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Under the Umbrella Tree

CBC (ended 1993)



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Under the Umbrella Tree

Show Summary

"Under the Umbrella Tree" began it's run in 1986. It had 280 episodes total in the run of 8 years. The show followed Holly Higgins, and her puppet friends, Iggy Iguana, Gloria Gopher, and Jaycob Bluejay, as they all learned valuble lessons about certain things (for example: Nature, Manners, Fears) and was loved by many young American and Canadian viewers. There were also many holiday specials during the show's run, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The show was made possible by Noreen Young Productions, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In all, the show aired on "CBC", "Disney Channel", "YTV", and "Canal Famille".

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  • Bob Stutt

    Bob Stutt

    Iggy Iguana (Voice); Chuck Chikadee (Voice); Louis Bird (Voice); Cousin Emmett (Voice)

    Noreen Young

    Noreen Young

    Gloria Gopher (Voice); Mrs. McMurtry (Voice)

    Stephen Brathwaite

    Stephen Brathwaite

    Jacob Bluejay (Voice)

    Holly Larocque

    Holly Larocque

    Holly Higgins; Mitzy the Dog (Voice)

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    • This was a wonderful children's television program about a woman named Holly who lived with her three friends: Iggy Iguana, Gloria Gopher, and Jaycob Jaybird

      I was in Wal-Mart today, looking for a plant to go in my room. I came across a dwarf umbrella tree plant, and I was immediately flooded with memories of the TV show "Under the Umbrella Tree." As I stood there in the aisle, reminiscing about my former childhood days, I felt a certain kinship to the plant and of course ultimately selected it for my home. I have named the tree Gloria, in honor of the gopher that lived underneath the umbrella tree. This was such a great show to watch when I was younger, and I am in full agreement that it should be brought back for today's children (and children at heart) to enjoy! P.S. Gloria looks great by the window in my room! : )moreless
    • This is a great show!!!

      Ok first Gloria is a gopher not a groung hog, the lizard and blue jay have names ok the lizard\'s name is Iggy and the blue jay\'s name is Jacob. It is a great show and I love it. I\'m 12 and i still watch tapes!!! So please get your facts straight!!! Thank you..


      A Concerned Fan
    • Under the unbrella tree was about a woman who lived with three animals (puppets.) There was gloria the ground hog, blue-jay, and lizzard. Gloria lived in a burrow under the unbrella tree, the lizzard lived in the book shelf, and the blue jay lived outsidmoreless

      This was one of my favorite childhood shows. Good morals- one episode they talked about telling lies. Another episode, lizzard didn\'t like that fact that his bed wasn\'t private on the bookself so he tried living in the bathtub, that didn\'t work because people always wanted to use it.
    • A show about a girl and her 3 friends. Under the umbrella tree was a fun and educational show.

      When I was growing up this show made me laugh and although I don't remeber much about it I do remeber the lessons I learned such as how water can go over the top of the cup but just barley and never to dress up like hamburgers and french frys and a diet party. It made me laugh and learn which is what a childrens show should do!
    • This is a heart warming, educational show about an igunan, a bluejay and a gopher and thier care taker who all live together as they learn valuable lessons, such as manners threw thier experiences together.moreless

      Hi! I'm Laura! As a little girl I used to watch this show all the time. I absolutely loved it! I learned alot from this show! I especially remember the episode where Jacob Bluejay learned about the keyboard on a type writer and thought whoever invented it didn't know their alphabet, or the episode about Gloria Gopher when she was sick and had the chicken pox. I think it definitely should be brought back. It was a wonderful show and frankly the kids shows they have now are simply appalling. I see the shows my little cousins and siblings watch and it is unbelievable how full of violence and poor examples they are filled with. Children imitate what they experience, see and hear. Those shows have no educational value and they don't have any life lessons like manners and kindness.