Under the Dome

Season 1 Episode 8

Thicker Than Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Much of the same as the other weeks.

    Much of the same as the other weeks. everyone keeping secrets, the police are useless, Junior is still unstable and his dad is still a bully. Nothing new this week.

    I still cant take junior seriously, I keep expecting him to whip a Mogwai out of his back pack. He looks so much like Billy from Gremlins!
  • Pretty intense!

    There were some really intense scenes today as war erupts under the dome. The episode title was very fitting to the episode, while Julia and Joe go investigate that mysterious egg.

    That last scene was a little weird! What does it all mean!? Hopefully we find out soon!

    I love the show personally. I'm looking forward to moer and I love the fact that Australia is getting it so soon after the US. :)
  • Isn't Julia Shumway supposed to be a journalist?

    It's now the 8th episode of 'Under the dome' and everyone in Chestersmill is starting to think the dome may be permanent. The thing is, I thought Julia Shumway (Rachelle LeFevre) was supposed to be a journalist. She clearly wants to uncover the secrets of the dome so why isn't she following up on her OWN leads and asking the right questions. Let me explain...

    During the pilot episode when we first see Julia Shumway, she pays a visit to a old lady called Mrs Grunell who thinks she has a story for the paper. Mrs Grunell tells Julia, "You see that truck, well that's his 4th propane delivery this week, and last week they had She goes on to explain how the police wasn't interested as apparently it was the town hall restocking its emergency reserves. Mrs Grunell then tells her that Duke sounded nervous when he told her and that Duke has never been nervous in his life.

    So, again, here we are at episode eight and Julia Shumway still hasn't asked any questions about the propane and she doesn't seem to think it's odd that the town hall restocked their propane supplies just before the dome came down. Any half decent journalist would think that was far too much of a coincidence. Also, in case your thinking she must have forgotten about it, she also took some pictures of the propane tanks at the same time so I doubt it's something she would forget about.

    It could just be me being a bit pedantic but I don't think so, if I was in her shoes I would find out why the propane was restocked and I would at least tell the police to look into it.

    You see, this is what happens when you re-watch shows like this. Haha I just watched the pilot again and this stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Surely the writers would of thought of this?

    What do you think?


    I can confirm that Angie has had that tattoo since the pilot as I've just re-watched it and her butterfly tattoo is the first thing we see when she is in bed with Junior.

    'The Monarch Will Be Crowned' Huh, that is a weird puzzle. Maybe the dome is just saying the town needs to choose a leader to restore order properly. It should be Barbie but I bet it'll be Big Jim. However, here is a MASSIVE clue... The butterfly tattoo Angie has on her shoulder looks like a 'Monarch Butterfly' which is the most popular of all North American butterflies. Also, at the very start of this episode we see a butterfly flying by Barbie while he is digging a grave so clearly the puzzle is 'The butterfly will be crowned'

    From my research of this puzzle, there appears to be some connection to a pagan goddess or a fairy. I then Googled 'Crowned Butterfly' and there is a famous ballet called Le papillon (The butterfly) that has something to do with royalty and another fairy which I thought was a funny strange coincidence. No idea what I've found really but I'm guessing it has something to do with Paganism and Fairies. But then again I could be totally wrong.

    I did have a funny thought about the show though, wouldn't it be funny if the egg in the mini dome hatched open and miniature versions of everyone who died appeared in the mini dome. Now that would be messed up and probably make me look for the remote control. Haha
  • The townsfolk go to war over water -- and butterflies again.

    Sigh. After last week's glimmer of hope in a world gone dreary, this episode brought back all my disdain for this silly, silly show. My main problem with UNDER THE DOME continues to be the general stupidity of its denizens both those with whom we are acquainted and the general population who exist only to be cannon fodder. Even Smart Kid Joe wasn't given any credit for brains this time out, and usually he's the only one who seems like he might possibly have what it takes to graduate High School.

    Still, for all its abiding awfulness, there were a few moments that made this time I spent trapped under the Dome with the rest of Chester's Mill not entirely regrettable. For one, Angie finally decided to change her jeans! (But then, maybe doesn't. Or perhaps all her jeans look the same? Let's just give her the benefit of that doubt here, so I can stop obsessing over her basic hygiene) Also, the scene in which she and Norrie deal with the latter's loss of her Mom *only 12 hours earlier* is quite sweet, if a little abrupt with the catharsis. Oh, if only all teenagers were so self-actualized that they could deal with such a massive trauma in less than a day. There'd be far less emo in the world, that's for sure.

    Also good was the dramatic showdown between Junior and his father, with Norris turning in a fine piece of Acting as the distraught Jim begging for his life (and his son's forgiveness). It was also pretty clever of turncoat Junior to tell Sheriff Linda that he had taken Ollie's side as a double agent all along. I will give him points for that one.

    Let us also hear it for glorified extra DJ Phil (Nicholas Strong), who managed to take part in the episode without doing anything except get shot in the shoulder. Why was he here at all? Will his family members who were Marines have something to do with it? Or was that piece of exposition just a further waste of everyone's time?

    And while I don't think I care for the Mystical Glowing Egg of Wonder in the middle of the Dome if this seriously turns out to be aliens, then it may be a bit too KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL for my liking the new prophecy ("The monarch will be crowned") given to Julia (and superseding "Pink stars are falling") is at least slightly intriguing, especially if it turns out that Angie the Butterfly Tattooed somehow does have something to do with all of this.

    Only time will, unfortunately, tell on that score, since there are still five episodes to go in this debut season, and the show has, somewhat inexplicably, already been renewed for a second 13-episode run.

    Lord or Mystical Glowing Egg of Wonder help us.