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  • I love the show looking forward to more

    Y People thinking the writers should make all characters out of the dome it only 13 episode in season 1 and in that season, the story it 2 weeks come on I like see wat the dome can do' one minute it hot it cold n weird, freaky I like it... If season 3 they not out of the dome than u all may complain But it really great show I tell so much of my friends about it n now they all hooked on it n I'm looking forward to seeing season
  • Wow!!!!

    I really don't understand why anyone would say this is a bad show, sure it's pure science fiction, none of this would ever really happen, and sure it's completely strayed from the original book by now, but apart from that, I'm on the edge of my seat every single episode.

    I think people should let go of the book and just consider this a stand alone series, it's only based on the concept of the book.

    And the finale, without giving it away, damn, it's gonna be a long wait till summer 2015....
  • Best drama ever

    I have been watching Under the Dome since it began and it has been the best drama I have ever watched. Edge of the seat suspense with unexpected turns that make you have watch the next one. I love this show and I sure hope that they can keep it going for a while.
  • Heating up!!!!!

    For the most part of season 2 I thought under the dome was starting to get boring,and had knower else to go, but i'll admit I was wrong, came just at the write moment introducing outside of the dome creating alot more questions but answering alot of the lingering questions which was starting to go on for to long!!! The last 4 or 5 episodes have been amazing really hope it takes off from here and we learn more about what the domes there for and how everyone ties in, not back to the boring old jim renny wild west show lmao!!! cant wait for next week!!!!!
  • Igdada

  • I hope there is a next season!!!!!

    I love this show and would have been disappointed if this had only been a one season show. There is not enough shows that you have to think a little to watch. That is only one of the things I love about the show. I also love the twist and turns. Not sure if I am watching the same show as some of the people with the negative comments. Plus everyone has there own opinions and see thing differently. My mom who watches no Sci-fy and does not watch more than 4 hrs a week of TV, loves it too. The person who said "every man is evil, corrupt and/or crazy. Every woman, on the other hand is good and intelligent" has to be a man because most other shows make the man all superior and the woman weak and reliant on a man!! I like shows that have the men not so perfect and the woman good and intelligent!!
  • Barbie N Julia

    I have read in another forum that Julia is pregnant with the Monarch? Is that possible. She is not the monarch but she will give birth to it, and that Barbie is the chosen Male donor. Yesss, that will be awesome.
  • the show

    I loved it it was one of the best t v show i have seen in a while steven spellberg is a great writer I am happy that the show will be back next season i love barbie not to grazy about big jim i do like . and all of the friends
  • YAY! I am so happy!

    This show have been renewed for 2nd season! I watched all episodes of 1st season and it was incredible! :)
  • One of the best series I have ever seen

    I haven't read the book from Steven King, but in my opinion it is one of the best series I have ever seen.
  • open minded

    The writers keeping brining me back please keep it going
  • Going to be a hit

    at the first ten minutes I thought .. okay this is going to be boring.. but after watching the first episode.. I am hooked.. I think this show is going to be great... better then the rest of the crap they put on television
  • Under the dome accomplished

    When I first saw the first episode of under the dome I was amazed of the story and ever since the first episode I haven't missed an episode yet its a great summer TV series mystery
  • a nut, hitman, self proclaimed leader, and stupid reporter walk in to a bar...

    I have seen the episodes, and it feels like I have seen it before. At first I thought "Lost" or "the telephone" - but after paying almost close attention, I noticed some of the things were just wrong, Most of which are the idioms and I am not going to point them out.

    Then I notice (in a farming town) no one is really trying to escape. Farmers are the most unyielding people on the planet. Farmers do battle with nature!! First obligation of any captured human being is to escape.

    Then things got a little off, boyfriend, girlfriend stuff, I'll never trust you, be a man son, here is your money-what the hell - Just get me out of here before the food, air, water out. Say nothing about human waste


    I will ALWAYS start out giving anything that has to do with Stephen King a 10+. The man is freakin genius, and all though his books have proven to be a little much as far as pages. His movies and Tv series have never let me down. I am a faithful Fan.

    I however am very optimistic of UNDER THE DOME, so far I like most of the characters and the plot is slow but interesting. You have to have patience with a S. King series. He takes his time and makes sure you get every single detail. I love it!!! This show has the potential to be very good. It's not THE STAND type good, but still very good so far.
  • The Dome of OUR Lives

    This is the beginning of something great. Personally I hope that this show will not end up like Terra Nova as we have yet to see its second season. There is enough of everything that everyone in the family can relate to and that will resonate with someone. Make no mistake it is epic and a stunner!
  • great concept

    the show is captivating, keeps you wanting more. it shows it will turn scary as episodes go, so were in for a real scare, cant wait for the desperation to kick off
  • awesome!

    under the dome is so riveting! it really keeps you on your toes. though it should be a movie so I don't have to wait on episodes:/
  • Some ODD reviews

    Criticism that the first episode is not like the book.

    First, most novel adaptations into films are not faithful replicas of the novel. They are very different formats and each has it's strengths in story telling. Just enjoy the show.

    Second, the plagiarism charge is way off base. You could claim that the author James Follett, that is mentioned, plagiarized the Outer Limits episode where a town is cut off (literally) from the world.

    High level concepts are not new. It is what is done with them in character development and story line that makes them special and unique.
  • Great

    We love this show... Can not wait each week for it to come on
  • video is strange

  • Awesome!!

    I love Stephen King and Steven Spielberg and as an added bonus one of my countrymen directed the pilot episode! I'm speechless!
  • Give it a chance!

    Good concept! Im interested. For all of you haters out have to give it more than three episodes. Plus I want to know more of the towns secrets and what is going on outside the dome. Love this so far.
  • No plagiarism here ;-)

    To the plagiarism allergations, Stephen King wrote the basis for this novelle a long time ago... way before James Follett wrote his trilogy. It is a partial rewrite of a novel King attempted to write twice in the late 1970s and early 1980s, under the titles The Cannibals and Under the Dome. So the idea simply just found it's way to two different writers ;-)
  • Good show

    The two episodes were good, I can't wait for more!
  • Idea for show

    If some guy got dropped off on top of the dome in the nude by A helicopter. wouldn't that be A funny sight for the towns people looking up. You know the bottom of his feet and other parts looking down at them. If he walked a little to far and slid down the side of the dome to his doom, the towns people would be in real danger. Danger of laughing to death.
  • YES!

    Not often am I impressed with a series pilot, but at the end of this pilot, I said Yes, far from perfection with some dry areas but over all very much worth watching. Looking forward to tonight's episode.
  • my opinion on UTD

    i don't know why there are so many bad reviews about this show, when its actually watchable the actors are not that bad and some are actually cute like Barbie( dale barbra) and i think its a really nice show.
  • its takes time !

    I first started watching this show when it initially aired in the uk but decided to give it a miss after the 3 episode , however I recently returned to it and watched all of the episode in like 3 days ! After each ep I was left thinking how are they going to top this , will the season finally compare etc and they manage to keep it interesting , with a good mix of sci fi and drama !
  • So far a quality adaptation of a difficult book (written after Ep4)

    If you've not read the book this show is great. The sudden appearance of the mysterious dome sets in motion an almost unstoppable series of events, resulting in the small town of Chester's Mill imploding as the inhabitants face up to the reality of their situation and being stuck with their own, and each others, personal and very real nightmares and problems.

    Without straying into classic horror territory at all this essentially sci-fi novel finds it's horror in ourselves and each other, we're quite enough.

    The adaptation changes a lot to fit the limits of the format, fans of the book beware. Characters are lost completely and without the internal monologues and thoughts of each viewpoint some characters seem violently different, but of course that's because you've read the book and know what will happen to these poor people. Story arcs are shuffled so each separate one resolves within one episode, though others progress in longer arcs this means dramatic differences in when some things happen and the order we learn about some things. However so far this has been handled with grace and with over a year's gap since reading the book it's easy to forgive it all, but those hoping for something verbatim will be disappointed. The good thing is this means the TV viewers will still feel the pedal slam into the metal if/when they pick up the book, and will still get to reach the end gasping for air - and we don't end up with a virtually unwatchable TV show that would be incomprehensible if you started anywhere but the beginning. Put down the novel and enjoy the slow slow fall of the penny, it's a long way down.

    8.5 out of fear that it might not keep this level up, and -.5 for stating facts they hadn't learnt yet about the Dome in the title voiceover in Episode 2 onwards. Numbskulls.
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