Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 2

The Fire

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2013 on CBS

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    Trying to watch Episode 2 - FIRE - but watch only about 3 minutes of the show and 10 minutes of ads. Any way to avoid this. I love UNDER THE DOME.
  • Clever!

    I'm addicted. I have watched episodes 1-4 and I cant pull my self away from the screen. This is almost as good as Jerico (before the government shut it down and took it off the I'm enthused to see how far this series will go.. I hope it plays out like Burn Notice. Would love to see this show for years to come. Enjoy ya'll!
  • Yep, they're still under the dome...

    Oh, UNDER THE DOME! How did you go so wrong? After a quite riveting pilot episode, this one has so many problems I don't even know where to start. But I'll try. First of all, ugh. Voiceover. We get a show-opening recap from Rachelle Lafevre, who admittedly has lovely speaking tones as she proves later, when she becomes the New Voice of Chester's Mill; suck it DJ Dude but it is not at all well done. The art of the voiceover is a delicate one, and sadly Under the Dome doesn't get it right; they're aiming for BURN NOTICE, but what they end up with is Miley Cyrus narrating events in SO UNDERCOVER. And then it's all just kinda downhill from there.

    In particular, the fire. Now, look, I understand that fire can be a fickle danger, but that house goes up like it's been doused in kerosene and then it doesn't occur to ANYONE to, I dunno, spray some water on it? Until Barbie the Mysterious Anti-Hero shows up? Sure, set him up as our Savior, thanks for that show, but between teenage Joe being the only one smart enough to calculate how big the barrier might be and then Barbie being the only one quick-thinking enough to PUT WATER on A FIRE, I'm having a hard time wishing these town citizens well.

    Also, let's talk about Linda saving Creepy Reverend Undertaker. She has clearly learned nothing from her fire fighter fianc, going into a smoke-filled house upright, and not even checking the temperature of doors before blasting her way in. Hell, forget the fire fighter fianc, did she never see BACKDRAFT? I'd also like to know exactly how Big Jim bulldozing the burning house helped matters? "The fire's just going to keep jumping!" oh, wait, unless a guy in a big metal contraption which conducts heat, remember comes by and slowly manages to demolish it, which we don't see actually get accomplished, because it most probably can't be done.

    I won't say I hated this episode, not entirely. But I will say that this was a disappointing sophomore outing from a show I had already prematurely, it seems thought better of. Still, onwards to next week the season is young, and there is now a lot of scope for improvement.

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    I can't wait to see next weeks show, I just Love the DOME....
  • The "Barbie" Mystery

    After a pretty strong pilot episode this one lags. There's several bad things brewing and a town crisis resulting from the "good" reverend's actions. Nothing, however, deeply involving, except the mystery surrounding Barbie deepens with a flashback to an earlier altercation. Though I don't remember this from reading the book (which was a while back) it portends to be an important why as to how this character came to Chester's Mill and what he's about. It's interesting to see the bright kid already figuring out a few facts about the dome such as it's approximate circumference as well as discovering that it's semi-permeable. Otherwise a holding pattern with light additional character development. Here's hoping the next episode ramps it up as I am more curious, especially as related to the Barbie character.
  • Average

    after watching this episode, it is average episode, nothing interesting.
  • Devil in the Details

    This show really feels like it has a lot of potential that's buried so deep it'll never be realized. This episode was too much about the politics, too much about the personal agendas. If it were day two (or whatever it was) of my town being isolated by what has been determined to be a dome, I'd still be in panic mode. However, those few individuals who were allowed to panic were turned into the bad guys in this episode (or were actually). It takes a lot away from the brilliance of King's work - which I haven't read, before anyone accuses me of comparing - because King is a genius when it comes to human reaction. Disappointed with this second episode.
  • Dumb dumb dumb

    Well the pilot was promising, but this episode went off the cliff for stupidity and generally bad writing. I was hoping for a nice summer distraction, but this probably isn't it.
  • Very interesting!

    The second eisode was just as interesting as the first one for me, wihle character development occurs and storylines develop.

    It was quite intriguing to see those two teenagers trying to figure out what the dome was and discovering the water seeping through - quite interesting and I'm guessing that will have some significance sooner or later.

    I also really loved that line by the two women "do you think our neighbours in LA would help like this" and "I don't even knoe who our neighbours are". That one had me all laughing.

    Overall, I'm really enjoying it and I look forward to next week!
  • Not Bad.

    The pilot episode was okay. But the second episode was better but not the best.

    I like how the characters develop in this episode in a timely matter except that poor lady stuck in the basement thanks to her psycho "boyfriend" which in the episode mostly is about her trying to escape and that story line only lasted for 7 minutes.

    This episode could be better but the character development in this episode paid it off. Let's see if the next episode could be better than this.
  • Good concept, needs better acting!

    They need to get rid of the oddball DJ's and the actors need to act better; I really feel the DJ's made this episode seem like an episode of Smallville in the early high school years.

    And here something else seems off; the way Alice said "Omg, the lights are back on, did the invisible wall come back down?" - this seems about as casual as saying "Did the internet come back on?" or "The lights are back on". I really had a problem with this; there was no astonishment in her voice, it's like she wasn't really bothered by it.

    Maybe I'm nitpicking, but if theres bad acting and/or a bad cast, I won't care about that show. Regardless, I actually still enjoy UTD and I like the concept - I want it to last and I hope everything settles and the characters develop.
  • The Fire

    The second episode of Under the Dome was hardly watchable. I know people are fans of the book, as questionable as that was, but this show is just not doing a good job with the storytelling aspect of this phenomenon. Where is the panic, the outrage, the deceit?

    It's just too boring for my taste.
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