Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 9

The Fourth Hand

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Julia and Barbie go into the woods to look at the mini-Dome that Joe showed Julia the previous day. Barbie suggests that the egg inside is somehow projecting the Dome. However, when they get to the spot they find a spherical half-hole where mini-Dome was, but no sign of the mini-Dome itself. As they wonder where it went, Linda calls Barbie to tell him that she needs him to investigate a report of shots fired. Julia stays behind to search for the mini-Dome while Barbie heads back to Chester's Mill.

As Joe tries to catch a chicken for supper, he talks to Norrie about what the phrase "the monarch will be crowned" might mean. They wonder if it might relate to the butterflies that gathered on the Dome a few days ago.

Big Jim visits the diner and discovers that Angie is still working there. He tells her that he's worked out deals with the farmers for food in return for labor, and Angie tells him that she wants the deed to the diner because she wants something she has responsibility for. She also wants to keep it open as a symbol of something important. Big Jim tells her that he'll think about it.

Barbie arrives at the home of Ted Utley as a crowd gathers. Utley fired off a shot and grazed a neighbor, Mr. Feldman, when a neighbor named Larry pounded on the door screaming that the Dome was talking to him. Barbie and Linda go into Larry's house and find him ranting and raving about the Dome. Linda confirms that Larry is using, but she and Barbie don't recognize the name of the drug, Rapture. They're surprised when Larry tells them that he bought it from the late Lester Coggins.

At the diner, Junior comes in to see Angie. When she orders him out, Junior insists that he won't hurt her and says that the Dome is making her sick. Angie says that the Dome isn't affecting her... and then collapses, mumbling about pink stars falling into line.

When Big Jim returns home, he discovers that someone has broken the lock on the front door. He draws his gun and goes in and finds a woman named Maxine waiting for him. She smiles and greets Big Jim by name.

Junior loads Angie into his police car and drives off. When she wakes up, she bangs on the mesh, screaming, and Junior promises that she's safe. He tells her that she had a seizure and that she talked about the pink stars, and drops her at her home. Angie wonders why she's letting him go and Junior points out that neither one of them are going anywhere.

Julia tells Joe and Norrie about the missing mini-Dome, and then asks about Carolyn. Norrie tells her that her mother is still mourning Alice's death and wants some time alone. When Angie comes in, she tells them about her seizure and Joe and Norrie confirm that the same thing happened to them. Angie takes off her sweater and they notice the butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder. When she leaves the room to get a drink of water, Julia wonders if the Joe-vision the mini-Dome sent was referring to Angie. Joe points out that the butterfly tattoo is the wrong color for a monarch. Norrie suggests that they try to find the mini-Dome by using the yagi that Dodee built. Julia agrees but points out that Dodee doesn't trust the teenagers so she'll talk to the radio engineer alone.

Maxine explains that she came to Chester's Mill to see him eight days ago when the Dome came down, to talk about their arrangement and how Duke and Lester were rogue elements in their plan. Big Jim assures her that Duke and Lester are no longer an issue and assures her that "her" Rapture is safe. Maxine says that she has been staying in an abandoned home since the Dome came down, and has been keeping tabs on Big Jim ever since. She knows what he's been up to and tells him that they'll be working together from now on.

Linda and Barbie break into Lester's funeral parlor and find Rapture and drug-manufacturing equipment hid in the coffins. There's a hand-written recipe for the drug and liquid propane is one component. Barbie points out that Chester's Mill has a lot of propane for such a small town.

Julia visits Dodee at the radio station as the engineer plays a record for Phil, who is still in the clinic because of his bullet wound. Dodee admits that she hasn't been able to receive any outside transmission and Julia asks if she can borrow the yagi. The engineer reminds her that it stopped working after Joe and Norrie touched the Dome. Julia lies and says that it was her own idea to borrow the equipment, and Dodee assures her that she didn't tell anyone else about Joe and Norrie's relationship with the Dome.

When Linda and Barbie return to the police station, they find Big Jim waiting for them. When they tell him what happened with Utley, Big Jim suggests that they start up a voluntary gun-collection program. Linda objects to the violation of the Second Amendment, but Big Jim points out that they're now a country unto themselves. Barbie agrees with Big Jim, who offers to go on the radio to explain the program. Linda reluctantly agrees, and she and Big Jim are both surprised when Barbie offers to help collect the guns. Big Jim wonders if he can count on him, and Barbie says that he's made his case. As the councilman leaves, Barbie tells Linda that he isn't as sure as he sounds, but he's going to stay close to Big Jim to find out what his plan really is.

Big Jim goes to the radio station and announces the program, promising food and propane to anyone who turns in their guns at the diner. Maxine, driving in her car, hides her pistol in the glove compartment.

Jim is showing Norrie his children's photos when Julia comes back and tells them that Dodee claimed the yagi was broken. Norrie suggests that they use Truman to find the mini-Dome because he somehow sensed it before they did when they found it the first time.

At the police station, Linda tells Junior that they're going to the propane warehouse to see if there's a connection to Lester. Angie comes in and asks Junior for help, and Junior asks Linda if he can stay behind. Linda reluctantly lets him stay behind and leaves, and Angie asks Junior why she thinks the Dome is affecting her. Junior explains that when she had a seizure, he realized that she's worse than ever. He tells her to come with him and walks off, and after a moment Angie follows him.

At the diner, most of the townspeople bring in their guns. Dres informs Big Jim that Utley refused to come in, and swore that they'd have to kill him to get his guns. Big Jim explains to Barbie that Utley's wife and child were killed in a car accident when the Dome came down, and he's been a mess ever since. The councilman straps on a gun and warns Barbie that Utley is nuts, and Barbie offers to go with him. Surprised and suspicious, Big Jim hesitates a moment and then accepts his offer.

Joe, Norrie, and Julia follow Truman into the forest but all he turns up at first is a nest of birds.

When she arrives at the propane warehouse, Linda discovers that the door is padlocked shut. Andrea comes over from her house and tells the acting sheriff that a lot of trucks have been visiting the warehouse in the last few months. When she told Duke about it, he nervously told her that there was nothing to worry about it. The woman tells Linda to check with Julia to confirm that Andrea reported it earlier and goes back to her house. Linda notices a security camera above the door and then shoots off the lock. Inside she finds dozens of propane tanks.

Big Jim and Barbie pull up to Utley's house. As Big Jim tells Barbie to go around the back while he goes in the front, Utley fires a shot at them.

Junior takes Norrie back to the house and assures her that he won't hold her against her will again He leads her to the shed that his mother Pauling, a painter, used as a workshop. Junior tells Angie that his mother always loved making art until her death nine years ago. One night she had a dream about him and came out and painted a painting: a young Junior standing on a hill with pink stars in the overhead sky.

Big Jim goes into the house while Barbie circles around the back. The councilman finds Utley in the bedroom, surrounded by guns, and puts his away his gun. Utley insists that he won't turn in his guns because they're the only thing the Dome has left him after taking his wife and child. He shows Big Jim that he's holding a hand grenade, and Big Jim kneels before him. Barbie draws a bead on Utley but is unable to get a clear shot because Big Jim is in the way. Meanwhile, Big Jim promises Utley that things will get better and that he knows because he lost Pauline. Furious, Utley shoves him away and tries to pull the pin on the grenade. Big Jim jumps him, yanks the hand grenade away, and reinserts the pin. Barbie comes in and Big Jim says that they'll take Utley to the clinic. As they go, Big Jim thanks him for not shooting him by accident.

Linda checks the security footage in the warehouse office and finds footage of Duke meeting with a woman and receiving a payoff.

Junior figures that his mother knew that the Dome was covering, and that Angie's talk about the pink stars must be related. He insist that neither he nor his other were crazy, and is happy that now he and Angie are connected by something bigger than both of them.

Back at the diner, Barbie and Big Jim come in as Maxine arrives. She congratulates both of them on handling Utley and Big Jim nervously says that she doesn't need to be there. Maxine shows no sign of leaving and Big Jim reluctantly introduces Barbie. Smiling, Maxine kisses Barbie and tells the councilman that they know each other.

When Joe and Norrie return to Joe's house, Truman runs to the barn, barking. They go in to investigate and find the mini-Dome, sitting on the excavated earth, resting in the middle of the barn.

Barbie finally greets Maxine and Big Jim demands to know how they know each other. Maxine explains to Barbie that the disarmament program was her plan, and Barbie figures that they'll start up a black market next to keep the townspeople amused... and maintain control of Chester's Mills. Big Jim refuses to play along, but Maxine warns him that she knows all of both of their secrets, and she'll reveal them to the townspeople if they cross her. When Barbie suggests that she might have an "accident," Maxine assures him that she's taken precautions for the info to go out even if she dies.

Big Jim reluctantly loads up the guns to take them to the cementer factory, while Maxine talks about how she and Barbie met in a bar several months ago. When Barbie refuses to cooperate, Maxine promises to tell Julia that Barbie killed Peter, and is well aware that they're involved because she's been spying on everyone for the last eight days.

Angie finds Joe and Norrie in the barn and realizes that she's now a part of the Dome, just like they are. She wonders if Joe brought it in the previous night and describes how he went sleepwalking out into the forest. Joe doesn't remember what happened and figures that the Dome made him bring it to the barn.

At Julia's house, the reporter tells Barbie about how the mini-Dome disappeared. She suggests that they appreciate what they have and asks about his day. Barbie says that he wants some time along and they can talk about it in the morning. When Julia wonders if something is the matter, Barbie assures her that everything is fine.

As Junior leaves his home, he sees a light coming from the fallout shelter. He sneaks down and sees Big Jim storing the guns... and the hand grenade he took from Utley.

Norrie figures that the Dome kept Joe in the dark because none of them are supposed to tell Julia, who isn't part of their circle. Angie touches the mini-Dome and it lights up. The other two touch it as well and Norrie wonders if they're somehow acting as keys to unlock it. A glowing handprint appears in the empty quarter and they realize that they need one more person to unlock the Dome.

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