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  • Good show

    The two episodes were good, I can't wait for more!
  • what a joke

    never thought i live to see the day stephen king ,screwed up a book was tv show sucked ass big time. nothing like the book at should have been left alone and done like the was a sure he could care less about what i have to say,but it was the worst thing he's done in my opinion.
  • Why this is not an original idea and maybe even plagiarism...

    I really only watched this because the premise sounded so familiar. Here is why! There is an English Author called James Follett and he wrote a Trilogy of books Temple of the Winds, Wicca and The Silent Vulcan. He wrote it back in 2000 - 2003 at least 6 years before Under the Dome by Stephen King. His trilogy is about a community Pentworth in West Sussex where a community cut off from the world by a mystery forcefield. It is even the same down to houses being cut in half, etc. It is an excellent read and I am wondering who should really credited on this series. I certainly personally don't believe it should be Stephen King. It might not be even James Follett if there is an earlier version of this story. I simply find it very odd and worrying! The similarities are too close...

  • Idea for show

    If some guy got dropped off on top of the dome in the nude by A helicopter. wouldn't that be A funny sight for the towns people looking up. You know the bottom of his feet and other parts looking down at them. If he walked a little to far and slid down the side of the dome to his doom, the towns people would be in real danger. Danger of laughing to death.
  • YES!

    Not often am I impressed with a series pilot, but at the end of this pilot, I said Yes, far from perfection with some dry areas but over all very much worth watching. Looking forward to tonight's episode.
  • great concept

    the show is captivating, keeps you wanting more. it shows it will turn scary as episodes go, so were in for a real scare, cant wait for the desperation to kick off
  • Same as "no ordinary family" :D

    Big Jim Rennie is like Chuck Norris
  • Looks promising

    If you're a fan of Stephen King, Spielburg, sci-fi, compelling mysteries and "that cop from Breaking Bad", then you will probably like the show. I have not read the book yet so that factors in but so far, it looks really good. On a separate note, @ManojMajhi, They are very similar. Maybe Stephen King simply is a big fan or influenced by James Follett.
  • Great

    We love this show... Can not wait each week for it to come on
  • Barbie N Julia

    I have read in another forum that Julia is pregnant with the Monarch? Is that possible. She is not the monarch but she will give birth to it, and that Barbie is the chosen Male donor. Yesss, that will be awesome.
  • Going to be a hit

    at the first ten minutes I thought .. okay this is going to be boring.. but after watching the first episode.. I am hooked.. I think this show is going to be great... better then the rest of the crap they put on television
  • The Dome of OUR Lives

    This is the beginning of something great. Personally I hope that this show will not end up like Terra Nova as we have yet to see its second season. There is enough of everything that everyone in the family can relate to and that will resonate with someone. Make no mistake it is epic and a stunner!
  • awesome!

    under the dome is so riveting! it really keeps you on your toes. though it should be a movie so I don't have to wait on episodes:/
  • lost in the dome, that should be the name.

    when will this show go anywhere? everybody running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. it's like the show Lost, but it's Lost in a freakin giant snow-globe (dust storm). enough already, let's move on. c'mon writers, include the viewer into what the hell's going on, already. all we need are the "others". and fake beards--blah blah blah. been there done that. or the giant lost snow globe can go back in time and get a nuke to blow the snow, or freakin dust around. i've come to the understanding, that i've already wasted enough of time invested in this freakin show that is not giving any answers so far, or maybe i'm just lost.
  • Disappointing

    Books are always better. At least the acting isn't too horrible.
  • doesn't anybody own a backhoe in this town?

    Sorry. I enjoyed the show and will continue to watch, but I try to picture to being in that situation. Drug smugglers dig miles of tunnels by hand under the border between Mexico and the and the people in this town can't dig a fifty foot one to get out? Good fun but S. King is not the genius he is always portrayed as being.
  • The story is now finally moving forward by "coming out of the dome"

    In season 1 they were trying hard to make it like "Lost" and that never worked but Season 2 has been pretty good although the writers have still not abandoned their attempts of making it like Lost but at least now they are moving the story forward. Casting was never a problem for the show. They did get the best talents and newcomers of Season 2 are also just as good. The only problem of the show was it's story which like the show seemed to be trapped "under a dome" and was not moving forward. The writers are still not using the characters effectively. Junior, Melanie, Barbie's Father and Sam are interesting characters who are not being given more screen time and Rebecca and Phil are being unnecessary time
  • Replay to: emeraldcity // SPOILER ALERT

    If you were intelligent enough to watch... I don't know, some other episode you'd start to see

    ###################SPOILER ALERT#######################################

    that for instance, water (or a little portion of it) can pass through the dome, like a strainer. They hosed the dome from the outside and some water came in. I'm guessing so does air. So... just keep watching the show or just dont comment on sh*t you know nothing about
  • Not like the novel but promising

    The pilot shared similarities with the book but was different. Starts off well enough, even though some of the acting felt a bit wooden to me. I liked the effects, especially the Dome itself.
  • Under the dome accomplished

    When I first saw the first episode of under the dome I was amazed of the story and ever since the first episode I haven't missed an episode yet its a great summer TV series mystery
  • Epic Awful

    If you thought Intelligence was a good high tech adventure show and Gang Related is a good police drama, then UTD is just the sci-fi/fantasy show for you. Not just that the fact that they, and unfortunately that includes the author himself, took kind of a good little Stephen King novel that was very un-mystical and filled it with mysteries and plot twists that have nothing to do with the original, and then took the two spookiest characters (the real monsters) and turned them into regular people. No, without comparing it to the book at all, this stands on its own two feet and absolutely sucks. Nothing to redeem it.
  • Good idea, badly made, just like Jerrico

    Those people are so annoying, they deserve to die, faster please !
  • Dissapointed

    For anybody who is enjoying the series do not read the book! It will ruin the series for you.... I think that Under the Dome is one of the best books that King has ever written and I have read every one he ever wrote including under Bachman. There has never been a book that I have finished and immediately re-opened and started over. The story is great, the characters perfect. The series took all that away. There are so many things that are different in the series, things that were very important to the story in the book that it makes the series not make sense and not anywhere near as good. It really is a huge dissapointment and I am sad that Stephen King allowed producers to chop up such a great story!!!
  • Typical unbelievable story from one of the worst authors of our time

    This show is pathetic on every level. King has an uncanny way of making human behavior completely unbelievable. Even if you want to watch you can't because every action and reaction are such nonsense.
  • what a disappointment

    no more and no less!

    well ok, almost everything about this series sucks
  • meh/...........

    what a show and not in a good way!

    I do like joe and jim

    but the show is just like a sify show on meanstream tv.

    i even ask myself why would a star of breakingbad be in a shit show like this

    most of the time it looks like a liftime story or syfy tv crap

    only reason i watched it was for big jim and joe

    dont know if i will watch season 2 if there is one

    the final episode was just like a in between episode

    sure season 2 starts with o hey dome is down all hail big jim and god

    and season 2 final we will see 30 sec of an alien existens

    and i cant believe spielberg is in this mess

  • Finally some progress

    I would have shot Big Jim and his son back in season 1, both annoying and evil.

    For many episode this show has been doing what I like to call "churning". Nothing happens, no progress just useless filler and spin. (24 is the churn king, IMHO. They were able to make an entire season fit into 12 episodes) This show has the same problem, fluff and little content to move the story.

    Lets go here. Now go there. Yak a bit. Throw someone in jail. Let them out and go over there now. Rinse and repeat for episode after episode. CHURN, CHURN, CHURN, CHURN.


    Finally, the story is developing, just in time to end the season. BOO.

    Stupidest thing Under The Dome - A plane crash inside. The damned dome is hardly large enough for a small plane to take off. What the heck was the pilot thinking?

    Best thing Under The Dome - Bovine bisection. Fire up the barbie for some ribs. WOOOT

    Saddest thing Under The Dome - Brit left the show. I only started to watch because of her.

  • Ha Ha Ha

    I only watched the first episode but it seemed a bit stupid to crete a show that only has about 72 hours worth of oxygen in it-beyond which there be suffocation. I suppose a good writer would play with the obvious limitations of the initial synopsis but I think there is only so much you can expect an audience to accept even if it is a work of pure fiction. Didn't that used to be a deodorant jingle years ago? Three shows later they're all a bunch of zombie cannibals who stink to high ha ha.
  • season 1???

    sorry to here this may drag into another season, should be a mini series. How much can they write to make another season to keep our interest.
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