Under the Dome

Monday 10:00 PM on CBS Premiered Jun 24, 2013 In Season



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  • soooo dissappointed - this one had the potential to be something new and great

    Under the Dome started out great but I'm becoming disappointed in it now. It looked like it would be a series about people pulling together to help each other, and that might be going on in the background but we've only gotten a few small glimpses of it. The show seems to have gone the way of all shows with uninterested writers at the helm, just cranking out the same old plot for a paycheck. It is now just another show about people vying for power and creating misery and destruction in the process. So sad. This COULD have been a different, interesting, enlightening show about humans teaming together and helping each other survive when they were lost from surrounding civilization. There was a farm under the dome and sources of water and electricity. There were skilled people in the town. The show should have centered on the people working the farm, distributing the water, sharing the available food while they created more, the few medical staff teaching new people the bare bones of medical knowledge needed in case they (the present medical staff) died, women who sewed or spun yarn teaching willing young women the skills needed to continue to clothe the town, carpenters, plumbers, farmers, electricians, librarians, and other skilled workers taking on youngsters interested in learning those skills in case those who had them passed on. It should have shown mothers teaming up in groups and taking turns as caretakers for each others children so four out of every five could help work the fields to feed their kids or create clothing for the town, or even assist in other skilled labor. Sooo much could have been addressed here to make it a special and different show. Instead the writers have resorted to shoot-em-up-bang-bang, fight, kill, manipulate . Boring, boring, disappointing, predictably repetitive and nothing disappointed.
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