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  • Mini serie

    When I started watching Under the Dome I thought it was a mini-serie, . one season only. Stephen King and Spielberg as producers sounded nice and the first ten, or so episodes were great.

    The last two episodes on season one was horrible. The script is so thin and illogical.

    A few examples:

    Hanging Barbie makes sense to everyone, only by Big Jim's word?

    Angie flees with Julia with a police com radio in her hand. As soon as Julia woke up they could have notified Linda, the police, that Barbie didn't shoot her.

    Eventhough Barbie witnessed, first hand, Big Jim shooting two people to death, knowing he killed Maxines mother and probably knew he burned down the radio station with Dodee in it, he simply just goes "Hey, let's go and save some people togehter as soon as he gets free from the noose around his neck seconds after Big Jim is yelling for Barbies death ...

    Totally illogical. Barbie is an ex-military and a hit-man, known for "breaking bones". He would have killed Big Jim on the spot.

    Total crap! Is it Stephen Kings 6 year old grand child who wrote the script?

    And now in the first episode of season 2, the whole town all of a sudden just accepts Barbie - the one they were going to hang in the episode before. And if the town now sees Barbie as the good guy, then what is Big Jim? Shouldn't he at least be behind bars??

    Outrageous! Hillarious! I've never seen a serie go from being awesome to hit rock bottom this fast.