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  • Give it a chance!

    Good concept! Im interested. For all of you haters out have to give it more than three episodes. Plus I want to know more of the towns secrets and what is going on outside the dome. Love this so far.
  • It's a shame...

    What started as a promising sci-fi series turned into an abysmal propaganda soap like oh so many shows nowadays do. The way that the people act is completely unnatural and (as someone mentioned) the they just go on and on in circles. Shame really, but I'm giving two points for the pilot and the effort they saw to actually push this out.
  • Disappointing

    Books are always better. At least the acting isn't too horrible.
  • The Simpsons

    This is basically a dramatized version of The Simpsons Movie, almost exactly. Yes I know it was a Steven King book, but the book came out in 2009 and The Simpsons Movie came out in 2007. If u haven't seenThe Simpsons Movie watch it the similarities are almost laughable.
  • what a disappointment

    no more and no less!

    well ok, almost everything about this series sucks
  • Pointless, cheap, unconnected, wasteful

    Just a few observations to make you not want to watch. First, every other conversation characters have is pointless, overbearing, senseless and unrealistic. Second: DIG UNDER THE DAMN THING! Third (for comic nerds only) This was all stolen from a pretty good comic book by Luna bros. called Girls. The only thing missing is what I'd want anyway: naked alien chicks. It's not suspenseful, not scary, not anything, really. Watered-down SF-ish soap.
  • What a bust!!

    Under the dome, I became disappointed with the show because the plot became soap not sci-fic. If we are actually under a dome. There will be no wind inside the dome. The water and food will be not enough for everyone inside. Also there will be no electricity inside the dome unless someone have diesel electric generator to run. Oxygen will run out in few days. Animals would die immediately. Human being will be survived and struggled with what small resources what they have until someone find a way to open or break the dome. So it is not sci-fiction because it has no scientific story to support the show. Cancel the series as soon as you can!!
  • This show is boring

    It is boring
  • Under the Bong is a better title

    I know this series is made by 2 of the best Directors/Writers in the industry, but i'm really wondering if Steven Spielberg and Stephen King were using some kind of drugs when they were dreaming up this series.

    Most of the characters are just caricatures of real people and the rest seems to be to dumb to really exist.

    I mean the premise of a town under a impenetrable dome is intriguing, but alas the translation to the current series is a flop.

    Unless the story get's more interesting and the characters develop to something better in the next 2 episodes, i think this series will disappear in a sinkhole pretty soon and won't get to the end of the planned 12th episode.

    As the lowest rating i can enter is a 1, i'm giving that, but Under the dome doesn't deserve even that.


    Start digging a hole Producers. Unless you hire a new director you are in for a heap of failure and have one foot in the grave. So far the premise is stellar but the script is dreadful! TO START WITH: You have characters repeating what they do for a living when the characters they are reminding already knows and the AUDIENCE definitely know already. Enough already. Stop treating your audience like they are 3 years old constantly reminding them of the obvious or whats already been said. Thats just the BEGINNING. Acting is painfully wooden and amateurish. New Lady Sherrif, whatever her name me, she is a good actress but you make her check her gun twice in 1 minute of screen time. Shes a trained cop supposedly, she already KNOWS she has bullets, she wont check the clip a second time.

    Bottom line here... want a new director call me. You need help at script and directorial levels! email me asylumzfilms (at) yahoo (dot) com
  • yes Simpsons

    yes yes yes finally Simpsons family know how to escape . no more Dome
  • I am done!

    It really makes me mad that I can't watch a missed episode without subscribing and PAYING for another venue to watch. I was not really excited about the first episode and missed the second one. I was going to watch the second one today only to find that I have to pay for a show I am not crazy about? SO guess what CBS I simply will not watch the show at all now. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for not allowing your viewers to see a new show at their convenience. Shame on you!

  • Horrible series

    Isn't close enough to the book to warrant watching. The book is great-- until what caused the dome to appear. And, no, a backhoe or other construction machinery won't help because the one goes WAY down. I know movies and series don't usually mimic books, but this one, frankly, stinks.
  • No plagiarism here ;-)

    To the plagiarism allergations, Stephen King wrote the basis for this novelle a long time ago... way before James Follett wrote his trilogy. It is a partial rewrite of a novel King attempted to write twice in the late 1970s and early 1980s, under the titles The Cannibals and Under the Dome. So the idea simply just found it's way to two different writers ;-)
  • The Dome of OUR Lives

    This is the beginning of something great. Personally I hope that this show will not end up like Terra Nova as we have yet to see its second season. There is enough of everything that everyone in the family can relate to and that will resonate with someone. Make no mistake it is epic and a stunner!
  • Good show

    The two episodes were good, I can't wait for more!
  • great concept

    the show is captivating, keeps you wanting more. it shows it will turn scary as episodes go, so were in for a real scare, cant wait for the desperation to kick off
  • Idea for show

    If some guy got dropped off on top of the dome in the nude by A helicopter. wouldn't that be A funny sight for the towns people looking up. You know the bottom of his feet and other parts looking down at them. If he walked a little to far and slid down the side of the dome to his doom, the towns people would be in real danger. Danger of laughing to death.
  • Poor cow!

    Show seems like it will be good but I really could do without the dumb psycho guy. I'm wondering about the whole, can they dig out thing also. Maybe they will address that in the next one.
  • doesn't anybody own a backhoe in this town?

    Sorry. I enjoyed the show and will continue to watch, but I try to picture to being in that situation. Drug smugglers dig miles of tunnels by hand under the border between Mexico and the and the people in this town can't dig a fifty foot one to get out? Good fun but S. King is not the genius he is always portrayed as being.
  • awesome!

    under the dome is so riveting! it really keeps you on your toes. though it should be a movie so I don't have to wait on episodes:/
  • YES!

    Not often am I impressed with a series pilot, but at the end of this pilot, I said Yes, far from perfection with some dry areas but over all very much worth watching. Looking forward to tonight's episode.
  • Not like the novel but promising

    The pilot shared similarities with the book but was different. Starts off well enough, even though some of the acting felt a bit wooden to me. I liked the effects, especially the Dome itself.
  • Looks promising

    If you're a fan of Stephen King, Spielburg, sci-fi, compelling mysteries and "that cop from Breaking Bad", then you will probably like the show. I have not read the book yet so that factors in but so far, it looks really good. On a separate note, @ManojMajhi, They are very similar. Maybe Stephen King simply is a big fan or influenced by James Follett.
  • Some ODD reviews

    Criticism that the first episode is not like the book.

    First, most novel adaptations into films are not faithful replicas of the novel. They are very different formats and each has it's strengths in story telling. Just enjoy the show.

    Second, the plagiarism charge is way off base. You could claim that the author James Follett, that is mentioned, plagiarized the Outer Limits episode where a town is cut off (literally) from the world.

    High level concepts are not new. It is what is done with them in character development and story line that makes them special and unique.
  • i am not sure if i like it

    wait and see
  • Don't read the book first!

    Saw the first episode and it is NOWHERE near how the book goes. It was such a disappointment!
  • Why this is not an original idea and maybe even plagiarism...

    I really only watched this because the premise sounded so familiar. Here is why! There is an English Author called James Follett and he wrote a Trilogy of books Temple of the Winds, Wicca and The Silent Vulcan. He wrote it back in 2000 - 2003 at least 6 years before Under the Dome by Stephen King. His trilogy is about a community Pentworth in West Sussex where a community cut off from the world by a mystery forcefield. It is even the same down to houses being cut in half, etc. It is an excellent read and I am wondering who should really credited on this series. I certainly personally don't believe it should be Stephen King. It might not be even James Follett if there is an earlier version of this story. I simply find it very odd and worrying! The similarities are too close...
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