Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 11

Speak of the Devil

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Joe, Norrie, Angie, and Junior mark off^ the projected stars from the mini-Dome on the walls of the barn and try to work out a pattern. Studying them carefully, Joe sees four marks off by themselves and concludes that they represent the four members of the circle. When they look at the mini-dome, the group notices that the caterpillar inside the chrysalis is starting to turn into a butterfly. Joe figures that it will become a monarch butterfly, the one that the Dome told Julia would be crowned. Angie wonders if they should tell Julia and Joe points out that the Dome chose to speak through the reporter. Junior wonders if the monarch might be a person, someone who can bring the Dome down, and they agree to have Joe contact Julia.

Big Jim reports to Linda at her request and she has him describe how he worked with Duke and Lester to buy propane off the books. The councilman admits that he did but insists that they did it to keep the town afloat. They stockpiled some of it and Big Jim points out that they made the right call because now they're using the propane to power Chester's Mill. Linda points out that he'd be in jail if the Dome hadn't come down, but Big Jim insists that he did his job and dares her to arrest him or go after the real criminal: Barbie.

Barbie spends the night sleeping on the couch and Julia comes down in the morning. They both admit that they were lonely sleeping separately and Barbie asks her if she wants him to move out. Julia asks him to take her to Pete's grave so that she can get closure and move forward from there. Barbie agrees and goes to get dressed.

Big Jim explains that Barbie is working as an enforcer for Maxine and that he was with Peter on the day the Dome came down. Linda doesn't believe it but Big Jim points out that no one has seen Peter since. Linda wonders what secrets Big Jim is concealing and he tells her that he's an open book.

Julia hears a knock at the door and goes to answer it. Maxine is standing there and Julia asks how she can help her. The drug lord says that Julia can't even help herself, draws a gun, and shoots her in the chest. She walks away as Barbie comes running at the sound of the gunshot. He calls Linda on the radio and tells her what happened, but Big Jim warns Linda that it may be a trick and tells her to think it through.

After Joe and Norrie leave, Junior tells Angie how amazing it is that they're lives are now connected. He tries to kiss her and she shoves him away, furious. Angie tells him that they'll never be together and that she's leaving Chester's Mill and Junior as soon as the Dome comes down. Furious, Junior tells her that if she's leaving him then he doesn't see any reason to bring the Dome down. He goes to the door as the wind outside starts to pick up, and Angie accuses him of acting selfish. Junior insists that it's love, not selfishness, and he'd rather die than live without her.

As Linda drive to Julia's car, her car runs out of gas. She pulls over and discovers that someone has siphoned the gas out of her tank. When Phil drives by, Linda hails him down and has her drive him to Julia's house.

As Joe arrives at Julia's house, Barbie yells at him to help. He needs the teenager to drive him and Julia to the clinic while he maintains pressure on the wound. Joe agrees and they drive off in Julia's Prius.

As Big Jim walks out of the town hall, he sees a vast tornado-like storm front forming overheard. Maxine shows up and casually dismisses the cloud formation, and Big Jim tells her that they need to talk. They go inside and Big Jim tells her that someone shot Julia at her home. Maxine readily admits that she did it, confirming Big Jim's suspicions, and tells him that she did it because Barbie turned her down. Big Jim points out that his wife is dead but Maxine assures him that she can find someone else to kill that he cares about. Junior comes in and Maxine introduces herself, claiming she's Big Jim's friend. She drops several hints about how Junior could get hurt and then tells Big Jim that she's going to Bird Island to check on something. Realizing that she'll find out about Agatha's death, Big Jim tries to stall her but Maxine leaves anyway. When Junior wonders who she was, Big Jim says that she's the devil.

Joe drives to the clinic, telling Barbie that the storm is forming because the Dome is mad at them. When they get to the clinic, Nurse Adams takes a look at Julia and confirms that she was hit in the lungs. As Barbie helps out treating Julia, another woman comes in asking Adams' help for her husband. Adams goes with her while Barbie continues to deal with Julia. He prepares to tube her improvising with the remaining equipment in the clinic, but admits to Joe that the last time he did it for a fellow soldier, it didn't go well.

Big Jim leads Junior into the fallout shelter and shows him the stockpiled guns. He rants about how Maxine is going to take Chester's Mill away from him and corrupt it, and warns Junior that she plans to hurt Junior to get at him. Junior offers to help, insisting that he's a man, but Big Jim refuses. The councilman talks about how he tried to raise Junior as best he could after his wife died, but Junior complains that he's been punishing him for Pauline's death. His father says that it ends now and admits that he doesn't know how it will end with Max. He gives Junior a rifle but tells him to stay in the house and not let anyone in, and then leaves to find Maxine.

At the radio station, Dodee sees the lightning from the storm and wonders if it will help her reception. She checks her monitoring equipment and hears the Army talking about how they've confirmed that Barbie is inside the Dome from the visitor's day footage and that he's the one that they've been looking for.

Angie goes to the Rennie house to get Junior and bring him back. She explains that he's getting the whole town killed by refusing to cooperate with the others, and insists that the Dome is sending the storm as a message for him to do what it wants and rejoin the circle. Junior doesn't believe it but Angie points out that the storm started up as soon as he left the barn.

Barbie tubes Julia while Joe watches the window. The teenager shouts a warning and Barbie covers Julia with his body just as a tree branch is blown through the nearby window. Julia flatlines and Barbie tries to suck the extra air pressure out of her chest with the tube.

Junior wants to go to the fallout shelter, but Angie insists that he come with her back to the others. He refuses, saying that he wants her, and Angie agrees to stay with him so he'll come. The high winds rip loose a nearby swing and send it flying toward Angie, and Junior pulls her out of the way just in time. A few seconds later, the storm dies down as quickly as it came.

At the clinic, Julia's heart finally starts and Barbie sighs in relief. Joe realizes that the storm has ended and tells Barbie that he has to go tell his friends that Barbie saved Joe and now Julia. He figures that Barbie is there to save them all, meaning Barbie is the monarch to be crowned.

Maxine goes to the beach to take a boat out to Bird Island. She sees Agatha's corpse floating in the water and pulls it out. When Maxine confirms that Agatha's hands were tied, she realizes that someone deliberately left her to drown.

At the clinic, Barbie tells Adams to watch over Julia while he goes to take care of something. As he gets into Julia's car, Big Jim arrives and asks how Julia is doing. Once Barbie confirms that she's recovering, he tells Big Jim that he knows Maxine shot Julia and it's time to put an end to her threats. Big Jim worries that Maxine can deal with both of them without working up a sweat, but Barbie insists and warns him that once they finish with her, they're done working together. Barbie figures that he wants a future, but Big Jim only wants a kingdom and power. He promise Big Jim that once they finish with Maxine, he's going after the councilman next.

Angie and Junior return to the barn just as Joe returns. He tells them what happened to Julia and suggests that Barbie is the monarch, but Junior figures that the storm ended because he agreed to come back. Norrie suggests that they figure out what the Dome wants them to do next and Joe points out that the four stars representing them are beneath the North Star, Polaris. He suggests that they go to the northernmost part of the Dome and touch it, and they agree, figuring the Dome owes them some answers.

Barbie and Big Jim go to the concrete factory and Barbie says that they're going in via the tunnels that Julia showed him. Before they go in, Barbie attaches an iPod set to a ten-minute timer to the factory generator. He then grabs some flares and they go into the tunnels.

Linda and Phil go to Julia's home and discover blood on the carpet. Linda asks Phil how well he knows Barbie and Phil explains that Barbie was a collection agent for Maxine... and that Peter owed money to her. Linda wonders if Barbie would have shot Julia if she learned that he killed Peter.

Barbie and Big Jim go in via the tunnels, but Maxine and her bodyguard Otto Aguilar get the drop on them and capture them. Maxine tells Barbie that Big Jim killed her mother Agatha, but Barbie figures that they're both killers. Shocked, Maxine pleads with Barbie to reconsider, saying that the two of them are good together, and warns that it's his only chance to live. When he points out that she tried to kill Julia, Maxine insists that Julia wasn't right for him. Furious, Maxine accuses Barbie of screwing her over and says that he's no different than Big Jim. When she sees Barbie check his watch, she tells him that he doesn't have to worry about time for much longer. The timer goes off, shutting down the factory generator, and Barbie lights and tosses the flare. It distracts Maxine and Otto, and Big Jim and Barbie manage to capture them.

Phil drives Linda to the clinic and Nurse Adams confirms that Barbie left with Big Jim for the cement factory. Linda tells Phil to stay there while she drives off in his car.

Big Jim and Barbie take Maxine and Otto outside, and Big Jim boasts that he killed Maxine's insurance policy. She warns them that they have no idea what they're dealing with, and a disgusted Barbie tells her that it's over. Big Jim suddenly shoots and kills both prisoners, telling Barbie that they were a threat as long as Maxine was alive. Barbie walks toward him as Big Jim prepares to kill him as well, and manages to disarm him. As Barbie grabs the gun and holds it on his former ally, Linda arrives and tells him to drop the gun. Big Jim immediately claims that Barbie killed Maxine and Otto. When Linda tries to cuff Barbie, he knocks her down and runs off. Linda aims at him and hesitates, and Big Jim tells her to shoot. She finally shoots but misses as Barbie runs off into the woods.

Big Jim goes to the radio station and prepares to make a public announcement. Dodee tells him what the military said and Big Jim figures that it proves his point. He then tells the townspeople that Barbie killed Maxine, claiming that she was a reputable businesswoman. Big Jim also accuses him of shooting Julia and killing Otto and Agatha, and says that Linda has issued a warrant for Barbie's arrest. The councilman declares a state of emergency and says that they will seek the death penalty against Barbie.

Joe and others go to the northernmost point on the Dome and touch it. When they do, they see an image of Big Jim approaching them, bleeding from four wounds on his body. The four teenagers realize that they're holding knives and Junior backs away, shocked. He loses contact with the Dome and the images fade, and runs off to find Big Jim. Angie and Norrie realize that the Dome is telling them that Big Jim has to die if they want to escape... and they have to kill him.