Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • All Over the Place

    One crisis after another is making Under the Dome less and less believable each week. This outbreak of meningitis is no exception, leaving me wondering who had it to begin with that it became an issue so quickly. Julia and Barbie's little breakup was over-played and over-acted. I was so relieved when someone finally found Angie, though I feel like she's likely to be kept hidden away, if only to hold something over Junior's head, or to keep the town from finding out the councilman's dark secrets. Why am I still watching this?
  • started out fine... now its hopeless

    Am I the only one that things this is cheesy? Bad acting, the story is boring and unrealistic. I just think it is another excample of a good concept but non thought out.
  • Sickness and secrets, a dangerous combination (for Barbie, anyway)

    I have some questions. The biggest one continues to be about the townsfolk, and why they have thus far been so slow to start stockpiling? Norrie's mother who is not Samantha Mathis (Aisha Hinds and okay, I promise to learn her character's name next week) is the only one who appears to be thinking ahead, wanting to steal some insulin from the clinic to boost her diabetic wife's dwindling supply. Smart! So, of course, shot down.

    Then there's Angie. Is it just me, or does her prison appear to be entirely lacking in bathroom facilities? Surely if she soiled herself, the bloom would be entirely off the rose for even such a whack job as Junior? At least the flood might have given her a chance to relieve her aching bladder without fear of shame.

    And Julia! Oh, I get blaming someone else for your own problems, and learning that your husband was a secret gambler who has bankrupted you and you believe left you without warning has got to be a shock. But talking to her brand new acquaintance Barbie as though he utterly betrayed her because he didn't give her his full life story ("I trusted you!") is about fifty kinds of ludicrous. Kicking him out of her house does make perfect sense, though it probably would have made more sense had she not had him come stay in the first place. And also: nice investigative journalisting there, Julia! You weren't even the slightest bit suspicious that YOUR HUSBAND had this whole secret life?

    So the women of this show? Not smart. And the guys? Well, there's the pompous and sinister Big Jim, the sociopathic Junior, the grizzled bookie collection agent Barbie and, ugh, Creepy Reverend Undertaker. Thank goodness for Angie's adorable and nerdy brother Joe (Colin Ford) who had quite the creepiest moment of the series so far, sitting up and looking directly at camera while unconscious experiencing one of his Prophecy Seizures or there'd be no one in this town worth caring about at all.
  • Genius!

    I'm addicted. I have watched episodes 1-4 and I cant pull my self away from the screen. This is almost as good as Jerico (before the government shut it down and took it off the I'm enthused to see how far this series will go.. I hope it plays out like Burn Notice. Would love to see this show for years to come. Enjoy ya'll!
  • Really enjoyable.

    I really can't wonder why there are so many negative reviews of the show around here/ I suppose some people think that it is bad because it doesn't follow the book. I can't comment on that regard as I haven't read it.

    But I can comment on the actual show. And I'm really enjoying it. There are some characters which I feel don't get developed as much as they should be - Barbie and Big Jim most notably. But there are some characters which I really like - such as Julia and Joe and Linda.

    Today was interesting with an outbreak inside the dome. I'm wondering hoe the outbreak got into the dome, but hopefully that will get addressed later.

    Some interesting developments outside the dome, although I do agree with the previous viewer in that it would be nice to know more of what's going on outside the dome as well.

    All up, I'm really enjoying it. It's mysterious and intriguing and I can't wait for the next one!
  • terribly boring

    the 3rd episode already was, it is now getting worst
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