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  • video is strange

  • Ha Ha Ha

    I only watched the first episode but it seemed a bit stupid to crete a show that only has about 72 hours worth of oxygen in it-beyond which there be suffocation. I suppose a good writer would play with the obvious limitations of the initial synopsis but I think there is only so much you can expect an audience to accept even if it is a work of pure fiction. Didn't that used to be a deodorant jingle years ago? Three shows later they're all a bunch of zombie cannibals who stink to high ha ha.
  • Really horrible!

    I'm just watching the show because they already started and want to see what goes on, but it's too bad, no point nothing happens, or the simplest logic.
  • Major flaws with The Dome...

    I hate this I can't stop watching it. It's amazing that both Stephen King and Steven Spielberg can stand for these inconsistancies. Here's a cuple of thoughts: From the opening overhead shot of the town, you can see that it must be a town of at least 4000 people - this means to me that there must be a few real estate offices, title companies, dentist offices, attorney offices, doctors offices and several churches, a high school, etc. etc. Where are all the professional, educated manager type townspeople?? How come every news media outlet in the country were not holding around the clock vigils outside the dome covering this story? Why wouldn't the county, state and federal government not communicate via visual signs to talk to the people inside the dome? Why wouldn't the military inform the townspeople of their intentions of trying to explode the dome? Why doesn't ANY of the townspeople speak with a New England accent? Why didn't crooked Big Jim simply put a bullet in the head of the farmer for his water (after all, he's killed before)? Why hasn't the brainiac Asian womanwho works for the radio station and our beautiful media reporter not easily conclude that Chester's Mill is some kind of "ant farm" experiment for the dome intelligence?

    These questions go on and on for me. I could walk into the script room today and help the writers make some of these things more plausible.
  • Stupidist show on tv right now

    I put this show on the PVR, watched 5 minutes, and am now removing it. I like GOOD sci-fi. The horrible acting made me snicker - especially some old guy and the female law enforcement officer. I don't need to see any more than the 5 minutes. This is HORRIBLE and stupid.
  • Season 2...

    This show is really bad. People still watching like me, to see if gets any better. But keeps getting worse!
  • yet another dome

    The Simpson's movie was, at least, funny. This just gets worse and worse. Who the hell renewed this turkey? What's the storyline next season? "Well, here we are under the dome Will there at least be a new dome, maybe one that allows air to get in? This story is lame.
  • not going anywhere

    So I just started watching tonights episode. There's that dog gone wind again. A couple of people complaining about running out of propane when we know it's been stockpiled. When are they going to run out of gas? shouldn't the sheriff be on a bicycle.

    Trite, Banal. Cliched, Mind numbing. Nothing that hasn't been done before.
  • Awesome!!

    I love Stephen King and Steven Spielberg and as an added bonus one of my countrymen directed the pilot episode! I'm speechless!
  • very shallow

    Stretched to the max, not much happening, characters you dont (want) to relate to in any way, plastic stories. The "doll" woman has her perm always in perfect shape. The police woman always has a "concerned" face. Everyone plays a flat cliche part. Though the village is under the dome completely cut off from the world, the wind still blows, the river waters still flow. Im not joking. Each episode tries to have a little story in it, like an epidemic which is solved in a matter of hours. Lack of continuity between the scenes (they leave one place and it's dark, they get 1 mile further down the road and it's daylight. This crap has to stop, Im not watching it anymore.
  • How is anyone surprised the show sucks?

    This was a HORRIBLE book. When I saw the preview for the show... I was like "why in the world". I read a million boring pages hoping that the ending would at least be great and it wasn't. I can't wait to read the reviews of the ending of the show. lmbo.
  • So far a quality adaptation of a difficult book (written after Ep4)

    If you've not read the book this show is great. The sudden appearance of the mysterious dome sets in motion an almost unstoppable series of events, resulting in the small town of Chester's Mill imploding as the inhabitants face up to the reality of their situation and being stuck with their own, and each others, personal and very real nightmares and problems.

    Without straying into classic horror territory at all this essentially sci-fi novel finds it's horror in ourselves and each other, we're quite enough.

    The adaptation changes a lot to fit the limits of the format, fans of the book beware. Characters are lost completely and without the internal monologues and thoughts of each viewpoint some characters seem violently different, but of course that's because you've read the book and know what will happen to these poor people. Story arcs are shuffled so each separate one resolves within one episode, though others progress in longer arcs this means dramatic differences in when some things happen and the order we learn about some things. However so far this has been handled with grace and with over a year's gap since reading the book it's easy to forgive it all, but those hoping for something verbatim will be disappointed. The good thing is this means the TV viewers will still feel the pedal slam into the metal if/when they pick up the book, and will still get to reach the end gasping for air - and we don't end up with a virtually unwatchable TV show that would be incomprehensible if you started anywhere but the beginning. Put down the novel and enjoy the slow slow fall of the penny, it's a long way down.

    8.5 out of fear that it might not keep this level up, and -.5 for stating facts they hadn't learnt yet about the Dome in the title voiceover in Episode 2 onwards. Numbskulls.
  • Under the Duuuuuhmb

    A giant, steaming, stuffed turkey of a show.
  • Under the dome accomplished

    When I first saw the first episode of under the dome I was amazed of the story and ever since the first episode I haven't missed an episode yet its a great summer TV series mystery
  • What happend after the pilot!?

    The pilot was good! like 8/10 good. Story was good, acting was good, witty and funny. But from the 2nd episode my brain just started to hurt watching it, its so so dumb the acting is bad, the storyline is worse. Everyone seems to act like a 10 year old. I tried watching the 3rd episode hoping it would get better but it got even worse! Its like all the actors got a lobotomy after the pilot or something. I had to turn it off half way trough before the dumbness would make me slip of the couch with foam on my mouth slipping into a dumbness induced coma.
  • Yawn Yawn!!!

    Omg this show is horrible. Very boring! the dome a boring, the story lines are boring, everything about it is boring. Steven Spielberg is overrated.
  • season 1???

    sorry to here this may drag into another season, should be a mini series. How much can they write to make another season to keep our interest.
  • This show's user rating is 7.4?

    Seriously? Then why don't people have better things to say about this show? I don't get it.
  • Producers killed King.... Again!

    Why does every tv/movie production of Stephen King get so dumbed down and flavourless? I've read and loved King for years, but when the stories make it to "celluloid" all the nasty stuff like Junior being a rapist/murderer is all gone. It genuinly pisses me off that all the good stuff from the books get edited out. Is it done to provide a low enough PEGI rating for common tv or r the average american really too stupid to get the finer points? Sorry for the bile, but it's all this show inspires in me.
  • Not the book by any means

    I started out pretty excited about this series. I read the book recently and absolutely loved it, so when I heard they were going to make a television series out of it I was pretty stoked.

    So I watched the trailer. I made excuses for them simplifying the cast and changing the timeline of the story around. I allowed the character changes, and even the fact that "Barbie" starts out a bad guy in the series.

    By the third episode I couldn't take it anymore. It is absolutely NOTHING like the book. The characters are totally different. In the book Rennie is a two faced murderous conniving politician who will stop at nothing to gain ultimate power. Barbie is the reluctant hero who helps the town of Chester's Mill because he genuinely cares. Junior is an insane psychopath who kills and rapes for sport.

    Not so in the show. The characters are weakly developed at best, and have none of the same attributes, and are utterly disappointing.

    The weak characters coupled with the even weaker plot of the show (all the political drama and power struggles have seemingly been removed) and the show lacks anything interesting.
  • Please scare me!!!

    I am trying to give it a chance. It's starting to depress me. It's almost like a bizarro soap opera. I want something scary to happen to hold my interest. The characters are kinda interesting. Bring something unnatural into the mix, Stephen King.
  • The psycho boy makes it hard to watch... (edited)

    Episodes 3... Junior... I knew it wouldnt happen: Junior dying.

    Until the red hottie saved his life, I had hope. But when she saved him, when he already was where he belonged - under ground - I switched off.

    Guys tell me when hes dead, so I can continue to watch this series.

    Episoden 1+2

    I hardly can watch this series. Sometimes I have to force me not to skip the scenes with him.

    But I like his dad the propane guy - he and his agenda seems much more interesting and will sure contribute to the series.

    Is it only me that has a problem with such characters, hopingy the will die as soon as possible.

    I like this show, haven't read the book, so am curious about what, why and who.

  • Under the Dumb

    No one seems to very concerned about the rate that they're consuming their very limited resources, do they ? Wait until they run out of booze, and toilet you'll see crazy !
  • a nut, hitman, self proclaimed leader, and stupid reporter walk in to a bar...

    I have seen the episodes, and it feels like I have seen it before. At first I thought "Lost" or "the telephone" - but after paying almost close attention, I noticed some of the things were just wrong, Most of which are the idioms and I am not going to point them out.

    Then I notice (in a farming town) no one is really trying to escape. Farmers are the most unyielding people on the planet. Farmers do battle with nature!! First obligation of any captured human being is to escape.

    Then things got a little off, boyfriend, girlfriend stuff, I'll never trust you, be a man son, here is your money-what the hell - Just get me out of here before the food, air, water out. Say nothing about human waste

  • Terrible Nursing Error! "Outbreak"

    The nurse give the medicine that will save the officer by putting the needle into the IV bag which would cause the bag to leak! Why was this not caught??

    I will ALWAYS start out giving anything that has to do with Stephen King a 10+. The man is freakin genius, and all though his books have proven to be a little much as far as pages. His movies and Tv series have never let me down. I am a faithful Fan.

    I however am very optimistic of UNDER THE DOME, so far I like most of the characters and the plot is slow but interesting. You have to have patience with a S. King series. He takes his time and makes sure you get every single detail. I love it!!! This show has the potential to be very good. It's not THE STAND type good, but still very good so far.
  • Give it a chance!

    Good concept! Im interested. For all of you haters out have to give it more than three episodes. Plus I want to know more of the towns secrets and what is going on outside the dome. Love this so far.
  • It's a shame...

    What started as a promising sci-fi series turned into an abysmal propaganda soap like oh so many shows nowadays do. The way that the people act is completely unnatural and (as someone mentioned) the they just go on and on in circles. Shame really, but I'm giving two points for the pilot and the effort they saw to actually push this out.
  • Disappointing

    Books are always better. At least the acting isn't too horrible.
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