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  • Terrible acting

    Terrible acting all around. WTF. Deputy Linda Esquivel especially needs to be eliminated from the show.

    Boring episodes stretched out for no reason.

    Chester's Mill people needs to calm down. Instead of getting Google Fiber, they got something even better. They got the best missile defense system in the world!!!
  • not a BIRD so don't give me bread crumbs

    Talk about taking 60 seconds and turning it into an hour's show. Under the dome is like the old soaps where you could catch 1 show a month and know what's going up. Very upset with the so called finale and calling it "Curtains",,,,,,, maybe calling it "Quits" would have been a more fitting name.
  • The big picture - a theory

    So what's really going on here? Let's put a few of the "facts" presented on the show together and see if we can guess. (And no, I haven't read the book, even if the show was remotely following it, so no future spoilers will be found here... unless I'm right).

    - Since the dome fell, Big Jim has gone from a minor role on the town council to effectively Emperor of Chester's Mill.

    - He was curiously well prepared for it. A huge stockpile of propane... The only councilor not at the big game.. hmmm.

    - He has a hidden agenda. He doesn't want the dome to come down. There's something he wants pretty badly inside.

    - He seems pretty adept at murder and mayhem, even for a used car salesman. Could it be this isn't his first rodeo?

    - The dome seems to want him dead, and is secretly recruiting and training agents to do the job.

    - The military is involved but don't seem to be running things.

    Now on to the wild speculation: Big Jim's wife (Junior's Mom) died under mysterious circumstances some time ago. Suppose before she became an artist, she was a clerk or secretary at a nearby defense lab or think tank? After leaving to marry Big Jim, she stayed in touch with some of the old gang. One day, a former colleague and lover, Jeff Goldblum, arrives at her door, warning of a new secret "fringe science" project in the early planning stages, of the dire consequences of technology gone mad, and how Chester's Mill might fare if things go really sideways. He also gives her some insurance, "just in case". She can't tell anyone, because she's still sworn to the official secrets act, so she takes up "art", hoping her childish watercolors will be enough of a hint to warn people. Becoming more erratic under the burden of her big secret, she finally breaks down and tells Big Jim. Big mistake. The next thing you know, she's dead. Was it an accident? Suicide? You tell me, but Big Jim seems pretty comfortable with dirty deeds, so maybe this is where it all started. Of course, it could have been the CIA or military, but my money's on Big Jim. When she died, her insurance kicked in, capturing her psychic energy and storing it in a mysterious egg hidden in the woods. Years later, when the project finally reaches testing stage, Jeff's worst fears are realized, and Chester's Mill is cut off from the world. The egg may not be powering the dome, but it's certainly controlling it, and Big Jim's dead wife is controlling the egg. Why else would Junior be one of the dome's chosen ones? The military is locked out, because the control unit is inside, where they can't get at it. Their only hope is Barbie, a former black ops guy with the skill set to turn the thing off, if they can only contact him. So if Big Jim knew this was coming, why didn't he just leave? Could the chance of being the absolute ruler of Chester's Mill be enough of a reason to stay? I think not. There's something else about the dome or it's technology that Big Jim wants enough to kill for. Either that, or he knows that bringing it down involves him getting killed himself. Either way, he'll stop at nothing to maintain the status quo, and won't let Barbie or anyone else get in his way. Being top dog in town is just a means to an end.

    Of course this doesn't explain all of the bad acting, or the mindless stupidity exhibited by most citizens of Chester's Mill. Maybe the dome is sucking away their minds, so it can turn them all into zombies.

    PS. Could Jeff Goldblum be Junior's real father? Did you notice how much taller he is than "Big" Jim?

  • Typical unbelievable story from one of the worst authors of our time

    This show is pathetic on every level. King has an uncanny way of making human behavior completely unbelievable. Even if you want to watch you can't because every action and reaction are such nonsense.
  • soooo dissappointed - this one had the potential to be something new and great

    Under the Dome started out great but I'm becoming disappointed in it now. It looked like it would be a series about people pulling together to help each other, and that might be going on in the background but we've only gotten a few small glimpses of it. The show seems to have gone the way of all shows with uninterested writers at the helm, just cranking out the same old plot for a paycheck. It is now just another show about people vying for power and creating misery and destruction in the process. So sad. This COULD have been a different, interesting, enlightening show about humans teaming together and helping each other survive when they were lost from surrounding civilization. There was a farm under the dome and sources of water and electricity. There were skilled people in the town. The show should have centered on the people working the farm, distributing the water, sharing the available food while they created more, the few medical staff teaching new people the bare bones of medical knowledge needed in case they (the present medical staff) died, women who sewed or spun yarn teaching willing young women the skills needed to continue to clothe the town, carpenters, plumbers, farmers, electricians, librarians, and other skilled workers taking on youngsters interested in learning those skills in case those who had them passed on. It should have shown mothers teaming up in groups and taking turns as caretakers for each others children so four out of every five could help work the fields to feed their kids or create clothing for the town, or even assist in other skilled labor. Sooo much could have been addressed here to make it a special and different show. Instead the writers have resorted to shoot-em-up-bang-bang, fight, kill, manipulate . Boring, boring, disappointing, predictably repetitive and nothing disappointed.
  • One of the best series I have ever seen

    I haven't read the book from Steven King, but in my opinion it is one of the best series I have ever seen.
  • Under The Chrome Dome

    I hope this series ends in 2 weeks and is gone forever. I don't want it to drag out season after season. I'm tired of it.
  • open minded

    The writers keeping brining me back please keep it going
  • Brain Cell Holiday

    As bad as bad gets. On a positive note, it lowers the bar so much that shows like Revolution suddenly appear cerebral.
  • Butchered

    If you didn't read the book, the TV show at best is mildly entertaining. Just don't look for anything too deep. If you read the book, the show is a train wreck waiting to happen. You can't help but watch to see how badly they butchered the story how how they'll wrap it up.
  • good but disappointing

    at the start UTD was good but now under round fighting what next.... agree with flowergoddess nothig like the book i started reading it after started watching UTD but more differences than similarities for example in book linda married to rusty and have 2 kids and rusty stuck in dome and linda just part time police in prog rusty stuck outside dome and they have no kids. also angie and joe are not related in the book and in the book they can hear people through the dome unlike the prog...... only half way through book so will see....
  • What the frack?

    the only thing that has any resemblence to the book is the title every time Stephan King sells the rights to a book they change so much of the story you can't recognise it..... book was so much better and more layered, much more of a study in what happens to power under stress in the wrong more ineresting thanthis poser of a story.. after the cow it went down hill for back me anyone read the sucks in comparison!!!!!
  • Great concept but losing momentum

    Pilot layed the grounds for an interesting series with great potential! However, by the 4th or 5th episode realized this one should have been a mini series, at least with the slow momentum and disappointing progression. Not impressed with what could have been a keeper, maybe hiring a few decent actors? With Spielberg and King thought I was in for a great ride, ended up on the merry go round.
  • Great

    We love this show... Can not wait each week for it to come on
  • I don't get it

    I have recently started with this series and I'm on episode 6. I don't get it. It's totally absurd.

    Here we have a group of people cut off from the outside world and all they seem to care about is there petty issues. Nobody so far is concerned about resources being depleted. Something 'impossible' happened and it would appear that for everyone it's just another day. Ok another day we're cut off from the world and EVERYTHING they know, but that's fine.

    Also the details don't make sense. Water can come through (slowly). The blast from the MOAB did nothing, not even a shockwave moving through the air which would have put air particles into motion. The list goes on and on..

    Can anyone tell me, does it actually start to make sense later on or will it remain an insult to watch?

    I really feel for the actors, because they deserve better from the writers.
  • frustratingly compelling

    TL;DR I'm just going to go read the book again. At least it makes sense.

    I read the book, and although the ending was like "I'm sorry, what?" I thought it was very good. A small town becomes an island run by a man they don't know is corrupt, while kids receive messages from the ether portending the outcome.

    But what the hell is this show doing? First of all, there are people alive who shouldn't be. One character in the book starts killing other characters, but in the show the first victim is not only still alive, but somehow a central figure in the mysterious plot! And the egg? Sure, the novel version (a vague metal box) could have been more exciting, but a colour-changing egg?

    A few episodes ago, I thought I'd keep watching because I thought it was interesting that they were doing things a bit differently. I thought if they copied the book exactly, it would be boring, therefore the differences are compelling me to keep watching. But if you're just going to look at the cover of a book and say "Hey, that'd be a neat show!" then maybe make up new characters, in a different town.

    We all read books that become shows or movies, and we go "How could they leave that part out?" or "Why did they change that part?" But at least the plot is still there. I have literally no idea where this show is headed.

    Also, talk of the second season being about another dome somewhere else because it's all a military test hurts me deep inside because the show might actually do it. The dome in the book lasted for quite a long time, there's clearly a few seasons worth of TV in there, but not if they rush through it (like already finding the box/egg?).

  • big dissapointment

    under the dome doesn't make any sense at all. totally ridiculous. i would have thought steven spielberg and steven king could have come up with something a lot better.
  • Only Watching Because is Summer Miniseries, But...

    Now that Season 2 has been announced, will we know what the dome is by the end of this season? I like this show but not enough to watch a second season. Guess I'll buy the book and find out the ending.

    I don't know what the ending is but thot it would be cool if the "egg" hatches and 2nd season is about the larvae feeding on the folks in the town. LOL!
  • Pollution under the dome answered!!!

    Persillico have you actually been paying attention to whats been said in the show??? the dome is like a shiv therefore if water can pas through, albeit in very small quantities, than i am sure CO2 will have no problem escaping too...
  • Pollution under the dome

    Love the show, but after watching the episodes released so far I keep wondering when they are going to stop driving everywhere. They were all super worried about the house fire, but what about the fumes and gases from all the cars? Shouldn't there be a total ban on engines running when there's hardly any filtering of the air?

    They have trees and plants, but hardly enough to keep CO2 levels down with the total amount of gas in the dome.

    I want to see Barbie on a bike ;)

  • Too different from book.

    I wish the show was more like the book.
  • 2nd season, new town, new characters?

    Good show so far. A 13 episode series with a finale that ties up loose ends (no cliff hanger, please!) seems ideal to me!

    Since a 2nd season has been announced, I think a lot of people have assumed that the 2nd season will be about the same town under the dome. It's too early to say but maybe it'll be a spin-off ... about a new town with new set of plot dynamics, and a new cast of tragic and scheming characters. If not, I must insist that the producers -- and especially the writers -- NOT turn it into another Lost where the plot gets so bloated that it collapses 'under' its own weight. Don't the fans deserve better than that?
  • unwatchable

    Anyone else notice the ratings for this show on here are either 4 and lower or 8 and higher?? Thinking people from the network are trying to boost it's rating on here. The show is terrible. The premise is great, which makes its execution even more painful. Dialogue = terrible. It's only there to advance the plot, there is NO character development. It's boring, and the subplots are terrible. Disappointing.
  • To quote the website, "FTW or WTF"..

    A mini-series such as this should only have 1 season. Renewing it for a second season is just greedy. "Oh, it's doing well?! Well heck, let's drag it out to fill our Stephen King, you should be ashamed! You were once a great author, now you are a shell of your former glory and milk what little success as long as you can.. I will not be watching Season 2, and as I have read the book, I think I'll pass on the remainder of Season 1 as well... >:(
  • Good start, but American companies always think about money, not quality!

    Well, the start of this tv show was promising! I have read the book and, by comparison, the tv show was doing really great (if you forget the fact that Junior's behaviour in the book is explained by the fact that he has a brain tumor and that he kills Angie in the very first chapters!).

    However, I think that the American production companies should learn from the BBC when producing a novel-based tv show, that is to say, keep the book always with you (Stephen, you are helping them! Come on!) and make it brief and concise! Two seasons? Are you kidding me? And some people wonder why viewers lose their interest as tv shows go on!
  • Well, it is Summer

    It's good for a summer show... but let's be honest, the bar wasn't that high.
  • a good start followed by a major failure...

    i can't believe they renewed the show for a second season

    the first episode was promising

    but starting with the second one, i found it so boring...

    was the producer inspired by the Simpsons ????

    the guy playing Junior is such a bad actor...

    wow, a lesbian multiracial couple with a teen daughter, what a modern clich

    a guy called "Barbie" seriously ?
  • I like it, but is it good enough?

    First off I want to say I'm enjoying the show, to an extent. If I had anything else to watch I would be watching that instead. The biggest thing about the dome that is turning me off it a lot, is the whole keeping Angie locked up for so long. That part among everything else really brought the show down. She was missing for days, even if she was a "flake" as it was suggested, are we really suppose to believe that after the first day of her missing, her brother wasn't going nuts worrying about her and running around town asking if people had seen her. Are we really suppose to believe that he waited days before doing that? Especially with everything going on. Also maybe it's the actor or maybe it's the character itself, but I really don't like junior and not in a "oh I hate this villain but he is a good villain" way. I mean I think he shouldn't be in the show, at all. Like I said I don't know if it's the actual character or the actor himself, but I really feel the show would be way better if it didn't have him in it. There are a few other problems but those are the 2 biggies for me. Overall it's enjoying but it's not something that has me hooked in wanting more, the show could get cancelled right now and it wouldn't bother me at all.
  • hmmz boring?

    I'm getting kinda aggravated by this show. It started out to be a good concept but now it's just wrong.

    The story is going no where, the characters aren't in any way interesting and after 6 episodes there is nothing clear. It's cheesy. And Although I'm from the Netherlands, I hate cheesy stuff.

    The only reason why I'm still watching this is because of Rachelle LeFevre. I know her from "A gifted man" which was okay. I can't figure out why Dean Norris was GREAT in Breaking bad, but now he is just totally (big) shit!
  • Replay to: emeraldcity // SPOILER ALERT

    If you were intelligent enough to watch... I don't know, some other episode you'd start to see

    ###################SPOILER ALERT#######################################

    that for instance, water (or a little portion of it) can pass through the dome, like a strainer. They hosed the dome from the outside and some water came in. I'm guessing so does air. So... just keep watching the show or just dont comment on sh*t you know nothing about
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