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  • Underbelly is product of art imitating life.. and death, 28 deaths that inspired this incredible mini-series. Made in Melbourne, Australia with an all-star Aussie cast, Underbelly will shock, horrify, amaze and have you shaking your head in disbelief!

    Underbelly starts out almost larger than life. 2 men walk into a house party, one instatly hooks up with a girl and finds a room, the other shoots a man in the chest over a debt of $5000. Thats just the warm up. Cover ups, stand over tactics, and killing off the opposition drug dealers all follow. Watching on as the new guy on the block sets about becoming the most powerful and feared drug kings in Melbournes' history. Meanwhile the Homocide squad snapping at their heels trying to prove murders only to fail because of dodgy cops, dissapearing witnesses, or the accused dying before the trial. This set against a backdrop of the lives the wives and girlfriends led and their seeming oblivious nature to what was going on right beneath their noses.

    Not since American civil war Mini series North and South has a Mini series based on real life events been so compelling that viewers are left waiting after every episode wondering what could possibly happen next. 10 out of 10
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