Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Under the Doom

    This show turned out to be a mess after a decent first episode. Only reason I'm still watching is Tim Surette's awesome funny reviews. Linda really looks like the Turkish actress Ozgu Namal.
  • No words!

    I'm addicted. I have watched episodes 1-4 and I cant pull my self away from the screen. This is almost as good as Jerico (before the government shut it down and took it off the I'm enthused to see how far this series will go.. I hope it plays out like Burn Notice. Would love to see this show for years to come. Enjoy ya'll!
  • More TTB annoyances.

    TTB - Typical television behavior

    You just locked up a fellow officer after he shoots someone and now he's suddenly choking. You

    1. Call BS

    2. act with TTB.

    Come on, you idiot. If you fall for that then you deserve everything you get.

    Dr Alice Calvert happens to be a diabetic???

    Maybe the CDC should look into why so many movie/tv roles happen to be stricken with diabetes. Jodie Foster's kid has it in Panic Room and now the good doctor? Add her to the list: Con Air, Godfather 3, Steel Magnolias, Chocolat, etc.
  • A killer escapes -- but it's not like he's getting very far.

    Well, I reached the end of this episode far more eager for the next one than I felt at the close of Episode 2. Part of this was a certain helpful streamlining of events herein; yes, there are still many stories in this small, small town, and many, many characters, but whether by virtue of acquaintance with them now or merely because they are being handled less frenetically, this felt like a far less messy episode.

    I do have some concerns, however.

    A lot of it has to do with resources. I mean, while it's true that it's only been a couple of days since the dome appeared, seriously, is no one even considering rationing food yet? Or stockpiling goods from the tiny General Store? How are people paying for their meals at Rose's diner do they all have wads of cash laying around? Is Chester's Mill the last holdout against the credit card economy? Don't tell me the bank is able to keep accurate accounts without online resources and with only generators to power their computers? These are questions that all bear swift answers.

    But the most pressing question is, WHEN is Joe going to notice that his sister is missing? Poor Angie! But I guess that's what you get for being such a sexually liberated young womanyou can be held captive by a psychotic stalker who is convinced he loves you for days and NO ONE NOTICES. There's a lesson in that for all of us.

    Maybe next week, someone will actually give a damn that she hasn't shown up for one of her many jobs

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  • Episode 3

    So, the report was following Junior with her car, but he was walking!!

    Why would Barbie go to the forest with Junior's father (armed) if he kicked Junior butt?

    Why would Barbie answer "long history" when the reporter asked him what happened between him and Junior? There is no history, it was only a fight! And... Why he did not say anything to Junior's father about his crazy son?

    Ohh, one other thing... Since Junior's girlfriend grew up in the city with him and work in a very public place, she must be well know in the city, so why no one cares about her and make search party?

    Sorry about my English, but this is too much fail!
  • poor rewrite

    wow, as the episodes go further, the story drifts further from the book. its not a bad show don't get me wrong but its not following the book at all. I was looking forward to it being more like the book
  • Log Flume

    The roller coaster ride this show should have been is instead a one trip log flume.. with extra log. Episode 1 was *meh*.. but had potential despite cheaping out on the visuals. Episode two was just stupid, actively contradicted elements of the first episode (that's how much the writers cared) and decided against using emotional connection by having a single believable character or interaction...

    episode 3 lands.. wow.. did anything actually happen? It felt like this was made up of the bits any other show skips over and takes as read while showing interesting stuff going on elsewhere. With a short run you expect packed and dynamic storytelling that builds to a head.. I fear that this mini-series has a bi-polar disorder brought on by the 'carrot waving' temptation of becoming an on going series should it be successful.. a flaw that undermines every element of urgency or panic the show could have used.

    If air, water and to a lesser extent communications are freely available it buggers the tension and what King used in the original story to drive the characters. So it seems if things go on this way the towns end, appropriately, will end with the cast drowning in a dome filled unflushable sewage.
  • But I really need to pee

    There is a girl chained to a bed in an underground shelter that really needs to pee.

    By Thor, I was so bored ! I understand why some would paint they walls while matching the show. I don't like any of those one dimensional characters. I don't like those stupid, pointless and childish plots. If I was a teenager I would sue this show for how bad it depict my generation : stupid hormonal bullies obsessed with their phones.

    I watched three episodes and that's 3 hours of my life I will never get back.
  • I began contemplating whether or not to paint my walls during this episode . . .

    I began contemplating whether or not to paint my walls during this episode . . .I was so bored by it. Nothing happened except seeing teen go through angst. This show is heading toward my four episode rule before I ditch it.
  • Really intense.

    This episode had soem really intense moments as storylines developed. The ending for one was really good and I can't wait for the nesxt episode.

    Also, there were interesting developments underground as the search for a way out began.

    I do agree with some other reviewers that it would be nice if the show moved faster. This Barbie character is like our main character and we know nothing about him 3 pretty decent episodes in. I woud like the character development to be better.

    Having said that, I do like some of the other characters like Julia and Joe.

    Interesting scenes in the wood as well and hopefully things keep getting better!
  • Complete Bore

    Too many storylines I don't care about (King's supposed to be great at those, where'd they all go), too much over dramatization (my husband, my husband), too much Junior (everyone knows one of these disgustingly entitled d-bags and doesn't need to be accosted by one via TV in the comfort of their own homes). I will say that this week's was better than last's, but not by very much at all.
  • It's not you, it's the dome.

    I really like the premise, I like the cast, but the execution is a little meeh...

    The way everyone talks about the dome . "can't you see it's driving everyone crazy?", "you'll see, soon as we get out from under this thing" and "haven't seen her since dome day" really ruins it. They make it seem as if the 'dome' has been over the town for more than a few weeks and that it's really some mysterious thing that is having strange effects on people... The truth is that this is the 3rd episode and I still think I need a bit more of an introduction to the story - right now I get the impression the writers are trying to force us ahead and sympathise with the daily struggles of the main characters, all while having to watch their manic behavior. And then there's their acting, nuff said.

    What I like? Barbie, Julia, Big Jim - these are the only people that keep me watching, if they made all the other characters zombies, and kept the aforementioned people in their current roles, it would be AWESOME! Barbie also plays 'Shelby' in Bates Motel and needless to say he's a pretty good actor. It's strange seeing Big Jim out of Breaking Bad but heck he's a cool guy.
  • What a wasted potential

    After the promising first episde the show tends not to get better. Where's the rest of the town people (only twenty show up every time, plus those awfull teenagers). So many coincidences. And what do the teenagers add to the story, they've only been annoying up to now. And for some reason I'm not feeling really interested what 'those falling stars are'. The tunnels of the cement factory could have been awesome, but they managed to make not frightening at all. At least they should have made the lucifer flames go in another direction then just upwards. And why talk to Junior and waste your last lucifer. And then, when it is out, you see the stairs and the light. Wouldn't you have seen it before? It wasn't as stupid as the tunnel scene in Revolution, but it wasn't as comic as that scene either.

    What a wasted potential.
  • Need better writers

    Hadn't noticed the bad writing 'til this episode, not coincidental that this episode has more from the 'teens'. Can't help but feel that the good premise has started to fritter away into melodrama and why does a rifle with, what looks like, a suppressor go bang bang? I may give Under the Dome one more episode but I don't hold out much hope for it. Why don't producers pay a bit more for good writing?
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