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  • A very entertaining and some times brutal show that after a few hours with, you realise has a check-list for each episode

    This is entertaining but if you are expecting the Australian Sopranos then you'll be disappointed. This show in what seems to be the Ozzie style, is far lighter in tone than it's American counterparts. For each episode it also seems to have a check-list which consists of something like major betrayal, check, explicit sex scene, check, major character murder, check and so on and so on. Well that final one is actually more like every other episode.

    The Carlton crew is part of the gangland and with each major character death others rise up the ranks. Carl Williams who seems dumb at first in fact becomes one of the cleverer characters and in all honesty (along with his partner Roberta) is the best character. Jason Moran is also a great if angrier character. Everyone else has their point in the spotlight but it all comes down to those 2 and they are what make this show entertaining.

    As the show is based on real events you may consider it a very shocking prospect to watch and some of the deaths are brutal. However the tone stops it from going too dark. The scene in episode 10 when the police are closing in and bugged everywhere they even make jokes on the characters and the show it self. For example, everyone who's bugged seems to be shagging and the police chief says 'is this all these people do?', that made me laugh considering the shows check-list. There is also one out and out comedy episode as well involving a thick character who kidnaps another character, think it's episode four.

    An enjoyable watch but not the most intelligent show either.