Undercover Boss

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • This show had to be a real joke

    I worked for a Checkers before it was taken away from the franchise owners because they were only good at running it into the ground. Rick Silva was well aware of the problems and watched as these people allowed their general manager to get high ON THE JOB, get his people high ON THE JOB, and actually stood by him when they fired me for not coming in on my day off. I was told the "Owners" contacted management at another job I was working and got me fired from them too. This show was shown right around the time I worked for them, and just months before my Mother died of cancer so it made her so proud of me to get fired from a checkers. Maybe you should have input from the real life stores and allow that input along with all the tears and praise that goes on, from the select few stores that are happy. I'm begging to find a way to complete college; I was kicked out when learning disabilities were found, a result of a TBI. About a week after I was fired I was evicted from the place I had just moved into because the second and third jobs were necessary to pay the rent, and I actually got fired for not calling in when it showed on the caller ID I called several times. I called in, but the cheap phones they had weren't working, they rarely worked. I was told I should have called the cell phone of the general manager, they never gave me his number and it was well known he turned it off because his boyfriend didn't want him taking calls when he was off the clock.

    I have never had a job where I was treated so poorly in all my working years. Now it looks like I'll be living on the streets again like after I got fired from this store, but at that time I had the luxury of having a storage unit to live in.