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  • Show is complete crap

    New season is total shite. Couldnt even hold my attention through the second how quaint of CBS to take a snipe at FoxNews. Whats the matter CBS cant stand losing rating to to insult a lot of your viewing audience with your petty leftist crap. I'll never watch the show sorry for Mr. King
  • Which CBS Exec approved THIS?

    One of the worst shows to grace the small screen in recent history. Terrible story line and worse acting. Sorry to see Marg Helgenberger attached to such an awful piece of television. I cannot believe this show made it to a 3rd season. Should have died a natural death in Season 1. CBS should be ashamed.
  • piece of shit

    I watched the first and second season.

    But I stopped now when I saw the first episode of the third is a piece of shit.

    They should have already finished the story .

    Poor Stephen King:(((( It is a shame...
  • Rare Achievement

    If you want something you can watch completely out of order, whether it be episodes or seasons, you found it. This thing is crap. Virtually no acting takes place. Transitory plot. Utter nonsense. One of those shows if you get a phone call, you don't feel the need to press pause on the remote, just mute.

    Under the Zero -- what the rating for it would be if that was an option ;-)
  • The best worst show on TV

    Laughable, amateurish, a little crazy, some bad taste, stupid and delightfully silly. There's things even worse on tv, with much less entertainment value. One hour of goofy sci-fi.
  • best show ever

    the show is full of surprises, people didn't get the premiere because they are too lazy to use their imagination. i loved the twists in the episode and i i think that season 3 is much better than the first 2 seasons wait to see what will happen in the next episodes.
  • The worst TV Premiere-Under the Dome

    Where do I start? The first hour is the worst premiere for such a hopeful TV show! What an insult to fans! Glad I wasn't waiting on anything spectacular from new season! Jeesh! Who in the hell is writing this season, who signed off on it & why in the hell is it on prime TV & on CBS?!? 1:56 hours to make a clear point?!? Come on, what a complete waste & complete disappointment after 1 hour and 56 minutes of prime TV! No longer interested in lame excuses
  • Losing a fan

    Season 1 I was hooked. ..

    Season 2 started getting corny and I didn't make it all the way threw.

    Season 3 I'm trying to give a chance but

    it's all over the place. The show is dragging. ...

    it's season 3! Why don't we know what's going on with the dome yet? Get on with it already!!!!

  • Love it

    I am totally agree with Whitney Johnson. This isn't about being normal or clever things. Use your imagination...

    I actually think the show it's even better now than the first season. I've been waiting for season 3 for almost a year and I'm glad that is on again.

    But, I have to admit that I just saw two episodes of season 3 and it's kind of wait for next week and see what's really going on in Chester's Mills.
  • Always a unhappy camper

    Although there may be questionable things, the more people complain, the more series get canceled. This is a pretty good show and I would hate to see it go downhill because someone can't use their imagination a little.

    I find it to be a good show to watch during my down time. Give the show some time to catch up and get better.

    There are quite a few shows who have one or two seasons and the rest are perfect.
  • Light and radiowaves

    if radiowaves can not get in or out of the dome, how can visible light do?
  • I love the show looking forward to more

    Y People thinking the writers should make all characters out of the dome it only 13 episode in season 1 and in that season, the story it 2 weeks come on I like see wat the dome can do' one minute it hot it cold n weird, freaky I like it... If season 3 they not out of the dome than u all may complain But it really great show I tell so much of my friends about it n now they all hooked on it n I'm looking forward to seeing season
  • A brilliant show gone so wrong

    While Season 1 of Under the Dome was new, fresh and had mystery and amazing characters, I haven't been able to even finish the last 2 episodes of Season 2, I just deleted them off my DVR.

    Wow, talk about a turn towards to terrible stories and absolute awful writing and acting! This show went from my new favorite last season to being completely unwatchable on so many levels in Season 2. I couldn't sit through Julia "talking" to the dome for one second longer, or listen to another character lecture about how the dome chose them for a purpose, are these people really that dumb? Is the dome now a deity with consciousness and decision making abilities? Don't they realize it's an artificial thing that is obviously created and being sustained by an outside force? Did CBS fire all the writers and let 5 year olds develop the plots? That would explain Juniors Mom and her terrible finger paintings!

    Yeah, I'm done, not even finishing Season 2.
  • The story is now finally moving forward by "coming out of the dome"

    In season 1 they were trying hard to make it like "Lost" and that never worked but Season 2 has been pretty good although the writers have still not abandoned their attempts of making it like Lost but at least now they are moving the story forward. Casting was never a problem for the show. They did get the best talents and newcomers of Season 2 are also just as good. The only problem of the show was it's story which like the show seemed to be trapped "under a dome" and was not moving forward. The writers are still not using the characters effectively. Junior, Melanie, Barbie's Father and Sam are interesting characters who are not being given more screen time and Rebecca and Phil are being unnecessary time
  • Rename This Show

    It should be called "Under The Dumb" because that is what this show is DUMB! Horrible writing and acting aside it's just DUMB. The characters are typical King garbage. The abuser, the helpless waif, the kids with a weird power, the crazy preacher and the sheriff that is discovering themselves. Every story of his is the same formula and so is this show. I couldn't even make it through the typical "it's been 3 episodes we need to have a plague

    More garbage for the mindless.
  • Stupidist thing that WAS on TV

    Finally, last episode and no reason for this crap to come back.

    How DID that poor man get crushed in his car while the walls were creeping in ever so slowly that dreadful 6

    I liked how one reviewer on the net said "its like the writers get together on monday morning to see who can come up with the stupidest idea for the week"

    Remember when big jim was over her body (after she was stabbed) and he yelled WHY?

    I yelled KAHN and my family laughed. Cause that was more clever than this series has become.

    Follow Heroes & Revolution and just don't come back.

  • Terrible, just terrible

    Season one was good, hell, I was even looking forward to season 2 but after 2 episodes I've had it with this piece of crap show. It doesn't make any sense at all. People dying for now reason at all, new characters appear out of nowhere. How many people are in this small town anyway?
  • Wow!!!!

    I really don't understand why anyone would say this is a bad show, sure it's pure science fiction, none of this would ever really happen, and sure it's completely strayed from the original book by now, but apart from that, I'm on the edge of my seat every single episode.

    I think people should let go of the book and just consider this a stand alone series, it's only based on the concept of the book.

    And the finale, without giving it away, damn, it's gonna be a long wait till summer 2015....
  • i'm going now

    I've watched every episode until half of season 2 and actually thought it was OK, but that last episode was the worst episode of every episodes of every show ever. I've had it with this piece of crap show, i won't be watching it any further
  • loosing interest

    Getting to stupid, I love the series but its getting out of interest, lets kill everyone just because someone its pissed off. About to stop watching it...
  • I don't get it...


    [Edit 24Sep2014]

    Well I made it through S2 but not sure about S3 if there is one. At least we got BJ back to doing what he does best - murdering everyone in sight. We're in what, week 5? now and he's got his body count back close to 2 per week with Lyle, Rebecca and Andrea - he seems to be going for the 2013 Serial Killer of the Year award. Kind of odd though that a smart girl like Rebecca would let BJ see the needle she used on his wife...


    ... It's only been 2 weeks since the dome appeared. Let's think about Julia - in that time her husband was killed, she got over it and moved Barbie into her house, found out he killed her husband, got over that, was shot almost fatally by Natalie Zea, fully recovered, broke up with Barbie and now seems to have her eye on Sam. At this rate she could be a grandmother by the fourth week!

    And what about the govt? They waited a whole 5 or 6 days before they nuked the dome? (sort of "accidentally" leveling Maine and several surrounding states) Yeah, that makes sense.

    What's the point of this 2-week time frame plot device when the events and acting are totally inconsistent with that premise?

    IIRC Lost also had a compressed timeline, but it was much more consistent with the storyline?

    But I am still watching even though not much of a King fan - only ever read the thoroughly mediocre Dark Tower series. Oddly, though, I still like the mysterious characters populating Haven too...
  • Ah C'mon

    The greatest heap of shite I have ever seen, scatter gun approach to plotting, some appalling acting. Loads of twists and turns which make no sense to keep the mentally deficient hooked. Awful just awful
  • Story nicked from

    Why is no one cross that Stephen King has simply lifted the story right from an Outer Limits episode called A Feasibility Study. The remake in 1990's is even closer. I like Stephen King, but hate plagiarism.. especially when no one seems to have mentioned it.

    Anyway TV show is terrible
  • Best drama ever

    I have been watching Under the Dome since it began and it has been the best drama I have ever watched. Edge of the seat suspense with unexpected turns that make you have watch the next one. I love this show and I sure hope that they can keep it going for a while.
  • Almost jumping the shark

    I swear if Gilligan, whoops I mean Big Jim prevents them from leaving that island 1 more time, whoops I mean the dome - I going to scream
  • An engaging Sci-Fi drama, but not without some flaws

    I am a Stephen King reader and I admire his delvings into the depths of humanity in each work. I've read Under the Dome myself, in fact, I had to make some haste readings to finish the book before the series even started. Initially, from what I have seen from the first season, it followed the book. However, with Steven Spielberg at the helms of executive producer, that means we also get some stuff that was not in the book. Plenty of Farfetched moments occur throughout, such as magnetism attacks, locust swarms, acid blood rain, shifting dome, and a cliff that takes people onto the outside of the dome. However, even with all this, I still feel compelled to keep watching. The acting is very good for all especially for Mike Vogel as Dale Barbera and Rachelle LaFevre as Julia. Even Big Jim deserves credit as a corrupt head of Chester's Mill.
  • Finally some progress

    I would have shot Big Jim and his son back in season 1, both annoying and evil.

    For many episode this show has been doing what I like to call "churning". Nothing happens, no progress just useless filler and spin. (24 is the churn king, IMHO. They were able to make an entire season fit into 12 episodes) This show has the same problem, fluff and little content to move the story.

    Lets go here. Now go there. Yak a bit. Throw someone in jail. Let them out and go over there now. Rinse and repeat for episode after episode. CHURN, CHURN, CHURN, CHURN.


    Finally, the story is developing, just in time to end the season. BOO.

    Stupidest thing Under The Dome - A plane crash inside. The damned dome is hardly large enough for a small plane to take off. What the heck was the pilot thinking?

    Best thing Under The Dome - Bovine bisection. Fire up the barbie for some ribs. WOOOT

    Saddest thing Under The Dome - Brit left the show. I only started to watch because of her.

  • Heating up!!!!!

    For the most part of season 2 I thought under the dome was starting to get boring,and had knower else to go, but i'll admit I was wrong, came just at the write moment introducing outside of the dome creating alot more questions but answering alot of the lingering questions which was starting to go on for to long!!! The last 4 or 5 episodes have been amazing really hope it takes off from here and we learn more about what the domes there for and how everyone ties in, not back to the boring old jim renny wild west show lmao!!! cant wait for next week!!!!!
  • Epic Awful

    If you thought Intelligence was a good high tech adventure show and Gang Related is a good police drama, then UTD is just the sci-fi/fantasy show for you. Not just that the fact that they, and unfortunately that includes the author himself, took kind of a good little Stephen King novel that was very un-mystical and filled it with mysteries and plot twists that have nothing to do with the original, and then took the two spookiest characters (the real monsters) and turned them into regular people. No, without comparing it to the book at all, this stands on its own two feet and absolutely sucks. Nothing to redeem it.
  • One season too many?

    This show was supposed to last one season and 13 episodes, but the show did well in the ratings, so CBS decided they needed to extend the show another season (for the advertising bucks). When you have to extend a show that was supposed to last 13 episodes, you have to stretch it with made up stuff to last another season and that's what we are getting now. The 2nd season is not too bad, but should have concluded after the single season.
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