Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 8

Thicker Than Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Big Jim is trying to sleep at home when he hears someone moving downstairs. He takes his gun out of the drawer and goes down to investigate, and finds Junior lurking in the shadows. Big Jim demands to know why he's there, and Junior points out that Angie isn't there so he's not violating Big Jim's orders. The councilman knows that Junior killed Clint Dundee while acting as a deputy, but Junior insists that the man got what he deserved for trying to rape Angie. His father warns him that he sounds like his mother just before she died, and tells Junior that he's not his son anymore. Junior reluctantly goes, but warns Big Jim to never talk about his mother way again.

The next morning after sleeping at the McAlister house, Julia goes outside and finds Barbie digging a grave for Alice. She points out that it's ironic that one Alice died and another Alice was born, in the same house within a few hours of each other.

Inside the house, Angie checks on the food and comments that Joe hasn't been shopping because he's busy with his new girlfriend. Joe insists that Norrie isn't his girlfriend and points out that everyone is running low on food because of the Dome. He asks Angie where she's been but she ducks the question and says that they should go to the diner for breakfast.  As they leave, Norrie comes downstairs and Joe invites her to come with them. She angrily snaps at him, saying that she doesn't need him to take care of her.

Later, Julia goes to the diner to get coffee while Angie cooks what food that is still there. Big Jim comes in and she tells him that Junior came to see her at the diner the previous night and told her that Clint would never hurt her again. The councilman promises that Junior won't see her again and asks what he can do to make it up to her. Angie points out that they're going to need more food in the diner and Big Jim tells her that he'll try to work out an arrangement with Ollie from here on out. She picks up on his open-ended sentence and wonders if the Dome will be there forever, but Big Jim doesn't have an answer for her. Meanwhile, Julia notices Joe sketching something. However, when she goes over to ask about it, he crumples it up before she can catch a glimpse of the black egg he's drawing.

In the forest, the black egg continues transforming from black to pink.

Big Jim visits Ollie and his fellow farmers at the Densmore place, and offers him propane for the irrigation system in return for food. Ollie figures that he can get by without the irrigation system, well aware that if Big Jim can't control the food then the townspeople will turn against him.

Barbie reports to duty at the sheriff's office and Linda is glad to have the help. They hear someone moving in the back and go to investigate, and find Junior loading a shotgun. Linda wonders what he's doing after the events of the previous day, and warns him that she can't trust him after he shot Clint. Junior insists that he's fine and Linda reluctantly puts him on probation. Big Jim storms in and tells Barbie and Linda that he needs help, while ignoring his son. The councilman shows them the map of the area and says that since Ollie is holding the primary artesian well hostage, they're going to seize it under eminent domain. Barbie questions the plan, warning that Ollie won't give it up without a fight, but Big Jim tells Linda to bring Carter and Junior along and the five of them will seize the well.

Julia drives Joe and Angie back to their house and Angie tells Joe that she's going to be staying there until the Dome drops and they make contact with their parents. Inside, Joe finds Norrie sitting by herself. She says that Carolyn is still sitting with her wife's corpse, and then blames Joe for Alice's heart attack. She points out that it was his idea for the two of them to touch the Dome together, and Alice had her heart attack when they did. She tells Joe that she's leaving with Carolyn as soon as Carolyn is ready to leave, and tells Joe to get away from her.

Big Jim drives out with the officers to Ollie's farm. There's no sign of Ollie and the other farmers at first, but then they pull up in trucks and surround them. Ollie isn't impressed with Big Jim's attempt to take the well, and warns the others that they should be ready to starve if they stand with the councilman. When Carter refuses to walk away, Ollie has one of the farmers, Wendell, shoot him in the kneecap. As Barbie runs to help him, he tells Linda and Junior to lower their weapons. Ollie tells them to leave or they'll get the same treatment. Instead of going, Junior walks over to Ollie and asks if he needs help. The farmer tells him to take Big Jim's gun and Junior swaggers over and takes it from his speechless father. Ollie repeats his order and Big Jim reluctantly leaves with the others.

As Joe stands over the open grave, Julia joins him and tries to reassure him that Norrie is upset and doesn't mean what she said. The teenager mentions how he felt connected to Norrie because of the egg, and Julia demands an explanation. When Joe tells her what they found, Julia tells him to take her to it.

Back at the sheriff's station, Big Jim insists on gathering some armed volunteers and going back to take the well. Barbie and Linda warn him that people will get hurt but Big Jim isn't interested in a diplomatic solution. As he walks off, Barbie goes over the map and asks Linda why they can't use the artesian wells. Linda explains that Ollie's family drained off the other wells when they drilled their well, and that they also diverted water from the town reservoir. Barbie figures that if they destroy Ollie's well then it will reroute the water back to the reservoir. The ex-soldier figures that they he can create explosive from fertilizer and Linda tells him that Ollie has blasting caps at his farm that he uses for digging.

Big Jim goes to the diner and recruits a couple of dozen volunteers. One of them is Phil. Barbie and Linda arrive and tell Big Jim about their plan, but the councilman points out that the explosion could contaminate the water supply. He insists that they make an example of Ollie in front of the town and walks off, and Linda tells Barbie that she'll stall Big Jim as long as she can.

At the Densmore farm, Ollie asks Junior why he's changing sides and the younger man explains that Big Jim kicked him out. Ollie sympathizes, figuring that Big Jim isn't an easy man to live with since his wife died. Junior mentions that his mother died in a car accident, and Ollie tells him that it wasn't accident despite what Big Jim claimed. Junior doesn't believe him but the farmer promises that he'll always tell him the truth. Ollie offers him a shotgun and says that Chester's Mill will be well rid of his nemesis. Junior takes the gun and tells Ollie to promise not to kill Big Jim…because he plans to do it.

As Joe leads Julia through the forest, he talks about how the Dome has apparently brought him and Norrie together, and Barbie and Julia. Julia insists that she isn't "together" with Barbie. When they get to the clearing, they discover that the egg has uncovered the leaves from the miniature Dome and is now glowing pink. When Julia touches the invisible Dome, an image of Joe appears and says, "The monarch will be crowned." When Julia takes her hands off the Dome, the image of Joe disappears. Joe, who didn't see it, asks what happened and Julia tells him what she heard and saw. They walk back to the house and Julia wonders if she's going insane. Joe admits that the image of Alice didn't say anything to him and Norrie when it appeared, and points out that Alice died when her image appeared. He wonders if something bad will happen to him the way that it did to Alice.

That night, Barbie sneaks into Ollie's barn with bags of fertilizer and plastic bottles. Once he finds the blasting caps, he starts mixing explosives.

Angie goes to her bedroom and finds Norrie in there, looking at one of the snow globes that Junior brought her. Norrie explains about how she's been crashing there and talks about how her parents were taking her to the Second Horizons Camp. Angie admits that she's been there herself and Norrie angrily says that it's Alice's own fault that she died because she decided Norrie should go to the camp. Angie looks at Junior's other snow globes and talks about how he brought them back whenever he went somewhere. The older girl reminiscences about how she always dreamed of going to all of the cities in the snow globes, and then suggests that they do something to feel better. Angie takes Norrie out to the Dome with all of the snow globes and they smash them against the barrier. As Norrie picks up a snow globe of Los Angeles, her hometown, she falls to her knees sobbing and blames herself for Alice dying.

That night, Big Jim leads his volunteer force to Ollie's farm. They scout out the area and spot Ollie's men, but there's no sign of Junior. Linda wants to take it slow but Big Jim figures that Junior has betrayed him and orders his men to move in. As they approach the farm, Big Jim realizes that Barbie isn't there and figures that he's going to blow up the well. The councilman tells everyone to move in before Barbie messes things up.

Barbie makes it to the well and sets the explosives. Wendell spots him and comes after him, and the two men fight. Meanwhile, the two sides open fire on each other, and Phil is hit in the shoulder. Linda goes to help him while Big Jim and his men keep firing. Barbie finally knocks Wendell out and sets off the bomb. Figuring that they've won, Big Jim's men take off. Junior finds Big Jim and stuns him with a blow from the butt of his shotgun.

Junior and the other farmers drag Big Jim into the house where a furious Ollie is ready to kill his enemy. He accuses Big Jim of blowing up the propane club and, when Big Jim denies it, tells Junior that his father is lying again. Ollie's men leave, figuring that they've lost, but Junior stays with his father. He asks Ollie what to do now and the farmer tells him to do what he said earlier that he wanted to do.

Julia and Joe are walking home along the road when Linda drives up and almost hits them in the dark. Once she confirms that they're okay, she tells them to go home while she takes Phil to the clinic.

Junior accuses his father of lying to him about his mother's death, and Big Jim admits that it wasn't an accident. He tells Junior that his mother wasn't steady and they argued on the night she died. She drove off and a witness told him later that she deliberately drove into a tree and killed herself. Big Jim paid off the witness and Duke helped cover it up as an accident. Junior wonders why his father lied and Big Jim, crying, says that he didn't want Junior know that his mother chose to leave him. Ollie, disgusted, says that he's heard enough. He tells Junior to finish it as Big Jim begs his son for forgiveness. When Junior hesitates, Ollie prepares to kill the councilman... and Junior shoots and kills. He then tells Big Jim that he believes him and gives him his revolver back.

Joe and Julia get back to the McAlister house and find Norrie standing by her mother's empty grave. Julia tells Joe to be Norrie's friend for now and tell her about the new egg image later. Joe goes over and Norrie hugs him, and then apologizes and says that she's ready to bury her mother.

Big Jim goes back to his office and pours himself a drink. Barbie comes in and points out that the reservoir is working, but Big Jim sacrificed five people for his failed plan. The councilman is satisfied that his plan worked, but Barbie warns him that he can't control everyone. Big Jim warns him not to make him an enemy, but Barbie warns him that it goes both ways and walks out.

Linda finds Junior sitting in one of the jail cells. He tells her that he killed Ollie and claims that his supposed betrayal was a ruse to get close to Ollie and kill him. Linda asks why he isn't sleeping at home and Junior admits that he doesn't have a home.

Barbie goes to Julia's room and she tells him what the image of Joe said to him. Neither one of them, know what it means.

Angie watches Joe and Norrie on the lawn... with a monarch butterfly tattoo on her shoulder.