Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 6

The Endless Thirst

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2013 on CBS

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  • I wish, I wish that

    Angie would just die or something, anything so I don't have this scum rammed down my throat.


    She's a slag.

    She screws a psycho for like a summer or something and never notices anything whatsoever wrong with him.

    Once looked up -she botched EVERY attempt to escape, she couldn't even stab someone in the back with scissors properly.

    She must be a pretty lousy person, for nobody (including her brother) to give a crap about her for days after she disappeared.

    When she is let out, she apparently thinks that running into the middle of town and yelling for help was a bad idea so she just gets captured again like minutes after being freed.

    Psycho holding you at gun point. Psycho puts the gun down -normal person would have ran or fought, Angie hugged and comforted him.

    She escaped the psycho and is literally amongst a mob of every day towns people (and sheriffs), apparently her good idea was to go somewhere where the only other person was a women in her 50s or 60s, and NOT some 'been around the block' kind of women who would have a scatter gun handy and know how to use it either.

    I am so over this dumbass day time soap storyline, it's terrible -so terrible that it almost distracted me from the truck, trucking I don't know what -that conveniently empties out the towns water tower.

    Also apparently the towns tear gas takes after the police -both are completely useless and ineffective.

    Pro tip writers: playing "romantic music" doesn't make hooking up with the person who killed your spouse less distasteful.
  • Underwhelmed (by) the Dome

    5:30 The scene with the out of control semi made me turn my head sideways. Semi's don't drive on city streets above 50 MPH. Did the writer of this show grow up under an overpass? They seem used to 70 MPH traffic going past.

    Also @ 5 min 30 seconds in. Why did the lesbian not grab her wife? Loved how ALL three women got deer in the headlights helpless at once, then drooled a bit on themselves.. Whoever writes this show is even more sexist than I am!

    6:40 I understand they don't want to enforce any laws under the dome. Kidnapping and murder are already non crimes. So blatantly causing traffic accidents is way down on the list. So of course police arriving on the scene decide this is no time to start investigating anything and just roll with the first thing they hear. This bothered me the most! If the town has a universal 60 MPH speed limit then the local cops would be very adapt at investigating traffic violations.

    LoL @ 6:38 "Alice didn't see the truck coming"

    This show has become my new favorite show to pan. Dome makes Falling Skies look well written.

  • Anarchy Begins

    After a few days being under the dome the citizens of Chester Mill becomes a lawless mob. But the worst was Norrie who stole a little boy's insulin to save her mother. Granted it was only one out of the few because she felt guilty and didn't wanted to jeopardize the little boy's life. Had the little boy wasn't there she would have took it all without a second thought.
  • random truck

    Is it just me or did anyone else find the truck coming out of nowhere a bit moronic

    OK lets be honest if you were stuck in a dome you would still doing your bed deliveries .

    If that really the best thing the writers of the show could come up with for the water tower getting damaged .basically this lazy writing . This show started off OK but this worst episode yet. not sure If I can take anymore.

    If its any indication of how the rest of the plots are going to develop . it will be cancelled long before season 2 airs
  • Anarchy!

    This episode was really entertaining as things heat up under the donme when water seemingly runs dry, but then apparently the dome is its own ecosystem... sounds like an interesting premise, but i wonder where theyll go with it...

    There were interesting developments in a couple of storylines. Wonder what those seizures mean and how they are related to the dome. I want to find out!

    Overall, it's a very mysterious show. I want some answers, but im really enjoying it!
  • Got me for another week.


    I will be back next week.