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  • The psycho boy makes it hard to watch... (edited)

    Episodes 3... Junior... I knew it wouldnt happen: Junior dying.

    Until the red hottie saved his life, I had hope. But when she saved him, when he already was where he belonged - under ground - I switched off.

    Guys tell me when hes dead, so I can continue to watch this series.

    Episoden 1+2

    I hardly can watch this series. Sometimes I have to force me not to skip the scenes with him.

    But I like his dad the propane guy - he and his agenda seems much more interesting and will sure contribute to the series.

    Is it only me that has a problem with such characters, hopingy the will die as soon as possible.

    I like this show, haven't read the book, so am curious about what, why and who.

  • Why is every man bad and every woman good?

    I started watching this show recently and I am on the seventh episode. What annoys me to no end about it is that every man is evil, corrupt and/or crazy. Every woman, on the other hand is good and intelligent. SPOILERS: Three male policemen and one female. Guess who is the only one standing by episode four. The sheriff was corrupt. The one male deputy was crazy. The preacher was corrupt, evil and crazy. The mayor is corrupt and evil. His son is evil. The male enforcer is an evil murderer. There is not one decent male in the show (in terms of being good) that I have seen with the exception of a single kid. All of the women, however, are good, hyper-competent engineers, doctors, etc..

    The men are evil and women are good gender bias on the show is even incredibly skewed for Hollywood's already skewed standards. Thus far, it has made an otherwise entertaining show annoying to me.
  • Poor cow!

    Show seems like it will be good but I really could do without the dumb psycho guy. I'm wondering about the whole, can they dig out thing also. Maybe they will address that in the next one.

    Start digging a hole Producers. Unless you hire a new director you are in for a heap of failure and have one foot in the grave. So far the premise is stellar but the script is dreadful! TO START WITH: You have characters repeating what they do for a living when the characters they are reminding already knows and the AUDIENCE definitely know already. Enough already. Stop treating your audience like they are 3 years old constantly reminding them of the obvious or whats already been said. Thats just the BEGINNING. Acting is painfully wooden and amateurish. New Lady Sherrif, whatever her name me, she is a good actress but you make her check her gun twice in 1 minute of screen time. Shes a trained cop supposedly, she already KNOWS she has bullets, she wont check the clip a second time.

    Bottom line here... want a new director call me. You need help at script and directorial levels! email me asylumzfilms (at) yahoo (dot) com
  • I am done!

    It really makes me mad that I can't watch a missed episode without subscribing and PAYING for another venue to watch. I was not really excited about the first episode and missed the second one. I was going to watch the second one today only to find that I have to pay for a show I am not crazy about? SO guess what CBS I simply will not watch the show at all now. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for not allowing your viewers to see a new show at their convenience. Shame on you!

  • Well, it is Summer

    It's good for a summer show... but let's be honest, the bar wasn't that high.
  • Season finale disappointment

    All I have to say is whoever wrote the season finale doesn't need to write anymore episodes for under the dome
  • Really horrible!

    I'm just watching the show because they already started and want to see what goes on, but it's too bad, no point nothing happens, or the simplest logic.
  • How is anyone surprised the show sucks?

    This was a HORRIBLE book. When I saw the preview for the show... I was like "why in the world". I read a million boring pages hoping that the ending would at least be great and it wasn't. I can't wait to read the reviews of the ending of the show. lmbo.
  • very shallow

    Stretched to the max, not much happening, characters you dont (want) to relate to in any way, plastic stories. The "doll" woman has her perm always in perfect shape. The police woman always has a "concerned" face. Everyone plays a flat cliche part. Though the village is under the dome completely cut off from the world, the wind still blows, the river waters still flow. Im not joking. Each episode tries to have a little story in it, like an epidemic which is solved in a matter of hours. Lack of continuity between the scenes (they leave one place and it's dark, they get 1 mile further down the road and it's daylight. This crap has to stop, Im not watching it anymore.
  • Good start, but American companies always think about money, not quality!

    Well, the start of this tv show was promising! I have read the book and, by comparison, the tv show was doing really great (if you forget the fact that Junior's behaviour in the book is explained by the fact that he has a brain tumor and that he kills Angie in the very first chapters!).

    However, I think that the American production companies should learn from the BBC when producing a novel-based tv show, that is to say, keep the book always with you (Stephen, you are helping them! Come on!) and make it brief and concise! Two seasons? Are you kidding me? And some people wonder why viewers lose their interest as tv shows go on!
  • What a complete load of tosh

    Under the dome should now be call called Dead and Burried which is where it belongs. Especially the last few episodes. It's difficult to believe how bad Brian Vaughan & spellberg could get it so wrong.

    The problem here, though, is that none of the characters is compelling or sympathetic. We just wanna find out what's up with that dome, but instead, we're forced to watch these poorly conceptualized folks interact with each other with eye-rolling dialogue like, "So they say you're passin' through town. What are you runnin' from?" Every now and then, someone mentions they're worried the dome may collapse onto Chester's Mill. Frankly, my fingers are crossed that's exactly what will happen. No town this boring should be allowed to stay on the map.
  • big dissapointment

    under the dome doesn't make any sense at all. totally ridiculous. i would have thought steven spielberg and steven king could have come up with something a lot better.
  • Under the Bong is a better title

    I know this series is made by 2 of the best Directors/Writers in the industry, but i'm really wondering if Steven Spielberg and Stephen King were using some kind of drugs when they were dreaming up this series.

    Most of the characters are just caricatures of real people and the rest seems to be to dumb to really exist.

    I mean the premise of a town under a impenetrable dome is intriguing, but alas the translation to the current series is a flop.

    Unless the story get's more interesting and the characters develop to something better in the next 2 episodes, i think this series will disappear in a sinkhole pretty soon and won't get to the end of the planned 12th episode.

    As the lowest rating i can enter is a 1, i'm giving that, but Under the dome doesn't deserve even that.

  • Don't read the book first!

    Saw the first episode and it is NOWHERE near how the book goes. It was such a disappointment!
  • yes Simpsons

    yes yes yes finally Simpsons family know how to escape . no more Dome
  • Season 2...

    This show is really bad. People still watching like me, to see if gets any better. But keeps getting worse!
  • hmmz boring?

    I'm getting kinda aggravated by this show. It started out to be a good concept but now it's just wrong.

    The story is going no where, the characters aren't in any way interesting and after 6 episodes there is nothing clear. It's cheesy. And Although I'm from the Netherlands, I hate cheesy stuff.

    The only reason why I'm still watching this is because of Rachelle LeFevre. I know her from "A gifted man" which was okay. I can't figure out why Dean Norris was GREAT in Breaking bad, but now he is just totally (big) shit!
  • It's a shame...

    What started as a promising sci-fi series turned into an abysmal propaganda soap like oh so many shows nowadays do. The way that the people act is completely unnatural and (as someone mentioned) the they just go on and on in circles. Shame really, but I'm giving two points for the pilot and the effort they saw to actually push this out.
  • Horrible series

    Isn't close enough to the book to warrant watching. The book is great-- until what caused the dome to appear. And, no, a backhoe or other construction machinery won't help because the one goes WAY down. I know movies and series don't usually mimic books, but this one, frankly, stinks.
  • Terrible acting

    Terrible acting all around. WTF. Deputy Linda Esquivel especially needs to be eliminated from the show.

    Boring episodes stretched out for no reason.

    Chester's Mill people needs to calm down. Instead of getting Google Fiber, they got something even better. They got the best missile defense system in the world!!!
  • What the frack?

    the only thing that has any resemblence to the book is the title every time Stephan King sells the rights to a book they change so much of the story you can't recognise it..... book was so much better and more layered, much more of a study in what happens to power under stress in the wrong more ineresting thanthis poser of a story.. after the cow it went down hill for back me anyone read the sucks in comparison!!!!!
  • unwatchable

    Anyone else notice the ratings for this show on here are either 4 and lower or 8 and higher?? Thinking people from the network are trying to boost it's rating on here. The show is terrible. The premise is great, which makes its execution even more painful. Dialogue = terrible. It's only there to advance the plot, there is NO character development. It's boring, and the subplots are terrible. Disappointing.
  • Stupidist show on tv right now

    I put this show on the PVR, watched 5 minutes, and am now removing it. I like GOOD sci-fi. The horrible acting made me snicker - especially some old guy and the female law enforcement officer. I don't need to see any more than the 5 minutes. This is HORRIBLE and stupid.
  • What a bust!!

    Under the dome, I became disappointed with the show because the plot became soap not sci-fic. If we are actually under a dome. There will be no wind inside the dome. The water and food will be not enough for everyone inside. Also there will be no electricity inside the dome unless someone have diesel electric generator to run. Oxygen will run out in few days. Animals would die immediately. Human being will be survived and struggled with what small resources what they have until someone find a way to open or break the dome. So it is not sci-fiction because it has no scientific story to support the show. Cancel the series as soon as you can!!
  • I like it, but is it good enough?

    First off I want to say I'm enjoying the show, to an extent. If I had anything else to watch I would be watching that instead. The biggest thing about the dome that is turning me off it a lot, is the whole keeping Angie locked up for so long. That part among everything else really brought the show down. She was missing for days, even if she was a "flake" as it was suggested, are we really suppose to believe that after the first day of her missing, her brother wasn't going nuts worrying about her and running around town asking if people had seen her. Are we really suppose to believe that he waited days before doing that? Especially with everything going on. Also maybe it's the actor or maybe it's the character itself, but I really don't like junior and not in a "oh I hate this villain but he is a good villain" way. I mean I think he shouldn't be in the show, at all. Like I said I don't know if it's the actual character or the actor himself, but I really feel the show would be way better if it didn't have him in it. There are a few other problems but those are the 2 biggies for me. Overall it's enjoying but it's not something that has me hooked in wanting more, the show could get cancelled right now and it wouldn't bother me at all.
  • I'd have a more considered review, but my Y chromosome prevents it, apparently.

    Having watched the first two episodes, I just can't watch any more. As interested in the premise as I was, I'm frankly shocked by what seems to me to be the most blatantly sexist television program in recent memory. Essentially, the female characters are exclusively the heroes and the male characters are almost exclusively villains, or at least deeply, dangerously flawed; foolish; violent; philandering; and selfish. Were the characters' genders reversed the program would have drawn instant, vocal criticism. When will the current crop of writers learn that crafting strong female characters doesn't require them to be contrasted with weak male ones? This sets the cause of genuine gender neutrality back decades.

    It's a shame, because the premise is so promising. I suppose I could read the book, but King's work tends to go to the precise opposite extreme. Maybe I could read a chapter then balance it out with an episode. Or possibly not.
  • To quote the website, "FTW or WTF"..

    A mini-series such as this should only have 1 season. Renewing it for a second season is just greedy. "Oh, it's doing well?! Well heck, let's drag it out to fill our Stephen King, you should be ashamed! You were once a great author, now you are a shell of your former glory and milk what little success as long as you can.. I will not be watching Season 2, and as I have read the book, I think I'll pass on the remainder of Season 1 as well... >:(

    Trite, Banal. Cliched, Mind numbing. Nothing that hasn't been done before.
  • I hope there is a next season!!!!!

    I love this show and would have been disappointed if this had only been a one season show. There is not enough shows that you have to think a little to watch. That is only one of the things I love about the show. I also love the twist and turns. Not sure if I am watching the same show as some of the people with the negative comments. Plus everyone has there own opinions and see thing differently. My mom who watches no Sci-fy and does not watch more than 4 hrs a week of TV, loves it too. The person who said "every man is evil, corrupt and/or crazy. Every woman, on the other hand is good and intelligent" has to be a man because most other shows make the man all superior and the woman weak and reliant on a man!! I like shows that have the men not so perfect and the woman good and intelligent!!
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