Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Boom

  • An excellent start that traps you under the dome

    The pilot was pure awesomeness!

    Acting was good, the adaptation of the dome very good, the visual effects spectacular! It tied me up and couldn't miss a second!

    It surely seeds the ground for dirty stories about the town's residents, non-supernatural related, but as long as they make sense they will be fine subplots.

    The only drawback was the cow. Since when cows are pieces of meat without internal organs?
  • Major Flaws in the Science...

    Following on from Bearcatjb (June 26th) who made some salient points as to the Dome's properties.

    We learn that the Dome is semi-permeable to air and water, but even the Army cannot bust it's way through. It would seem to be a sphere rather than a Dome, half above ground , half below, bearing out Bearcatjb's musings.

    But explain this. In the Pilot ,the aircraft crashes into the Dome yet the debris FALLS INSIDE ! Surely the wreckage should have slid down the outside of the dome????

    . I have not read the book and only the comments from the pilot airing. Would like to know if this is a Stephen King mistake or a TV story mangle. Still, enjoying the show but this flaw in the fidelity of the dome is a glaring mistake and makes me wonder what other EPIC FAILS await.

    Cheers all.
  • I wish I knew if this show was good

    It says it is a full episode but it is not. >:-(
  • best tv

    best tv show ever.
  • Epic!

    I'm addicted. I have watched episodes 1-4 and I cant pull my self away from the screen. This is almost as good as Jerico (before the government shut it down and took it off the I'm enthused to see how far this series will go.. I hope it plays out like Burn Notice. Would love to see this show for years to come. Enjoy ya'll!
  • The title of the show is explained...

    Well, this show certainly hit the ground running! A lot of stuff is thrown at us in a very short period of time here, but none of it is too complicated to process quickly, and the characters are painted in broad enough strokes as to remain interesting, but given distinctive enough personalities so as to become individuals -- all important, when there are so many of them being introduced at once. (I think I met, like, twenty people in this show's 42-minute running time; that's more people than I can remember in actual

    On the acting side of things, so far the standouts are Britt Robertson as ingenue Angie and Dean Norris as the menacing Councilman Jim, but everyone else is perfectly serviceable, and it's lovely to see Aunt Zelda again, be it ever so briefly.

    I have to say, I am quite loving the many mysteries already so perplexing here: yes, there's the dome itself, but also why was Barbie in town this very day, and what was Julia's husband "renegotiating" over that got him killed, and what's with the prophecy seizures and, yeah, about that propane delivery...

    Not having read the novel on which this show is based, I have no idea at all where this might be going, and I really like it that way. In all, "Pilot" (why do so many shows entitle their pilot episodes "Pilot"? It doesn't show much confidence) is an intriguing first outing of what I dare to dream may be a promising new network sci-fi show. I'm eager to see where this goes!

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  • Boring

    This is a pretty boring episode, maybe I have to watch some others to start liking the whole series.

    I hated the way the cow was split into two parts, seeing her inner body which looked ridiculously unrealistic. Also the behaviour of the captives is simply anything but credible.

    The stroy lines of the main characters already wear a beard and are obsolete - the motives have been seen in a million other TV series, only better.

    I don't think this series is worth watching.
  • 7.0
    Watch at
  • Interesting Interpretation

    I read the book in anticipation of watching the TV series. The title may be the same as the book, but that's where the similarity ends. There's a dome and a town called Chester's Mill. Other than that everything else is different. Ripped off and very disappointed. This may end up being a good series, only time will tell. A more appropriate title would have been "A City Under a Bowl" and people would not have expected it to follow the book even a little. Not trying to trash it, just saying there is zero similarity between the book and the show.
  • We Are All Under The Dome

    Can not wait to see where this series takes us. I am hopeful and look forward to each week of something we have not seen in awhile--A GREAT SERIES--Hang in there and you will not be disappointed.
  • Assumptions

    Isn't Myra Evans the bloodstained woman with her hand cut off?
  • Creative Story Brought To The Smaller Screen

    If you see life as simple, like The Godfather's song "Birth, School, Work, Death" you at least have to admit there's a flip-side. That side can be complex, we can only live yet we struggle to understand. So, Stephen King supposes if an "event" happened one otherwise innocuous day which changed everything how would we deal with it? This is an extremely creative idea that while "out-there" isn't really any stranger than how we all came to be on this spinning rock.

    "Under The Dome" is, of course, a small-screen adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. Immediately readers will notice that as creative as King is the show's producers have elected a similar belief in creativity. The series will "jump-off" from the book and it will move in it's own ways. Is that bad? Too early to tell. Taken on it's own the short answer is no. In this pilot episode we get introductions to many central characters and we understand the dilemma of a nice "heartland" type town, Chester's Mill, cut-off from the rest of the nation by the unfathomable appearance of a clear dome. Myriad disasters start unfolding as certainly would be the case. It includes the abrupt ending of some lives as people just doing what people do run head-long into the invisible dome. Grisly, but that is what a disaster is capable of.

    The show is filmed vibrantly playing up the pastoral atmosphere instantaneously shattered. The characters, however, are almost uniformly not overly endearing. There obviously was trouble brewing prior to the profound happening which all now face. So, for the inviting curiosity the lovely "village" possesses the first episode doesn't really give much as to the individuals who we'll bond with and root for to survive and beat this thing. While the writing and acting could be better as per the novel, it's just a set-up for what is sure to follow. Right now this is a decent start to what just might be a fantastic sci-fi cum reality supposition. So far not bad and the next episode can't get here fast enough.
  • Pilot

    Massive ratings for the show, but I hope I am not the only one who questioned whether it was actually any good. Very sub-par acting for primetime standards, and they just did not do a good job creating interest in the characters or "the dome".

    Compare this to something like The Walking Dead or Lost. It's not even close.
  • Whyyyy do they always disrespect the book

    I was looking forward to seeing everyone as described in the book. They changed so many things about the story line I wonder if it will even be the same plot. Big Jim, he is not fat in the show, no beady eyes and hell they didnt even give him a black hummer, how hard is that. I'm a little bitter but I'm still going to watch the whole series because excused myself from a lot of "family time" in my house to finish this book before the series aired. Joe & Angie brother and sister, REALLY ? Barbie has killed Julia's "husband", REALLY ? Phil Bushey is the radio DJ, REALLY? Last but not least Duke Perkins knows about the Propane scandal Big Jim has going on, REALLY? ok off to watch EP 2.
  • Read the book and might be interesting

    Lots of plots on the go at once which might be confusing. I would expect people to be trying to break out by hitting it with hammers or trying to set fire to it and things like this. People would do this even after things have crashed into it. No panic yet or hoarding of food just in case. This would happen very quickly. There should be many more scared people, its instinct.
  • that was good

    im from iran

    i think that was good for start

    this show should be a mini-series not a series like revolution
  • Average start, was hoping for more

    I must confess, I did not read the book, so I cant make any comparison.

    But for my taste in this pilot were too many plots to begin with, not one of them made me suspicious... not one built up any tension. What I am really confused of is the weird guy starting to take his girlfriend hostage. it seems he got immediately insane as soon as the dome appeared.

    For this and the dome itself I will continue watching it. I think it has great potential! Just hoping for more, than this pilot
  • I like this!

    This is a great start for a mini-series!
  • Good beginning

    The first episode set quite a few "plots" going throughout the town, leaving as many "cliff-hangers" to pull viewers back to the second episode. If they can keep the rest of the episodes this interesting without resorting to "blood-n-guts, high politics, chase scenes, or shoot-em-up" crutches, this should be as good a show as Eureka is. Human interest plots are always more viable in the long run.
  • lol & Trying to figure a Stephen King Series!

    People are trying to figure out where this is going. I have probably read all of his books and watched every movie. You can't figure them out until you see the end and then you still have to think about it. It's like Alfred Hitchcock or the Twilight Zone. They are weird and that is what makes them so good. You can't just use your logic to figure them out. Love it! :D
  • Excellent start!

    I was really looking for this to be a great show and the pilot did not disappoint! The storylines were very interesting and the appearance of this random dome is both bizarre and intriguing. It was quite weird that two people had weird seizures but I'm sure there were reasons for that which will be explained in due course.

    That storyilne with the guy trapping the girl (Angie I think, not too familiar with the names yet) was kinda bizarre while I am interested to see where it goes next!

    Overall, it is a great start and I look forward to next week!
  • An interesting start that holds promise.

    Unlike other television dramas that usually hold a single storyline throughout an episode (think of cop shows for an example) UNDER THE DOME has numerous storylines running at the same time. Why shouldn't it, there are many individuals in the town, and each have their own lives?

    But this kind of television narrative has at least three shortcomings and dangers in retaining its audience:

    1) When there are so many simultaneous running stories, a 42 minute episode isn't nearly long enough to provide enough time to any one storyline for the viewer to find satisfying. The show could easy fall into the category of, wait until the DVD release (or until all episodes have been recorded) and watch the whole season in one sitting.

    2) Since the writers are juggling numerous storylines, to keep them running, there will be no immediate resolution to any of them. It won't surprise me, for example, that by episode 6 the girl imprisoned in the bunker, will still be in the bunker. Oh, there will have been 2 failed escape attempts and at least one instance of where she is close to being discovered; some third party going so far as opening the padlock and having their hand on the door knob, before he/she is distracted or called away. Much the same way the kidnapper was stopped from attempting to attack the guy he thought "his girl" was seeing. The writers will bring us to the brink of a resolution, but unsatisfyingly draw away from it. Prepare for continued frustration.

    3) Numerous storylines in a show means that the narrative is in danger of falling into melodramatic soap opera. The guy sleeping in the house with the woman whose husband he may have killed; this could have been straight out of DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

    Clearly the producers want to show a town that represents a microcosm of the world, exploring how people are able to get back to business-as-usual in light of these weird circumstances. Explore how they are able to get on with their lives. Explore even how this self-contained world deals with dwindling resources.

    This is all well and good, but the oddity of the show is the dome. We will need to see investigations into this strange phenomena:

    The dome covers the whole town in the air, but how far down under the ground does it go?

    Are we going to see the outside army attacking it with drills and chainsaws, and shoot mortar at it?

    What actually penetrates the dome? Light obviously, but then why not television and radio waves and other electro-magnetic waves?

    Does air go through, or will the town run out of air? And if air does go through, then why not sound?

    Sunlight seems to go through it, but will rain?

    In fact, since electricity has been cut off, so should all other utilities like natural gas and tap water. This means, no water for showering, drinking or cooking, for watering the plants and crops.

    Without water people die quicker than being without food.

    If the dome can be stained with a bloody hand mark, and burn marks from where the plane hit, can it be painted? And if so, why not go out and paint all the entrances to town in florescent yellow to stop anyone accidentally driving into it?

    In addition to the current storylines, we need to see an extra more important and interesting storyline, one that moves away from these people getting on with their lives, their schemes and plots and secrets, and explores investigations into this dome, it's reasons for being, its limitations, and its implications on the town, it's effects on the Sheriff and the 2 kids repeating the phrase "stars in a line".

    I would much rather see the bulldozers trying to dig under the dome, and scientist experimenting with it, and the army attacking it, than some of the storylines the writer have set up that in themselves have nothing directly to do with the dome.
  • episode 1__

    why did barbie kill the doctor?
  • Ground Beef

    Character reactions weren't terribly believable after the radio warning went out. Also, so many of the characters seemed to just carry on with normal life wayyyyy too soon after the dome came down. Not terribly impressed overall, but I'll give it a couple weeks.