????

    . I have not read the book and only the comments from the pilot airing. Would like to know if this is a Stephen King mistake or a TV story mangle. Still, enjoying the show but this flaw in the fidelity of the dome is a glaring mistake and makes me wonder what other EPIC FAILS await.


    Much has been explained since my Pilot review but not enough. Characters are mostly weakly portrayed (especially the younger ones) and if the mini dome power source has been moved (as it was calculated to be at the dome's (sphere's ?) centre, then why has the dome not moved with it?
  • boring

    yes it boring boring boring ................................
  • Don't Judge a book by its mini series and Vise Versa

    Well sureshotqxc you have to understand is the lake has been poisoned by methane pocket that was released when the dome cut right through it and if you read the book everything come into play so don't judge it until you seen it right through and the mini dome is a just a small part of the entire plan the dome has for Chester mills. they are doing a great job of this mini series seeing how the book was a 5 hour read. you'll understand everything by the last episode.
  • water water everywhere

    Just watched this episode, fast forwarding through some parts as I just found it too ludicrous. About the only real interesting part is the mini dome mini story.

    What really bothered me is that, after two episodes that dealt with a shortage of water, we learn that Chesters Mill fronts on a miles long lake a good portion of which is within the dome. It even has an island big enough for several summer homes, at least one of which is pretty darn luxurious. NOT a small lake!

    Also, according to Maxine (our crime boss who has been holed up in an abandoned house until now) its just been 9 days since the dome fell. Man, an awful lot has happened within those nine days! Maybe the days are a lot longer under the dome....

    While I'm interested in the mystery of the dome, the ridiculous storylines and massive plot holes are just killing this show for me.