Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 10

Let the Games Begin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2013 on CBS

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  • Can't wait to see the Mill

    Seriously... this episode was called "Let the games begin" haha.... Oh this show is gold, how is it that this sci-fi drama is funnier than bio-dome or any movie/show/comedy about a dome? It's like a live performance of the Simpsons movie only funnier. Oh and after the show I get to come over here and relive it with the most hilarious reviews, Jackpot! Haha.

    Poor Natalie Zea got sucked into the Dome's vortex, wherever this Dome is or how big it is (must be about the size of Westeros). In tears watching Big Jim have time present it's solution to him, I don't know if BJ had his own boat or commandeered it under his own authority but I could watch a whole show where he just "Miami Vices" his way around a bay in aspeedboat getting in adventures.

    I hope they get some more talented guest stars pop up in different unexplored domed areas of . Perhaps Moon Bloodgood, Eric Roberts or if they could hire some show killer jinx's like Michael Madsen or Chi McBride.
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