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AIRED ON 5/29/2016

Season 7 : Episode 13

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In this hidden-camera show an executive goes undercover in his or her own company to get a raw look at how people really work. The series will premiere on CBS after Super Bowl XLIV.


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      I can't believe that Undercover Boss would air a show and glorify what i believe is a known scam artist like Armondo Montlego. He had an "F" rating for crying out loud. I know that each state has laws against this type of seminar - you have to have a license from the state board of education and they limit how much you can charge per student. I know because i am in the business. What extremely poor taste on the part of Undercover Boss for not doing their homework and making people believe in this extremely self-centered narcissistic program and spending their hard earned money chasing the wind. You have lost a viewer.moreless
    • White Castle needs to go

      I really thought White Castle would be in total support of family and community coming from a family run business. But after looking at the CEO's cars, home and all his toys made me sick to my stomach and thought wow hes so full of BS stating that he is truly concerned for his did he really do for any of them? A few he gave a whole $5000 towards school or toys but he did not give to all which was wrong, he gave to some and not others, and he gave chump change for him, Ive seen CEO's give thousands and help people, really help all and this guy gave them a amount that he probably spends on a weekend eating out and going somewhere with his family for a Sat. Its cheap and he shouldn't even of been on the show he made himself look like a total ass. Im sure his personal trainer is paid weekly or monthly, more than he gave those people. It was like slapping his people who work for minimum wage and make his mystery meat burgers each day in the face and saying im so much better than you of all the boss's I totally disliked him the most, you could see his greed and falseness as he tried to say he cared, really? why not help those people in the warehouse that bust their butts for you? he could have given them all 20 grand and still not equaled the price of his sports car he showed don't think a boss has ever been this selfish on the show surprised he wanted to be on and thought he looked like a good person, stay south white castle we don't want you here in the north..moreless
    • Synchro episode was awful

      Synagro donated money to charity for tax write off rather than giving the lady money?? Is that was I saw. cheap company
    • Popeye's epicsode

      As a director of several public companies I would instantly fire both the CEO and the so called Chief Talent Officer. The CEO should be fired for sending an underling so she could blame everything on someone else. The CTO should be fired for being so out of touch with the field. It was a total disaster of corporate office ignorance and needs a replacement of the whole management team for incompetence and not doing their job. Disgusting.

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    • What a stupid show

      Always wanted to watch this show and finally did it tonight... about Peavey. So at the end the 3 employees involved got "prices" why? what does that say to the audience that we don't already know that often times employees are trying to do our jobs but management doesn't really relate to us at that level, and we get "paid" if we get on television? And to put salt on the wound, 2 of the employees weren't happy at the end because Peavey closed the manufacturing plant. The guy who the boss said was a "keeper" was going to a better job just to be convinced by the boss to stay, then shortly after closes the plant! There you go for believing the bull.

      A better show would be: The boss visits the employees, and as a result, find way to re-engineers the business and stabilizes and grow to support the current employees.moreless

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