Undercover Boss

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2010 on CBS

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  • Boycott 1-800 Flowers

    Jim McCann is a fraud and 1-800 Flowerss should be investigated. He will screw anyone he can to make a penny- My husband owns a flower shop and 1-800 Flowers stole over $10,000 from him. They SUCK!! Never use them EVER - call your local florist with an actual address not these liars and thieves!!
  • An ok Episode... the older brother ruined it

    I really felt for the younger brother. The older brother seems arrogant, and stuck up. I'm an older brother myself but I know my younger brother is capable. It seems the older one in this episode is just... argh.... i left watching this disliking the older brother and totally rooting for the younger brother who seems more in touch, down to earth, and all around awesome human being. At least from what was shown.

    Who knows - after all, we only had a very short time to get to know these people behind the scenes. It's mostly scripted I would say anyways, edited for "the wow effect", etc.

    Very poor last episode. Also, the camera crew really ruins it. Get a spy camera. By season 2 most people will know about the show then it just becomes more "scripted".

    All throughout the episode I kept trying to like the older brother but just couldn't. It's good to see the younger brother turned out different despite working for the older brother.

  • Worst episode in 4 seasons!

    I thought about purchasing flowers from this company in the past, but I will NEVER do it now after watching this episode. The one brother/owner was okay. However, the other brother/owner did a huge disservice to the company by being involved in Undercover Boss; his actions were embarrasing to watch. The ending was pretty boring as well. Normally, this show brings tears to my eyes. This episode was just a complete disappointment.
  • 1-800-Flowers 4

    I didn't like it. Very disappointed didn't give cash bonuses to employees just named flowers to one I thought was the best customer service person you'll ever see. She deserved better. Customer service is everything. Especially in this Time in the century. He was not humble keeping the millions for him self. It was good to promote the one and should also pay for them to do training for design. There was no incentive for the employee vacation or bonus for great jobs. Thxs under appreciated employee. Thousands of dollars in flower business every year that are made. ~ my rating 4