Undercover Boss

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • What a complete waste of time. A over privileged oblivious CEO goes undercover, is horrible at the job, and then throws money around. True to the theme of the show, but personally I'd quit the company if I worked for Belfor.

    Let's get this out of the way, Undercover Cop is a bit of a mixed bag. It's not "scripted" but the people the CEO goes and interacts with is screened and selected because of their attitude, and their situation. It's what passes for "reality tv" but it's really "feel good tv" and that's fine. I'm not going to fault the show for doing what it does. It's actually a guilty pleasure. However the episode staring the Belfor CEO is perhaps the emptiest episode ever starring a CEO who I hope has to explain himself to the board. And this hurts the show more than just being bad tv, it hurts the entire show.

    To start with the big promo for this show was hinting that the CEO showing who he was to show who he actually was to one of the people he shows. Ok, interest perked, this might be good.

    The show starts showing the CEO, Mr. Sheldon Yellen talking about how he froze the salaries of people in his company to show they are commited to their employees, and alludes to the fact that this move shows them there won't be layoffs. If you follow this logic, that's fine. The next step shows him with his private jet, and he talks about the fact he's about to buy a private golf course. This is typical of the show, show the mindset of the CEO coming out. Usually they talk about their background as well how they worked their way up, however in this case, he appears to have gotten the job by marrying the old CEO's daughter, and never really worked in the industry. The kicker is when he talks about going undercover to catch workers doing side jobs, and other problems. The show then follows him shadowing four jobs. I'll skip ahead. Almost every appears to think he's unable to do the job, he cries after each one talking about the fact how hard the job is, and then they move on. The last job the woman talks about how she's unable to pay her bills because she didn't get a raise. Now I don't want to critique her life choices, but this seems to be poor management of finances. However the boss breaks down and shows that he's the really the CEO, promises her a raise and a promotion, and then acts like he did something special. He then returns to the corporate headquarters and tells them they have to change the policy. This policy is something he acted like he personally made at the beginning of the show. And now he's acting like he's getting people to fix problems they made. Finally all the people come in to meet him and he gives everyone a 15 thousand dollar bonus and some other gift. The show ends with the typical ending, however the personal jet, and the golf course is not mentioned, I assume he bought the courses, and still flies his jets. He talks about that he doesn't think the private jet is necessary for corporate people and the 5 star hotels aren't necessary, but the fact he is so oblivious to these facts is the problem, it's not a solution that he realizes he can't spend money while holding the employees to a low level. There's an scene where it's clear the image was flipped as all the writing on the CEOs clothes is flipped. Why? There's almost no reason. The show feels clumsy, and in the end this is probably one they shouldn't have shown at all. So what do we end with? First off, we don't have the normal catharsis. There's no feel good moment. What we actually get is the entitled CEO, who's almost unable to do any job they give him (and likely would be fired in a week if he actually tried the job) learns that "work is hard", that his employees are hurting because of policies that he put in place, and then helps them out with one time benefits of 15000 dollars, and a chance at a better job (not an actual better job, just what sounds like an interview). In addition we have odd scenes that seem like they are out of place, and a few scenes that are clearly "cleverly" edited, why? Who knows, but this episode is only not worthy if you were considering or working at Belfor... Usually I like the companies after seeing the episode, but this was a case where I was so disgusted I would warn people away from the company. I haven't given up on the show, but I certainly am disappointed in this episode.