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  • my opinion on UTD

    i don't know why there are so many bad reviews about this show, when its actually watchable the actors are not that bad and some are actually cute like Barbie( dale barbra) and i think its a really nice show.
  • lost in the dome, that should be the name.

    when will this show go anywhere? everybody running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. it's like the show Lost, but it's Lost in a freakin giant snow-globe (dust storm). enough already, let's move on. c'mon writers, include the viewer into what the hell's going on, already. all we need are the "others". and fake beards--blah blah blah. been there done that. or the giant lost snow globe can go back in time and get a nuke to blow the snow, or freakin dust around. i've come to the understanding, that i've already wasted enough of time invested in this freakin show that is not giving any answers so far, or maybe i'm just lost.
  • The series should be called "IN THE SPHERE"

    The dome is actually a spherical bubble that encompasses the whole town. This is why they cannot find the edge of the dome trying to dig under it to escape. I am sure you will see this next week when they explore that hidden tunnel found inside the locker. The sphere is actually a force field that prevents anyone from penetrating it.

    Remember the mention of a meteor that fell to earth at the location where they found that small sphere? This sphere was sent from outer space by an alien life form to bring the town back to a place in space for research into how people live and coincide together on earth. It's like ants in an ant farm.

    Eventually the town will be lifted off the earth and hurled into space for its long journey to a place light years away. The people in the town are already experiencing the effects of the alien's experiments by them seeing loved ones that have passed away years ago. Like Melanie Cross that is now in town who lived years ago and supposedly died. Will this place in space be Heaven or will it be Hell? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • Boring as death

    What happend ? Season 1 was "acceptable", but season 2... So boring, so lame, characters not interesting, except ones who died... rather go to bed... to bad
  • Utter tripe.

    Horrible, Horrible , Horrible plot writing. I will be giving this a miss from here on in as it is just awful TV.

    The Character development is bad I find it hard to identify with any of them I do not find any of the dialogue between characters interesting either.

    There is a dome around the town and I did initially want to know what it was all about but not anymore.

    I have rated this show a 1 which seems a bit generous.
  • I can see why some people think this is shit

    it has shit acting, shit story, shit dialog, shit visual effect, shit anti climatic execution. and i only five episode in. i thought at least this must be a decent show, the basic plot is interesting and names like steven spielberg and stephen king really lifted the stock. I really want to give this a chance but after ep5, when I saw how dumb they executed a good plot, i officially give up. goodbye under the dome....
  • Under The Dome jumped the shark in season two

    Season one was pretty good for the most part. Why in the world would they kill off the most interesting character in the beginning of season two is a bigger mystery than the sudden appearance of an indestructible doom over a small town. The character of Rebecca Pine, is a total cheat and displays the laziness of the writers. Nowhere in all of human history can there be found a black woman that acted in her manner. Her attitudes and actions are absolutely unbelievable. For her as a black woman new comer to a predominantly white community lead by a white man, and push him into engaging in a preemptive eugenics extermination plan has no bases in reality. She would be concerned that she or others like her would be among those classified as expendable. For the writers to introduce her in the story line, to keep the hands of the communities leader clean is divisive and a disservice to her demographic. Nice try, but we got ya!
  • I hope there is a next season!!!!!

    I love this show and would have been disappointed if this had only been a one season show. There is not enough shows that you have to think a little to watch. That is only one of the things I love about the show. I also love the twist and turns. Not sure if I am watching the same show as some of the people with the negative comments. Plus everyone has there own opinions and see thing differently. My mom who watches no Sci-fy and does not watch more than 4 hrs a week of TV, loves it too. The person who said "every man is evil, corrupt and/or crazy. Every woman, on the other hand is good and intelligent" has to be a man because most other shows make the man all superior and the woman weak and reliant on a man!! I like shows that have the men not so perfect and the woman good and intelligent!!
  • I've Had Enough

    This was a great idea and show last summer until CBS got greedy and insisted on a second season. What little Sci-Fi is left in each episode is LOST by all the nonsense and filler. I just deleted the series from my DVR last night after watching the latest offering. And I will take a lot before I jump into any future CBS "limited series" shows.
  • An insult to intelligence!!

    Great premise, awful script, awful acting, awful everything unless you're in the 8 to 12 age group, then I'd highly recommend it to you :)

  • bad dragged out show

    Its a show that should have ended after 1 season, no its a joke
  • Why is every man bad and every woman good?

    I started watching this show recently and I am on the seventh episode. What annoys me to no end about it is that every man is evil, corrupt and/or crazy. Every woman, on the other hand is good and intelligent. SPOILERS: Three male policemen and one female. Guess who is the only one standing by episode four. The sheriff was corrupt. The one male deputy was crazy. The preacher was corrupt, evil and crazy. The mayor is corrupt and evil. His son is evil. The male enforcer is an evil murderer. There is not one decent male in the show (in terms of being good) that I have seen with the exception of a single kid. All of the women, however, are good, hyper-competent engineers, doctors, etc..

    The men are evil and women are good gender bias on the show is even incredibly skewed for Hollywood's already skewed standards. Thus far, it has made an otherwise entertaining show annoying to me.
  • its takes time !

    I first started watching this show when it initially aired in the uk but decided to give it a miss after the 3 episode , however I recently returned to it and watched all of the episode in like 3 days ! After each ep I was left thinking how are they going to top this , will the season finally compare etc and they manage to keep it interesting , with a good mix of sci fi and drama !
  • Good idea, badly made, just like Jerrico

    Those people are so annoying, they deserve to die, faster please !
  • Same as "no ordinary family" :D

    Big Jim Rennie is like Chuck Norris
  • Riveting

    I really like this show. Some shows have a nifty premise that makes me really curious and I enjoy a few episodes and then I just get bored and give up . Revolution) but I feel Dome does a good job of continually moving forward, using individual episode stories, mini-story arcs (like the war between Jim and that farmer) and the ongoing story arc to keep viewers engaged. The series always offers enough new things - mini dome, military chatter, murders - to make it feel like its skimming along even if we never really seem closer to finding out what's going on. I do, however, feel Big Jim is becoming a problem; he's an interesting character, but where can you take him at this point, now that his evil is fully developed?

    I am also fascinated by the reviews on this site, because almost everyone here either gives it a 1 or a 9/10. It's so weird how hostile/enthusiastic the responses are. A lot of the 1s seem to be from people who read the book, so I guess they're not getting the series they imagined in their head. But 1s or 10s, most people aren't bothering to really explain why they feel this way; they just say "it's awesome" or "it That's why, even though I wanted to start by talking about the reviews because it's such an odd phenomenon, I started with my take on the show and why I liked.

    For me, Under the Dome and Haven are the two most successful King-based series. Now I'm going to go read the reviews of Haven and see if these weird review extremes have something to do with Stephen King.
  • Barbie N Julia

    I have read in another forum that Julia is pregnant with the Monarch? Is that possible. She is not the monarch but she will give birth to it, and that Barbie is the chosen Male donor. Yesss, that will be awesome.
  • Way to slow

    The story line moves to slow for me. I would watch to find more about the dome but there little to no change so im done. I lost interest around the 10th show.

  • What a complete load of tosh

    Under the dome should now be call called Dead and Burried which is where it belongs. Especially the last few episodes. It's difficult to believe how bad Brian Vaughan & spellberg could get it so wrong.

    The problem here, though, is that none of the characters is compelling or sympathetic. We just wanna find out what's up with that dome, but instead, we're forced to watch these poorly conceptualized folks interact with each other with eye-rolling dialogue like, "So they say you're passin' through town. What are you runnin' from?" Every now and then, someone mentions they're worried the dome may collapse onto Chester's Mill. Frankly, my fingers are crossed that's exactly what will happen. No town this boring should be allowed to stay on the map.
  • Season finale disappointment

    All I have to say is whoever wrote the season finale doesn't need to write anymore episodes for under the dome
  • Are You Kidding?

    My partner has a saying for the DVD's we see. "That was a waste of 2 hours of my life". Watching this, it would seem to me that it was a whole lot more hours wasted in my life. I guess I kept watching because I figured hey, these guys are great writers and film makers! What the heck HAPPENED, guys? Wish there was a minus for my rating.
  • Mixed Review

    All i can say is that it has been good enough that I have watched all 13 episodes. Haven't read the book. King isn't my kind of author. But I like the premise of the story, which kept me coming back; however, this program has "milk it" written all over it. Anyone remember "Lost"?

    It seems to me that producers have in their little minds that people are brainwave challenged. And yes, maybe more than half the country are challenged but that doesn't mean that a possible intelligent show (that it could have been) should suffer the consequences and be dumbed down itself.

    Maybe it was the book? Can't speak to that but I do know that I think I'll just pass on Season 2 and beyond. I'm not going to be strung along for the dairy ride.

  • what a joke

    never thought i live to see the day stephen king ,screwed up a book was tv show sucked ass big time. nothing like the book at should have been left alone and done like the was a sure he could care less about what i have to say,but it was the worst thing he's done in my opinion.
  • the show

    I loved it it was one of the best t v show i have seen in a while steven spellberg is a great writer I am happy that the show will be back next season i love barbie not to grazy about big jim i do like . and all of the friends
  • Dissapointed

    For anybody who is enjoying the series do not read the book! It will ruin the series for you.... I think that Under the Dome is one of the best books that King has ever written and I have read every one he ever wrote including under Bachman. There has never been a book that I have finished and immediately re-opened and started over. The story is great, the characters perfect. The series took all that away. There are so many things that are different in the series, things that were very important to the story in the book that it makes the series not make sense and not anywhere near as good. It really is a huge dissapointment and I am sad that Stephen King allowed producers to chop up such a great story!!!
  • YAY! I am so happy!

    This show have been renewed for 2nd season! I watched all episodes of 1st season and it was incredible! :)
  • What a rip

    the only reason i watched this in the first place is that it was just supposed to be a 13 episode mini serise and then end, im done i will just ask my fiancee what happens and be done with it.
  • meh/...........

    what a show and not in a good way!

    I do like joe and jim

    but the show is just like a sify show on meanstream tv.

    i even ask myself why would a star of breakingbad be in a shit show like this

    most of the time it looks like a liftime story or syfy tv crap

    only reason i watched it was for big jim and joe

    dont know if i will watch season 2 if there is one

    the final episode was just like a in between episode

    sure season 2 starts with o hey dome is down all hail big jim and god

    and season 2 final we will see 30 sec of an alien existens

    and i cant believe spielberg is in this mess

  • Terrible acting

    Terrible acting all around. WTF. Deputy Linda Esquivel especially needs to be eliminated from the show.

    Boring episodes stretched out for no reason.

    Chester's Mill people needs to calm down. Instead of getting Google Fiber, they got something even better. They got the best missile defense system in the world!!!
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