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  • This show should be under a Dome.

    I watched the first year, and it was only supposed to last one season. So please stop prolonging the agony and put this thing out of its misery. You can do it by having someone put a hole in Big Jim's head along with his wierdo son.

    9/23/15 Finally ended, thank you God. I stood up and cheered when the idiot son got it. And laughed till I had tears in my eyes when Big Jim ended up in the Senate. That was very logical, where else would he go!!!!!!!
  • Crap show

    So it went from bad to worse. Under the Dome moved on to become Body Snatchers with a little dash of Outer Limits and a touch Star Trek. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh the characters! Nothing from the original story and characters remain. This is just pitiful. When I think of all the good shows that were cancelled for no reason, and I see this it breaks my heart. I cry for my idol Stephen King...
  • Mini serie

    When I started watching Under the Dome I thought it was a mini-serie, . one season only. Stephen King and Spielberg as producers sounded nice and the first ten, or so episodes were great.

    The last two episodes on season one was horrible. The script is so thin and illogical.

    A few examples:

    Hanging Barbie makes sense to everyone, only by Big Jim's word?

    Angie flees with Julia with a police com radio in her hand. As soon as Julia woke up they could have notified Linda, the police, that Barbie didn't shoot her.

    Eventhough Barbie witnessed, first hand, Big Jim shooting two people to death, knowing he killed Maxines mother and probably knew he burned down the radio station with Dodee in it, he simply just goes "Hey, let's go and save some people togehter as soon as he gets free from the noose around his neck seconds after Big Jim is yelling for Barbies death ...

    Totally illogical. Barbie is an ex-military and a hit-man, known for "breaking bones". He would have killed Big Jim on the spot.

    Total crap! Is it Stephen Kings 6 year old grand child who wrote the script?

    And now in the first episode of season 2, the whole town all of a sudden just accepts Barbie - the one they were going to hang in the episode before. And if the town now sees Barbie as the good guy, then what is Big Jim? Shouldn't he at least be behind bars??

    Outrageous! Hillarious! I've never seen a serie go from being awesome to hit rock bottom this fast.

  • The new season

    Just had to say this but, 2 episodes in and I can say without a doubt the new school teacher completly sucks. You kill off these good characters and replace them with that shit. Please have her killed off as soon as possible. What a complete dumb BITCH. Get rid of her. I don't think I can watch this any more. This show is slowly going down hill, unless you kill off the school teacher. PLEASE. My rating is soley based on the school teacher. other wise I would give it an 8.5
  • Please, cancel it ASAP

    This is one of the worst TV show I ever watched. Can't remember anything with more painful storyline and acting. Makes all Fast & Furious franchise look like Shakespear's masterpiece.
  • Sooooooo Borrrrrrrrrrring!

    this episode sucks! and why is every episode getting worse? i cant do this anymore. worst of all, they will drag this tedious nonsense for 7 more episodes before they show a lame cliffhanger like last season's.

    seriously, so many great opportunities to take down the enemy, yet instead, we get the lamest loser characters ever put on tv. that dumb irish redneck julia had a gun in her hand more than twice, with perfect lines of sight to kill the enemy POINT BLANK, but she didnt. Sam stabbed the biatch queen of harpies, but woosied out and didnt finish her off. seriously, who writes this garbage? thank god for cable shows. public tv at its worst here folks! i seriously hope they cancel this show. i'm sick of it being dragged to death with lousy characters whose pisspoor acting now is worse than those in low budget films.

  • Show is complete crap

    New season is total shite. Couldnt even hold my attention through the second how quaint of CBS to take a snipe at FoxNews. Whats the matter CBS cant stand losing rating to to insult a lot of your viewing audience with your petty leftist crap. I'll never watch the show sorry for Mr. King
  • piece of shit

    I watched the first and second season.

    But I stopped now when I saw the first episode of the third is a piece of shit.

    They should have already finished the story .

    Poor Stephen King:(((( It is a shame...
  • Rare Achievement

    If you want something you can watch completely out of order, whether it be episodes or seasons, you found it. This thing is crap. Virtually no acting takes place. Transitory plot. Utter nonsense. One of those shows if you get a phone call, you don't feel the need to press pause on the remote, just mute.

    Under the Zero -- what the rating for it would be if that was an option ;-)
  • The worst TV Premiere-Under the Dome

    Where do I start? The first hour is the worst premiere for such a hopeful TV show! What an insult to fans! Glad I wasn't waiting on anything spectacular from new season! Jeesh! Who in the hell is writing this season, who signed off on it & why in the hell is it on prime TV & on CBS?!? 1:56 hours to make a clear point?!? Come on, what a complete waste & complete disappointment after 1 hour and 56 minutes of prime TV! No longer interested in lame excuses
  • Rename This Show

    It should be called "Under The Dumb" because that is what this show is DUMB! Horrible writing and acting aside it's just DUMB. The characters are typical King garbage. The abuser, the helpless waif, the kids with a weird power, the crazy preacher and the sheriff that is discovering themselves. Every story of his is the same formula and so is this show. I couldn't even make it through the typical "it's been 3 episodes we need to have a plague

    More garbage for the mindless.
  • Epic Awful

    If you thought Intelligence was a good high tech adventure show and Gang Related is a good police drama, then UTD is just the sci-fi/fantasy show for you. Not just that the fact that they, and unfortunately that includes the author himself, took kind of a good little Stephen King novel that was very un-mystical and filled it with mysteries and plot twists that have nothing to do with the original, and then took the two spookiest characters (the real monsters) and turned them into regular people. No, without comparing it to the book at all, this stands on its own two feet and absolutely sucks. Nothing to redeem it.
  • Boring as death

    What happend ? Season 1 was "acceptable", but season 2... So boring, so lame, characters not interesting, except ones who died... rather go to bed... to bad
  • Utter tripe.

    Horrible, Horrible , Horrible plot writing. I will be giving this a miss from here on in as it is just awful TV.

    The Character development is bad I find it hard to identify with any of them I do not find any of the dialogue between characters interesting either.

    There is a dome around the town and I did initially want to know what it was all about but not anymore.

    I have rated this show a 1 which seems a bit generous.
  • I can see why some people think this is shit

    it has shit acting, shit story, shit dialog, shit visual effect, shit anti climatic execution. and i only five episode in. i thought at least this must be a decent show, the basic plot is interesting and names like steven spielberg and stephen king really lifted the stock. I really want to give this a chance but after ep5, when I saw how dumb they executed a good plot, i officially give up. goodbye under the dome....
  • Under The Dome jumped the shark in season two

    Season one was pretty good for the most part. Why in the world would they kill off the most interesting character in the beginning of season two is a bigger mystery than the sudden appearance of an indestructible doom over a small town. The character of Rebecca Pine, is a total cheat and displays the laziness of the writers. Nowhere in all of human history can there be found a black woman that acted in her manner. Her attitudes and actions are absolutely unbelievable. For her as a black woman new comer to a predominantly white community lead by a white man, and push him into engaging in a preemptive eugenics extermination plan has no bases in reality. She would be concerned that she or others like her would be among those classified as expendable. For the writers to introduce her in the story line, to keep the hands of the communities leader clean is divisive and a disservice to her demographic. Nice try, but we got ya!
  • I've Had Enough

    This was a great idea and show last summer until CBS got greedy and insisted on a second season. What little Sci-Fi is left in each episode is LOST by all the nonsense and filler. I just deleted the series from my DVR last night after watching the latest offering. And I will take a lot before I jump into any future CBS "limited series" shows.
  • bad dragged out show

    Its a show that should have ended after 1 season, no its a joke
  • Good idea, badly made, just like Jerrico

    Those people are so annoying, they deserve to die, faster please !
  • Way to slow

    The story line moves to slow for me. I would watch to find more about the dome but there little to no change so im done. I lost interest around the 10th show.
  • What a complete load of tosh

    Under the dome should now be call called Dead and Burried which is where it belongs. Especially the last few episodes. It's difficult to believe how bad Brian Vaughan & spellberg could get it so wrong.

    The problem here, though, is that none of the characters is compelling or sympathetic. We just wanna find out what's up with that dome, but instead, we're forced to watch these poorly conceptualized folks interact with each other with eye-rolling dialogue like, "So they say you're passin' through town. What are you runnin' from?" Every now and then, someone mentions they're worried the dome may collapse onto Chester's Mill. Frankly, my fingers are crossed that's exactly what will happen. No town this boring should be allowed to stay on the map.
  • Are You Kidding?

    My partner has a saying for the DVD's we see. "That was a waste of 2 hours of my life". Watching this, it would seem to me that it was a whole lot more hours wasted in my life. I guess I kept watching because I figured hey, these guys are great writers and film makers! What the heck HAPPENED, guys? Wish there was a minus for my rating.
  • Dissapointed

    For anybody who is enjoying the series do not read the book! It will ruin the series for you.... I think that Under the Dome is one of the best books that King has ever written and I have read every one he ever wrote including under Bachman. There has never been a book that I have finished and immediately re-opened and started over. The story is great, the characters perfect. The series took all that away. There are so many things that are different in the series, things that were very important to the story in the book that it makes the series not make sense and not anywhere near as good. It really is a huge dissapointment and I am sad that Stephen King allowed producers to chop up such a great story!!!
  • What a rip

    the only reason i watched this in the first place is that it was just supposed to be a 13 episode mini serise and then end, im done i will just ask my fiancee what happens and be done with it.
  • Terrible acting

    Terrible acting all around. WTF. Deputy Linda Esquivel especially needs to be eliminated from the show.

    Boring episodes stretched out for no reason.

    Chester's Mill people needs to calm down. Instead of getting Google Fiber, they got something even better. They got the best missile defense system in the world!!!
  • not a BIRD so don't give me bread crumbs

    Talk about taking 60 seconds and turning it into an hour's show. Under the dome is like the old soaps where you could catch 1 show a month and know what's going up. Very upset with the so called finale and calling it "Curtains",,,,,,, maybe calling it "Quits" would have been a more fitting name.
  • Typical unbelievable story from one of the worst authors of our time

    This show is pathetic on every level. King has an uncanny way of making human behavior completely unbelievable. Even if you want to watch you can't because every action and reaction are such nonsense.
  • Butchered

    If you didn't read the book, the TV show at best is mildly entertaining. Just don't look for anything too deep. If you read the book, the show is a train wreck waiting to happen. You can't help but watch to see how badly they butchered the story how how they'll wrap it up.
  • What the frack?

    the only thing that has any resemblence to the book is the title every time Stephan King sells the rights to a book they change so much of the story you can't recognise it..... book was so much better and more layered, much more of a study in what happens to power under stress in the wrong more ineresting thanthis poser of a story.. after the cow it went down hill for back me anyone read the sucks in comparison!!!!!
  • big dissapointment

    under the dome doesn't make any sense at all. totally ridiculous. i would have thought steven spielberg and steven king could have come up with something a lot better.
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