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  • The lovers of under the dome

    I didnt like how they left norrie and joe , they should have been together especially after all they'd been through. I believe the show should have continued i know it had its few wrong things but more good parts so i think they should have at least finished up the first season before canceling , they sure do let other dumb shows stay on longer before they let them go!!!
  • Big Jim spin-off!

    Big Jim deserves a spin off, but get rid of EVERYONE else! Have to rate this a 5 only because the ending was almost as bad as the ending to SGU (which I'll never get over).
  • A dissapointment! Lots of better shows out there, don't waste your time!

    As many others have said the first season had promise.

    The following seasons were terrible! The progression was super slow and the characters so dull, plus I thought the acting was appalling in this show.
  • What happens under the dome, stays under the dome!

    First season was nice, new and fresh. Second season started to interest me by giving it a scifi twist (and lots of new questions with no answers). But the third season completely lost me. The excitement and tension was kinda gone.
  • Countdown of the worse in Under the dome

    The show has so many things wrong with it, and yet people still tune in and watch it to the very end. its like a guilty pleasure for me, Its so bad its good


    Worse moments and plot points from Under the Dome
  • This show should be under a Dome.

    I watched the first year, and it was only supposed to last one season. So please stop prolonging the agony and put this thing out of its misery. You can do it by having someone put a hole in Big Jim's head along with his wierdo son.

    9/23/15 Finally ended, thank you God. I stood up and cheered when the idiot son got it. And laughed till I had tears in my eyes when Big Jim ended up in the Senate. That was very logical, where else would he go!!!!!!!
  • I like it

    You know, I'd like to start by pointing out how ridiculous the so called fans of this show are. If you don't like something, then don't keep watching it. I just don't understand why so many people hated this show and yet kept watching it over and over again. Why would anyone do that? If I don't like something, then I don't watch it. Why waste my time?

    Now, if you want an actual review of this show, I will point out why I like it. You see, one would expect a lot of weird things from this sort of show. Why? It's called Under the Dome. If you were expecting something realistic, then don't watch a show called Under the Dome. We all know that a dome is never going to fall onto a town and cut people off of society.

    Also, it seems that far too many people insist that you read the book that something is based off of because they think it is better. Well, I don't have time to read everything just because some people think that the book is better. There's a lot of movies that I think are actually better than the book they were based off of in question. That may not happen too much, but I'm watching a show and feel that the book shouldn't actually matter.

    Now, I'll admit that there are some things about this show that I didn't like. I'll never like its ending. Big Jim was a terrible character. It's a shame that they never offed him. Some of the subplots are hard to believe. Like how killing someone's husband makes you a good romantic partner? What was that all about? And the kidnapping that Junior did in the first season was pretty strange. How was that not a bigger deal?

    I guess in summary is that this show has its flaws, but I felt that it had a nice, compelling storyline in the end. And if you don't like it, then don't keep watching and complaining about it.
  • Really???

    Is it just me or is this show getting a bit silly now. Ok, premise wasn't that believable in the first place but why hasn't someone just told Christine to feck away off and hit her a good slap. Like so many of Stephen King's works, they start out so promising but then as things progress, it's as though he keeps taking more and more drugs!! Time for the story to be concluded methinks!!

    Post Finale Update

    Why did they have to end on a cliffhanger like that? Why couldn't they just have wrapped it all up? It actually looked as though it may have had potential now!!
  • Thank the heavens this show is over..

    After the disastrous season 3, I find it shocking to think there was a time when I enjoyed this show. Yep, the good times back in season 1 when all we yet knew of was the interesting summary & the creative idea for story. As a long time reader, this is exactly why I'm skeptical of Stephen King, he has his virtues yes but instead of sticking with what he does best, he folds with some cheap crappy attempt to add depth to his story (the 4 hands / the pink stars), it's just random shit without any real meaning. As a result, you get the exact opposite of genuine, original creativity.
  • Make it so..

    This show has been a classic example of an interesting premise, a decent enough story to hook you and then you spend several seasons asking why you are still watching this crap and knowing it is just so you can see what happens in the end..

    Glad it is over and I hope it has an ending.
  • Under Inspired

    After a thrilling first season it was all down hill. Failing to cash in on endless possibilities the show chose to try and literally cash in by dragging us along on a crazy ride which made no sense, got really confusing, back flipped, introduced characters to kill them off and fluctuated in production values, especially in relation to basic logistics.

    This show actually could have brought ten successful seasons if the show runner had any clue in creating inter personal drama. An isolated group with some sort of mystical dome and limited resources - wow, they stories you could write - Under The Dome failed to create an identity and direction beyond season 1. the result was a tragically love-able wreck.

  • No End Game!

    This was just another example of a show that should have been just one short 8 episode season like they do in England and other places. You get a wacky story idea and have a precise start and end point and stick to the story. But when a show strikes up any kind of interest they decide to do filler episodes with hostage's and dramatic rescue's with actors chewing the scenery instead of working on the main story line. How many times have we seen this over and over IE: Prison Break, Lost, 4400, Flash Forward, The Event, Alcatraz and loads of others that had a great story but no resolution to the main story. God how I hated what they did to Falling Skies which could have been fun with just a few episodes to kick some alien asses but hung around way too long after the writers ran out of ideas about what to do next, just like Revolution. Just give us a story with a well defined objective and then move on to something else.
  • Started strong but faded

    A typical case of trying to stretch something past its breaking point. OUATIW and Astronauts Wives Club had the right idea. Just do a 1 season "mini-series". I really hope that Wayward Pines doesn't go the UTD route.
  • Dome-tacular but poorly written

    I have always liked this type of TV series: a group of people, where we can generally find evil people, is trapped by a strange circumstance that isolates the group from the rest of the world.

    When UTD began to promote, it caught me.

    The first season was great, an interesting plot that, despite showing some poor scripts respect to other series, opened many questions and encouraged to continue watching the show to find out the origin of the dome.

    Talking about the second season, it was worse compared to the first season. Despite bringing new things like the exit of the dome and the return to it, the scripts were still bad and many episodes were based on crisis-of-the-week.

    I continued watching UTD because, after all, I liked the idea that the dome kept them trapped, and also knowing it was possible to correct some things.

    I have found the third season as an improvement. Many people say it's still bad, and I can't contradict that, because the scripts are a bit stupid, but adding Marg and Kylie, new stories, and the elimination of the crisis-of-the-week have made the season better.

    Now I'm excited to see the dome coming down.

  • Under the dome rocks

    I pray there is another season okay so the Christine and Eva parts sucked buts ok you got this bring us a better 4 don't back out now stick with us
  • Love love love

    I think this series should continue I love this show love the suspense keep Jarbie come on don't drop please family of 8 gets together and watches 500000 stars from us plus
  • Excellent

    Excellent show!
  • Out of their dome

    Who is writing this show? It seems like college kids on drugs. Noting makes sense or has any conclusion. When you see the end coming you really don't because a ridiculous plot twist is right around the corner.
  • Endless

    When this show first started I was very disappointed because it did not follow the book at all. Now here we are with another season and it is just ridiculous!!! No more taping this show enough is enough. Stephen King was an excellent writer (ie The Stand) but this is just so below what I expect from him or Spielberg for that matter.
  • Stephen and Steven can do wonders

    Really it is wonderful thriller and suspense. Stephen and Steven both put us "under the dome"
  • Crap show

    So it went from bad to worse. Under the Dome moved on to become Body Snatchers with a little dash of Outer Limits and a touch Star Trek. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh the characters! Nothing from the original story and characters remain. This is just pitiful. When I think of all the good shows that were cancelled for no reason, and I see this it breaks my heart. I cry for my idol Stephen King...
  • Mini serie

    When I started watching Under the Dome I thought it was a mini-serie, . one season only. Stephen King and Spielberg as producers sounded nice and the first ten, or so episodes were great.

    The last two episodes on season one was horrible. The script is so thin and illogical.

    A few examples:

    Hanging Barbie makes sense to everyone, only by Big Jim's word?

    Angie flees with Julia with a police com radio in her hand. As soon as Julia woke up they could have notified Linda, the police, that Barbie didn't shoot her.

    Eventhough Barbie witnessed, first hand, Big Jim shooting two people to death, knowing he killed Maxines mother and probably knew he burned down the radio station with Dodee in it, he simply just goes "Hey, let's go and save some people togehter as soon as he gets free from the noose around his neck seconds after Big Jim is yelling for Barbies death ...

    Totally illogical. Barbie is an ex-military and a hit-man, known for "breaking bones". He would have killed Big Jim on the spot.

    Total crap! Is it Stephen Kings 6 year old grand child who wrote the script?

    And now in the first episode of season 2, the whole town all of a sudden just accepts Barbie - the one they were going to hang in the episode before. And if the town now sees Barbie as the good guy, then what is Big Jim? Shouldn't he at least be behind bars??

    Outrageous! Hillarious! I've never seen a serie go from being awesome to hit rock bottom this fast.

  • Latest season winded, "chick flickish"!

    As with most American TV series, the first season is the best and ropes the viewers in to painfully anticipate closure over as many seasons as the Network allows. In an effort to keep ratings up , the story is stretched out and long, drawn out "chick stuff" scenes are added to fill in the ever widening gaps of "dead air" may arise due to a lapse in ideas from the writing staff.. I liked "Dome" in the beginning, but as with "LOST", the secret of the mystery in the plot kinda seeped out like sewage from a busted toilet line and before we know it, female"aliens" are having witty conversations with human females ,while persuading silly human males to "let go and find themselves", hence, no more mystery!. MY GOD,,,THE "SENSITIViTY SCENES" DRAG ON AND ON!! LETS WRAP IT ALREADY!!
  • The new season

    Just had to say this but, 2 episodes in and I can say without a doubt the new school teacher completly sucks. You kill off these good characters and replace them with that shit. Please have her killed off as soon as possible. What a complete dumb BITCH. Get rid of her. I don't think I can watch this any more. This show is slowly going down hill, unless you kill off the school teacher. PLEASE. My rating is soley based on the school teacher. other wise I would give it an 8.5
  • Please, cancel it ASAP

    This is one of the worst TV show I ever watched. Can't remember anything with more painful storyline and acting. Makes all Fast & Furious franchise look like Shakespear's masterpiece.
  • great show

    its the best
  • The idea had potential, but the show itself is bad

    The show is really boring and seems to be targeting at slow children. Simply DON'T.
  • Sooooooo Borrrrrrrrrrring!

    this episode sucks! and why is every episode getting worse? i cant do this anymore. worst of all, they will drag this tedious nonsense for 7 more episodes before they show a lame cliffhanger like last season's.

    seriously, so many great opportunities to take down the enemy, yet instead, we get the lamest loser characters ever put on tv. that dumb irish redneck julia had a gun in her hand more than twice, with perfect lines of sight to kill the enemy POINT BLANK, but she didnt. Sam stabbed the biatch queen of harpies, but woosied out and didnt finish her off. seriously, who writes this garbage? thank god for cable shows. public tv at its worst here folks! i seriously hope they cancel this show. i'm sick of it being dragged to death with lousy characters whose pisspoor acting now is worse than those in low budget films.

  • worst ever new season

    Whenever any tv series makes even small changes, such as 1 new cast member replacing a favorite, the show seems to suffer in quality. But when "Under the Dome" went through such dramatic changes it just did not even hardly resemble the same show that I liked so much. It went through to many drastic changes to barely even resemble last seasons show. Bad move on the networks part allowing this to happen.
  • I give up

    I give up on this show. I bought into the sci fi element in season 1 and suffered as it turned into a soap opera in season 2. The acting was always subpar, but adding Marg Helgenberger to star for season 3 is like adding icebergs to the Titanic.

    I gave it a few episode because I was invested for two seasons (and STILL nothing on opposite it). but it is a real chore just watching any more. TV should be somewhat entertaining, and not feel like a board upside my head shouting "Are you really this stupid?" over and over at me.

    If you liked the beginning of the Dome, but would also rather have acting and a plot that makes occasional headway, watch Wayward Pines. Similar concept - far better executed.
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