Season 1 Episode 5

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 05, 2008 on The Nine Network
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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Carl Williams begins his deadly revenge on the crime-controlling Carlton Crew, and tries to increase his ever-expanding grip over the Melbourne crime world; whilst Jason Moran is in jail, his brother Mark takes control of the family business; Detective Steve Owen is determined to prove an underworld murder.moreless

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  • Nice onr

    Jason morran is in prison for the beating he was invovlved in with alphons in episode 2.

    So Mark morran is all alone and has to take care of buissnes himself.

    He has an affair with some womand(all of the had amiisstres it seems)

    Mark maks friens with a ccurapt detective fom the narcutics squad.

    The police detctive(forgot his name)is shour that dino is to blam or know whats going on but dino keeps on smiling and shutting up.

    Carl starts training in shooting-dino is on his said and anothr gay with glases.

    when his aim gets good enough he waits for mark outsid his house and kills him.

    This is the beginig of the war betwin the famillies.

    jason at mark funrul sais-"we will not forget-this is

    just the beginig"

Kristine Holland

Kristine Holland

Norman Weedy Guy

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Nick Farnell

Nick Farnell

Jeremy Parker

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Marta Kaczmarek

Marta Kaczmarek

Odinea Mladnich

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Osvaldo Maione

Osvaldo Maione

Ron Bongetti

Recurring Role

Sam Berkery

Sam Berkery

Moran Son

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Fiona Bricknell

Fiona Bricknell

Moran Daughter

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The character of Vince Love is based on former member of the Victoria Police Drug Squad Senior Sergeant Wayne Geoffrey Strawhorn who was found guilty of trafficking 2kg of pure pseudoephedrine to Mark Moran in May 2000.

    • Moran associate, Frank Benvenuto was shot in the chest at the wheel of his Holden Statesman outside his Beaumaris home on May 8, 2000.

    • Notorious standover man "Mad" Richard Mlandenich, who liked to call himself "King Richard" or "The Lionheart", was shot in the head in a St Kilda motel on May 16, 2000.

    • Mark Moran was shot dead outside his luxury home in Combermere St, Aberfeldie, at 8.30pm on Thursday June 15, 2000.

    • In the shower sex scene with Det. Steven Owen and his girlfriend, you can see his penis underneath them through the shower curtain.

    • A Victorian State Government sign for the North Melbourne Train Station Redevelopment is clearly seen in the background of an early scene with Mark Moran. This project did not commence until late 2007.

    • The amount of beer in Carl Williams' bottle changes in between shots.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Mr L: Someone should've knocked Mark Moran years ago. Think's he's criminal fucking royalty.
      Carl: Well, I've got 50 grand for the guy that puts his hand up.
      Mr L: Hubba! Hubba!
      Carl: You interested?
      Mr L: Nah, not me. I don't like loud noises.
      Mr T: You like to hear a girl scream.
      Mr L: The one exception to my rule.

    • Richard: You're vulnerable, mate. I could have shot you a dozen times. You got no-one watching your back. All I'm saying is, I'm available.
      Mark: Even if I did need someone, why am I gonna pick a glue-sniffing crackhead like you?
      Richard: Hey, that's bullshit. I never, ever sniffed that Tarzan's Grip.

    • Danielle: I've been a bad girl. I broke … I broke Mum's best cup and saucer.
      Mark: That's very bad. You need to be punished for that.

    • Carl: There's something wrong with this gun.
      Dino: Yeah, the fuckwit pulling the trigger.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Episode Title:  The Good The Bad and The Ugly is a Clint Eastwood in 1966.  This is where the title comes from.

    • The Big Bad Wolf

      "Mad" Richard Mladenich: Come on, Norman. Come on, or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll bow your house down.

      This is a reference to The Big Bad Wolf who in the story of The Three Little Pigs would cry out "or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll bow your house down" in his search for the Three Little Pigs.

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